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    Upcoming Edinburgh Speed Dating events

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    Speed Dating India-LOL

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    Ditch or Date in Edinburgh

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    Background[ edit ] A crossing route over the Forth had existed at the site since the eleventh century, when the queen of Scotland, Margaretfounded a free ferry to take pilgrims north to St Andrews.

    Proposals for an additional road crossing at Queensferry were drawn up in the early s, as part of the "Setting Forth" consultation document prepared by the Scottish Office.

    Following the Labour victory in the general electionthe proposals were shelved. It was designed for up to 11 million vehicles per year, but this had risen steadily to 23 million vehicles in Projections highlighted the likelihood of an accelerating loss of strength, with traffic restrictions to limit loading required in in the worst-case scenario.

    The study concluded that this option was significantly cheaper than a tunnel, would take less time to construct, and would represent better value for money, though it was noted that a tunnel would have fewer environmental impacts. He claimed it would be "the largest construction project in a generation in Scotland". The ForthRight Alliance, an umbrella group including Friends of the Earththe Scottish Green Partythe RSPBsustainable transport groups and other local organisations, opposed the scheme as being "both unwelcome and unnecessary".

    However, the Scottish Government announced in December that public funding would be used. Public consultations were held, and some changes to the scheme were made in response to the comments received.

    As with the main contract, the tenders received were below the original estimated budgets. Work on the bridge was halted to allow an investigation to take place. Wind shielding has been built into the design, to enable use of the bridge in high winds, which regularly led to restrictions on the existing bridge. It is sited west of the road bridge, with the northern landfall at St Margaret's Hope, between Rosyth Dockyard and North Queensferry and the southern landfall just west of Port Edgar in South Queensferry.

    The central tower was constructed on the Beamer Rock, a small islet in the Forth [50]. The project was known as the Forth Replacement Crossing, and a name for the new bridge was selected in a public vote in after a panel of independent advisers provided a shortlist of possible names.

    Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. September Several new and upgraded roads will connect the bridge into the existing road network with around 4 kilometres 2. These new roads will join the M9 and M90 motorways together for the first time, with the Queensferry Crossing being built to motorway standard in order to carry the M90 across the Forth.

    The M90 motorway terminates at Admiralty Junction, around 3 kilometres 1. The design of the new junction requires the realignment of the B road to North Queensferry. A grade-separated junction will be built on the A just west of Echline, at the south-west edge. The existing access from the Forth Road Bridge to the A90 will remain open to public transport. Originally, only east-facing connections were provided to the M9, forcing traffic heading west from the bridge onto the A through the village of Newton in West Lothian.

    The upgrade of the junction included new west-facing slip roads, enabling direct access onto the M9 from the Forth Road Bridge and the new crossing, as well as widening of the existing connections to assist the flow of traffic at peak times. The ITS is a Active traffic managementenabling variable speed restrictions and lane closures to be displayed on overhead gantries.

    On the south bank in a field at Echline the remnants of a sunken floor structure with in situ floor deposits was found. The structure, based around an oval pit approximately 7 metres 23 ft in length, contained the remains of a hearth, stone tools, and bone from a variety of animals. Radio-carbon analysis returned a date of c. Additionally three isolated Neolithic pits and a Bronze Age pit group and pit alignment were identified.
    Apparel Carl can buy some GSF apparels in many clothing retailers.

    History before this time period late 80's is unknown, and much of what happened to the Families during the late 80's is also unknown. However, what is known is that the Families are one of the oldest gangs in Los Santos - this possibly means that they are older than the Ballas who formed during the s - giving the possibility that the Families evolved from the s or even possibly earlier.

    The Families also have a history of a traditional, intense, and bloody rivalry with the Ballas. Specifically when the gang war started is unknown, but the rivalry between the two gangs was in full swing as early as Despite being divided into different sets, the Families were much more united before the early s.

