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It seems like there is always someone or some group that despite this will try in their own self interest to obtain the hair feathers, claws, bones or other body parts so they can have something rare, and exotic. However, they do tell us something important about what we are doing to our environment. Here is a link to an ebay auction on a fairy-bluebird skin. Options Quote message in reply? Spotted Owl Tastes just like chicken, so I am told. I dont want to stirr the pot, but with all do respect natrix do you even tie?

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    There are seven members in the Blue Cotinga family. Most popular and available is the Spangled Cotinga or Cotinga Cayana. Classically chatterer feathers. Apr 28, is one of the seven species known to fly-tiers as the Blue Chatterer. Birds of Paradise; four Blue Birds of Paradise; 17 Flame Bowerbirds.

    Blue Chatterer Fly Fishing Forum

    The Chatterer uses countless Blue Chatterer feathers for the body so I can only offer this fly using Kingfisher as a substitute. If you absolutely MUST have this fly.
    BTW a dead bird is a dead bird. And many aviaries sell the skins of theie dead birds to help pay the bills to keep the other birds fed and healthy.

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    The list of endangered or threatened species is long and keeps growing. Options Quote message in reply? One alternative that I haven't stouped down too would be budgies from the local pet store. Personally, I use African Roller because it has more of the desirable florescent-like blue feathers than the Kingfisher.

    images blue chatterer
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    Blue Chatterer C. cayana, Salmonfly

    All times are GMT I don't find the roller to be as colorful as kingfisher. Find all posts by speyflyfisher. It is also difficult for find feathers with the proper shape. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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    One can tie a very nice classic full-dressed featherwing without using any exotic feathers at all that only someone who is very knowledgeable about the original feathers would know was tied with substitutes.

    Apr 21, In a box of my grandfather's old fly tying stuff in the attic I found a bird in a bag labeled "Blue Chatterer - Extinct!".

    through a little bit of online s. Dec 2, Blue Chatterer >> Archive: Salmon & Steelhead Flies. Nov 22, A Baron, tied with imitation chatterer and fruit crow calls for two red cock-of-the- rock crest feathers; two light blue chatterer feathers; two light.
    Remember that even the old masters such as Kelson, Hardy, Hale, Blacker, Price-Tannat, and Maxwell regulary subsituted Kingfisher for Chatterer Cotinga and spoke of doing so in their books because of how hard it was to get Chatterer and how expensive it was even then.

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    images blue chatterer

    All times are GMT Spotted Owl Tastes like chicken, eh. Find all posts by natrix. In fact, they are very abundant species.

    images blue chatterer

    This is far better than what a Cotinga skin is selling for provided you can find one.

    images blue chatterer
    Blue chatterer
    All times are GMT Speydoc, Fisherman's Feathers has roller skins available.

    Quote message in reply? Password Please enter a password for your user account. Even most common birds are protected by cites, most water fowl ,pheasants,softbills and parrots.

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    1. What is so special about a fly that it has to be made from the feather of a rare or endangered bird.