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    Castof girl meets world (Cast of Disney Channel's 'Girl Meets World' )

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    Jesse St. James

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    Girl Meets World Then And Now 2018

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    As Blake's 7 returns to TV, what are the original cast of inter-galactic warriors doing now? Last updated at The show, which was mocked as a "poor man's Star Trek" for its shoestring effects and scenery as wooden as the acting, was an unlikely hit - with audiences of up to nine million.

    It ended on the BBC in but the adventures of the band of reluctant rebels criss-crossing the galaxy to fight the despotic Federation still have a cult following on the internet.

    Castof girl meets world (Cast of Disney Channel's 'Girl Meets World' )

    Scroll down for more Zen is behind Now, thanks to the success of other revivals such as Doctor Who, Sky One wants a new series. The sets, with the help of computer-generated scenery, are likely to be a little more convincing but the show will remain a British-style space adventure with less emphasis on effects and more on plots.

    Castof girl meets world (Cast of Disney Channel's 'Girl Meets World' )

    Casting has yet to begin for the three main parts of rugged leader Blake, played in the original by Gareth Thomas, his brooding sidekick Avon, played by Paul Darrow, and beautiful but deadly Servalan, originally played by Jacqueline Pearce. He has also maintained his love of sci-fi - in he appeared in Storm Warning, an audio drama based on Doctor Who, played the part of Kalendorf in the Dalek Empire series and inguest stared in Torchwood.

    Where are they now? Paul Darrow currently does voice over work, Jacqueline Pearce lives in South Africa looking after orphaned monkeys while Gareth Thomas continues to work on stage and screen Meanwhile, his costar Darrow made a failed attempt to produce a follow-up miniseries, Blake's 7: A Rebellion Reborn, in the early s, reportedly abandoning the project due to creative differences.

    Since then has made a string of bit-part television appearances, including parts in Hollyoaks and Little Britain, and also provided the voice-over for Biblical quotations in Richard Dawkin's The Root of All Evil?. As well as releasing an autobiography, You're Him, Aren't You? After giving up her glamorous but ruthless alter ego, Pearce starred as Chessene in three episodes of Dr Who inand has made occasional television appearances since then, including a brief role in Casualty.

    Jan Chappel starred in the film Basic Instinct 2, Michael Keating enjoyed a reoccuring role as Reverend Stevens in EastEnders; Sally recenlty made a one-off apperance in Holby City Pearce gave up her acting career inand now lives in a small province in South Africa. She currently lives at The Vervet Monkey Foundation where she looks after orphaned monkeys has no immediate plans to return to England.

    Michael Keating, the cowardly thief Vila Restal, has made only minor television appearances since leaving the show, but has enjoyed a reoccurring role in EastEnders as Reverend Stevens in the last two years.

    The cast of Girl Meets World singing

    She has since made single episode appearances on a number of soaps including EasteEnders, Coronation Street and Holby City. David Jackson enjoyed a stage career in the late 80s.

    He died of a heart attack in Peter Tuddenham regularly reprised his roles in revivals for radio, and in audio tapes made by fans before passing away last year David Jackson, convicted murderer Olag Gan in the first two seasons, enjoyed a stage career in the late 80s with appearances in Fiddler on the Roof the original West End production of The Phantom of the Opera, also singing on the musical's soundtrack album.

    Jackson died of a heart attack on 25 Julyaged Peter Tuddenham provided the voices of the computers aboard Liberator, eventually three of them - Zen, Orac and Slave regularly reprised his roles in revivals for radio, and in audio tapes made by fans. He died in July last year aged She most recently played a solicitor in Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct 2.

    Castof girl meets world (Cast of Disney Channel's 'Girl Meets World' )

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    Armed with only unflagging optimism, a childlike sense of wonder and an eighth-grade education, she attempts to regain the life that was taken from her and navigate her way through the unfamiliar struggles of New York life.

    Melodramatic and self-absorbed, Titus nevertheless cares deeply for, and is very protective of Kimmy. Despite his talent and ego, he is plagued by self-doubt after years of rejection in the business.