    On top of this, the Grove Street Families have split up into different warring sets Temple Drive Families and the Seville Boulevard Families - causing inter-hostilities.

    Further, their refusal to enter the drugs trade especially crack cocaine has put them at a severe disadvantage to the other gangs such as the Ballaswho are able to make much profit from this. The GSF also face the major problem of crack-cocaine spread throughout their territory largely due to the Ballas and Big Smoke.

    However, they are only successful at destroying Big Smoke's car. Sweet orders CJ and Ryder for the mission and they successfully destroy the crack house. A car chase follows and the OG's are able to destroy the car and kill the Ballas. Sweet states that there needs to be an end to "green-on-green" violence if the GSF are ever able to become strong again.

    In doing so, the Grove Street Families become better equipped and start carrying Tec-9 submachine guns. Sweet orders CJ to kill him. At this point, the GSF are now much stronger and are on a more equal footing with the Ballas. Luckily, a member of the Families is able to catch the Ballas on the way and warn Sweet and the OG's, who are then able to prepare. They block off Grove Street and prepare themselves. However, Sweet is shot and injured and the police manage to break up the gang war.

    At this point, both Ryder and Big Smoke have completely defected from the Grove Street Families and into the crack-cocaine business, aligning themselves with C. They soon fall from power again and become subservient to the Ballas and Vagos. Remaining Grove St Family members are either dead, imprisoned, addicted to drugs, go into hiding, left the gang, defect to the Ballas, or become employed by Big Smoke and his drug organization as seen in the drug courier missions.

    The Ballas resume spreading crack-cocaine through their territory again to control them. They also recapture back Glen Park. The Grove Street Families then have no more significance throughout the rest of the middle-game apart for some who work with Big Smoke and Ryder while CJ becomes enveloped in a new lifestyle away from gang-banging and "hood life" while Sweet is incarcerated.

    Sets There are three distinct sets of the Families: All sets are part of the "Family" banner, and all wear green. It is known the Grove Street Families are heavily against drug trafficking, but it is possible that the Seville Boulevard and Temple Drive Families are involved with narcotics due to them splitting from the Grove Street Families, though this is never mentioned in the game.

    Either way, they eventually reunite as allied sets with the Grove Street Families resuming the position of the most dominant, active and powerful set meaning that any narcotics business the other family sets were involved with would have ended. Historically, all sets were originally one with the Grove Street Families, but split up from the GSF during the five years of Carl's absence. Interestingly, the Family-on-Family violence is only referenced in the games storyline.

    If the player actually walks into Playa Del Seville or Temple, the families there will react exactly the same as they would in Ganton and Grove Street. CJ can even recruit members in these areas. It is unknown why the different family sets do not react with hostility outside of this mission or within the games lore.

    High-ranking, influential and well-respected member. One that has put in a lot of work Hood: A fake, fraud and cowardly poser Members and Associates.
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    Option 2, b uy at www. You can book months ahead if you like, they will take your booking request before reservations open and will make the actual booking with Chinese Railways the maximum 60 days before departure, as soon as reservations open.

    After making a booking at www. As with all Chinese train ticket agencies, the actual booking is made by staff behind the scenes not 'live' online so is only confirmed when you get their confirmation email. You can collect the ticket yourself at any station ticket office in China at no extra charge, either at the station just before departure or at any station at a convenient time when you get to China.

    How to collect tickets at the station. Alternatively, for an extra fee you can have the ticket sent to your hotel so it is waiting for you when you arrive or tickets can be sent to any Chinese address. If you have feedback from using www. So far they have been reported as providing a prompt and efficient service. Buy train tickets at www. Tickets are collected at any railway station in China, either at the station just before departure or at any station at a convenient time when you get to China.

    Buy from Australian train specialist www. If you use their contact form they usually reply within 24 hours, please select 'seat61' as the place you heard of them, or quote 'Seat61' if you call them.

