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Restricted Articles Articles handled only under certain conditions. Retroactive Date Ins Date on a "claims made" liability policy which triggers the beginning of insurance coverage. Articles handled only under certain conditions. Roll Your Own you'll have to create it yourself. A reduction of a premium. Recovery Ins Amount recovered from a third party responsible for a loss on which a claim has been paid. In a letter of credit transaction, the bank with which the issuing bank maintains an account and which is authorized by the issuing bank to charge that account to pay claims received from the negotiating bank for documents that have been presented. A right claim against the guarantors of a loan or draft or bill of exchange. Established charges for the transport of goods. To re-book cargo to a later vessel.

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    images chat allcovered

    All Covered IT Help Desk support is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays, to help your organization's users with their IT support needs. When users.
    Indicating that a subject is interchangeable with another subject, but which differs physically from the original subject in that the installation of the replacement subject requires extra machining or provisions in addition to the normal application and methods of attachment.

    A party whose consent to a contract was induced by fraud, misrepresentation or duress may repudiate it. The time that the container was discharged grounded from the train.

    images chat allcovered

    Provision is usually made for a method of reinstating the policy to its original amount. A letter of credit which can be cancelled or altered by the drawee buyer after it has been issued by the drawee's bank. A ton on which the shipment is freighted.

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    To re-book cargo to a later vessel.

    images chat allcovered
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    Ramp Railroad terminal where containers are received or delivered and trains loaded or discharged.

    images chat allcovered

    A cargo which enables a ship to return loaded to the port or area where her previous cargo was loaded. Roll Trailer Special trailer for terminal haulage and stowage on board of Roll-on Roll-off vessels. Cargo requiring temperature control.

    Allotment in advance of space or weight capacity.

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    A contract may also be repudiated for failure to perform a duty.

    Reforwarding Charge Charges paid or to be paid for subsequent surface or air transport from the airport of destination by a forwarder, but not by a carrier under the Air Waybill aircargo. Cargo which is on wheels, such as truck or trailers, and which can be driven or towed on to a ship. Changing the consignee or destination on a bill of lading while shipment is still in transit.

    Allcovered Ocean Marine Terms

    No warranty for the accuracy is stated nor implied. Rolling Resistance The total frictional force that a tire, a set of tires or all the tires on a vehicle is developing with the road.

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    Covers property — both building and contents — on the basis of full replacement cost without deduction for depreciation on any loss sustained, subject to the terms of the co-insurance clause.

    images chat allcovered
    Chat allcovered
    Cargo requiring temperature control. Established charges for the transport of goods. Fire or other direct damage insurance written under a form of policy that covers fluctuating values of stocks of merchandise, furniture and fixtures and improvements by means of periodic reports submitted to the insurance company by the insured, with an annual adjustment of premium on the average value.

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    Released-Value Rates Rates based upon the shipment's value. Semitrailer specially designed to travel both on highway and on rails. The repayment to the purchaser of the total charge or a portion of that charge for unused carriage.

    Rate bureaus have published single line rates, which were prohibited in

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    1. A thermal container with refrigerating appliances mechanical compressor unit, absorption unit etc.