Taco appetizers

images taco appetizers

We love to travel and to eat! I made these with scrambled eggs and sausage. Super easy to make. I loved the idea of these as a party snack for Family Game Night. These were a huge hit with my family! I was looking for a recipe that would be a good for a pre-teen birthday party. I did use lumpia sheets rather than wontons. Question regarding wonton wrappers — recipe ingredient list states 24 wonton wrappers, however the directions state to use one wrapper in each cup, and the recipe makes 12 cups.

  • Crunchy Taco Cups — A Fun and Easy Taco Recipe!

  • "A crowd usually gathers when I set out my barbecue-flavored taco dip," reports field editor Iola Egle of McCook, Nebraska.

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    In a large bowl, combine cream cheese and milk; spread on a in. serving platter or pizza pan. These wonton taco cups are the perfect appetizer or fun twist on taco night!

    Layers of seasoned beef and cheese are baked in layers of wontons in a cupcake pan, then finished off with your favorite taco toppings. These taco cups are a fun play on tacos that use wonton wrappers. The Best Taco Appetizers Recipes on Yummly | Mini Taco Meatballs {appetizer}, Mini Taco Meatballs {appetizer}, Mini Taco Meatballs.
    These were a huge hit with my family!

    Combine cooked beef, taco seasoning, and tomatoes in a bowl and stir to combine. Press down and add another layer of wonton wrapper, taco mixture, and a final layer of cheese. Instagram Follow Me on Instagram! These were so good and so easy to make. I made them with Mexican t v p and they are just as yummy and veggitarian. I have been on a roll trying all your recipes!

    images taco appetizers
    Thanks for any advise I get its for this weekend. I found some square shaped ones but wondering if they are too small for regular muffin tins.

    ThAnks for the response Amanda! So if you have an appetizer party, I would use and I am going to the mini cups instead with one layer of egg roll wrapper. They were really easy to make.

    Plan to try this using mini muffin tins.

    Crunchy Taco Cups — A Fun and Easy Taco Recipe!

    For those of you who made these ahead of time, did you bake first and then reheat, or prepared and cooked just prior to serving?

    These fun Crunchy Taco Cups are made in a muffin tin with wonton wrappers! I used to make appetizers like this, but filled with an artichoke.

    images taco appetizers

    Start the party off right with our Mini Taco Salad Appetizer. The Tex-Mex flavor of our Mini Taco Salad Appetizer is sure to get everyone talking.

    I made these yesterday for my Holiday Appetizer Party with my cooking and recipes group and they were really good! The amount is approximate, depending on.
    They have double layers of crunchy taco shell, seasoned beef, spicy tomatoes, and gooey cheese all in one perfect bite!

    Hi sammy, I know this post is really old but just incase you still read. Thanks in advance Kylie. Description Crunchy tacos made in a muffin tin! You should be able to find wonton wrappers in any grocery store. Or you might put the beans in one wrapper and meat in the second one.

    images taco appetizers
    Taco appetizers
    Just curious if you did and how they worked out. Hi was just wondering about freezing these?

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    Do we use two wrappers in each cup? Hi, they recipe looked awesome as it did when I took them out of the oven. After reading the reviews and comments I took the time to test the different ways of cooking these little appies.

    I made these for dinner tonight and they were good except for the fact that the bottoms were soft and chewy not crispy.

    images taco appetizers

    These are so good and our kiddies love them.

    Bite-sized taco treats filled with refried beans, seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and avocado. Course: Appetizer. Ingredients. These Taco Bites Appetizers are fun, festive and adorable party food that will be gobbled up instantly at any party, get together or just for an.

    Taco Dip is the perfect snack for game day, a quick party appetizer or to serve to unexpected guests last minute. This easy no bake dip recipe.
    So delicious and crazy, crazy easy. Great treat for all ages!!!! How to get to be crispy please?

    I tried both mini muffin cups and regular sized ones. I used only one wrapper per cup and I pre-baked them for about 6 minutes. OMG, good things come to those who wait, right?! They look easy enough so that my daughter can help.

    images taco appetizers
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    These crunchy taco cups are such a huge hit because, I prefer soft tacos but Kevin prefers crunchy tacos.

    I exchanged a can of green chillies for the roitel. I did use lumpia sheets rather than wontons. I will be making these this weekend for the buckeyes game to go with our drinks. This is absolutely delicious, it was a big hit at my mexican dinner,and so easy to make and they look good too. What is the nutritional facts for the Wonton taco cups?

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    1. Someone commented they baked the wontons before adding meat to make them crispy — Kevin and Amanda — do you do that as well? I followed the recipe to the T.