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In my first post, on how I overcame porn, sexual fantasy and masturbation, I outlined eight key things that I did differently this time, that…. Also refers to the challenge itself, e. Now I suspect that for many people who are more heavily addicted to porn than I was, masturbating to a boring mental image like this might not be possible. That feeling is warm, creeping death. And make sure your motivation is strong. For me it was all about controlling my thoughts.

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  • Introduction NoFap® is a moderated community-centered website that hosts challenges in which users ("Fapstronauts") abstain from pornography and masturbation for a period of time ("rebooting"). Our Porn Addiction page is a great place to get started. NoFap's Standard Reboot. I just reached 21 days of NoFap today, and I feel obligated to post a report, since these last 3 weeks have been just amazing!

    Those things i just talked about are: social anxiety, depression, girls, insomnia, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, irritable bowel syndrome. Greater confidence, Much happier, Deeper voice, Better grades, More female attention. I want to share my experience with NoFap for about .
    What right do I have to take her sexually, even in my imagination?

    images nofap happy

    But I found that after days without masturbation I was usually horny enough to find a plain fantasy like this quite adequate. So why did this struggle become really easy all of a sudden?

    By nofapsolideo in Resources for NoFap on December 12, That was one thing that I found really helpful. And then when I had given up trying to quit, I would feel bad about it, so either way it was an issue. I mean I really could not add anything to what you have written.

    images nofap happy

    images nofap happy
    Nofap happy
    Hey Si, thanks so much for your comment. But the only thing that worked for me was cutting out all sexual thought and arousal, so that might be something to consider. By nofapsolideo in Resources for NoFap on December 12, I decided to run it as an experiment — ten days to start with. Section B describes in detail certain techniques and strategies that I think were crucial.

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    Posts: 2,; Rep Power: 0. Turbobroccoli is a glorious beacon of knowledge.

    images nofap happy

    (+). Nofap makes me feel happy even tho.

    When doing NoFap you become so much more in tune with yourself and the world around you. You start to find happiness in the little things. NoFap is a website and community forum that serves as a support group for those who wish to concentration, mental acuity, motivation, self-esteem, emotional stability, happiness, sexual prowess, and attractiveness to the opposite sex".
    Having seen this, it was a no-brainer to keep going.

    Keeping the journal was really helpful in reinforcing the experimental aspect of it, and also giving me some perspective in the couple of harder patches — I could look at it from a day perspective, or wherever I was up to, which would show me that what I was feeling was out of the ordinary, and temporary, and had only lasted a short time in the past.

    For seven years I failed miserably to make any significant process by exercising my feeble self-control and making promises to myself and to God. What was really helpful at those times was to look back over some journal entries I had made previously, and to see how frustrated and depressed I was that I simply could not overcome this habit, no matter how hard I tried.

    In fact, my blood is pumping with endorphins and adrenaline.

    images nofap happy
    But if someone is in a similar situation to mine, or able to get themselves to that place, then this process might work. Also when I had a real desire to masturbate, I would just tell myself to wait until the ten days were up.

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    After Day 7 I found Days pretty easy, and at the end of the ten-day experiment I was feeling confident, in control and just great, so I signed up for another ten. A sexual cue could even be situational, like a sense of anticipation as I get into the shower, or close my bedroom door and drop my bag after a long day. Hey, thanks for your input. Since Stage 1 was not really a challenge at all hey, I can masturbate any time I want!

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    1. I read a few studies on abstinence that suggest that the male sex drive takes up to two weeks to recover from an ejaculation, which means that when you first stop masturbating, your sex-drive increases and you gradually become much more sensitive to arousal and being triggered by sexual thoughts, ideas or images.