    A proud born-and-bred New Yorker with a long, complex criminal history, she fights tooth and nail against the possible gentrification of her neighborhood although it soon becomes clear that she hates any form of progress or technology. Despite her willingness to do anything to make a buck, she has a very big heart and will go out of her way to help her tenants. Despite coming across as arrogant, condescending and out of touch, she is very fond of and heavily reliant on her new employee, who helps her gain perspective on her unhappy marriage.

    She is secretly of Lakota Native American descent and is passing for white. As the series progresses, she gradually reconnects with her family and her culture.

    Girl Meets World Cast

    Lauren Adams as Gretchen Chalker, a willing member of the cult, who believes everything she was told. Dylan Gelula as Xanthippe Lannister Voorhees, the pretty, popular, and bratty stepdaughter of Jacqueline, who is later revealed to be hiding her high achieving, 'good girl' personality. After her father divorces Jacqueline, she is sent to Connecticut to move back in with her mother, and only appears in one episode in season 2.

    She returns in season 3, attending Columbia Universitywhere Kimmy starts college. An undocumented immigrant from Vietnamhe spends much of the show hiding from the authorities under the name "Richard Pennsylvania".

    He was deported in season 2 of the show. Adam Campbell Season 1 as Logan Beekman, a wealthy acquaintance of Julian's, who becomes intrigued by Kimmy after discovering she has no idea he is from one of New York's richest families. They briefly date before his jealousy over Dong spoils their romance. Mike Britt as Walter Bankston, a witness to the raid on the Bunker, whose remixed interview set to music by The Gregory Brothers serves as the series' theme song.

    Walter Bankston is loosely based on Charles Ramsey, one of the rescuers of the captives of the Ariel Castro kidnappings.

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    Susanna Guzman as Vera, Jacqueline's housekeeper in season 1 and thus, Kimmy's co-worker. Tim Blake Nelson Season 1 as Randy, Kimmy's stepfather, a very incompetent state trooper who met Kimmy's mother while searching for and failing to locate the missing Kimmy. Andrea Bayden, an alcoholic psychiatrist who begins treating Kimmy for her experiences in the bunker. Amy Sedaris as Mimi Kanasis, an acquaintance of Jacqueline's who is desperate to regain social status after her divorce.

    This character is a humorous representation of accused serial killer Robert Durst. Mike Carlsen as Mikey Politano, a construction worker who started questioning his sexuality after receiving an unexpected answer when he hit on Kimmy in season 1.

    In season 2, he starts dating Titus. In season 4, Mikey makes another appearance as part of their on-again, off-again relationship. Julie Tice-Bubolz as Yuko, a humanoid robot. At the end of season 1, she marries Dong so that he can stay in the United States. Daveed Diggs Season 3 as Perry, a philosophy student whom Kimmy meets and helps her realize that she needs to go on a different path in her life, and later becomes her love interest.

    Peter Riegert Season 3 as Artie Goodman, an upscale grocery chain owner who initially engages in a feud with Lillian, before they begin a relationship. He later dies in between seasons 3 and 4. Elise Mestichelli Season 4 as Cheryl, a humanoid robot and co-worker of Kimmy. Pat Battle as herself, providing a report on the news, advertising the play Titus wishes to audition for "Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!

    Le Loup, a coach who helps Titus pass as a straight man in order to improve his casting chances "Kimmy's in a Love Triangle! Dave, a talk show host "Kimmy Meets a Celebrity! Little Girl, Big City! Prior to the network switch, NBC planned to air the series as either a mid-season replacement or as a summer series.

    Titus is a talented singer who works odd entertainment jobs such as dressing up like a robot in Times Square or as a singing waiter at a theme restaurant. Chase signed on for the role of Cyndee, Kimmy's closest friend during their years in the cult; Adams was cast in the role of Gretchen, a year member of the cult who believes everything that she is told.

    Megan Dodds was originally cast before she was replaced with Krakowski. Richmond also wrote "Peeno Noir", a song performed by character Titus Andromedon during season 1, episode 6 of the series.

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