    They arrange tickets through their contacts in China, and say they have so far had no problem in securing people's first choice of date, class and train.

    Stories From Edinburgh, Blind Dating & Trapped in Disabled Toilets.

    You need to book at least 7 to 10 days before travel to give them time to turn the booking around. Buying tickets for departures from Hong Kong You can easily look up train times and buy tickets between Hong Kong and Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou in either direction at www.

    Tickets can be sent to a hotel or private address anywhere in mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau. Alternatively, if you're willing to make a bit more effort to save on the booking fee, you can book departures from Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai by email at the official ticket office price through KCRC Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation Customer Services.

    Visit their website at www. When looking up times and fares on their website, remember that Hong Kong is shown as 'Hung Hom'. You will be given a reference number and can then pick up and pay for tickets at Hong Kong's 'Hung Hom' station in Kowloon. Note that Hong Kong ticket office does not accept credit cards, only cash. However, there is an ATM just round the corner from the station. This is the entrance to Beijing Railway Station ticket office, accessed from the forecourt to the right of the main building.

    After an X-ray baggage check, you're inside the ticket hall. There's an availability display on the far wall, check this first! Or buy from a local train ticket agency for an RMB 5 fee. Small local ticketing agencies are located all over town. Don't expect English to be spoken, so ask your hotel to write down what you want.

    This is an office in Nanjing. Photo courtesy of Matthew Blissett. How to buy tickets at the station Useful booking form It's fairly easy to buy tickets yourself at the station even if you don't speak Chinese, although trains are busy so book as many days ahead as you can and be prepared to take a second choice of train, class or date.

    Expect an X-ray bag check to enter the ticket office. Remember to take your passport and that of all other passengers with you. New rules introduced in June make it essential for foreigners to show a passport to buy tickets for any long-distance train. You'll also need your passport to board the train. A Chinese citizen's ID card, foreigner's temporary residence permit, exit-entry permit or diplomatic certificate can be used to buy tickets instead of a passport. Check the train availability board!

    Speed Dating Events in Edinburgh

    At major stations you'll see a colourful LED display showing how many seats are left in each class on each main train departure today and for the next week or so. Don't waste time queuing to ask for a ticket today if the board above your head is clearly showing zero seats left on that train! See what these look like and how to read them below. Which ticket window for which trains?

    Scottish Speed Dating

    However, don't worry, in a major station ticket hall, all ticket windows can generally sell tickets for all trains and routes. Chinese Railways have a central computer reservation system so you can buy tickets for any route at any station.

    But when picking a train, remember that it's usually easier to get tickets for a train which starts at the station you're at, rather than one starting somewhere else and picking up passengers at your station en route. There is a special English-speaking ticket window for foreigners at Beijing main station, usually window 16 in the separate ticket office to the right of the main building accessed off the forecourt, see the photos below.

    You may also find English-speaking windows at Xian and Shanghai. You won't always find an English-speaking window. Use these handy forms written by Chinese rail expert Duncan Peattie, which not only help you ask for what you want, they will help you understand the booking clerk's reply if your first choice isn't available. Your hotel can help you write down the place names. Click here to download a useful booking form for Chinese trains.

    You cannot use the self-service ticket machines in spite of their English language facility, as they only accept Chinese ID cards, they don't recognise foreign passports which are now necessary to buy or collect tickets.

    Expect a baggage X-ray check at the door. Only domestic Chinese tickets are sold, not international tickets. One or two of the many ticket windows are designated for foreigners, a red LED display may tell you which one. It's often window 16, but not necessarily. Allow plenty of time to buy your ticket, as you may have to queue. It looks chaotic, but it took me just 15 minutes to queue up and collect my tickets here. At Beijing West you need a ticket to enter the departures area.

    As Beijing West is a mile or two outside central Beijing, you may find it easier to buy tickets at Beijing station. Go through the X-ray and metal detector security checks into the main departure hall and look for one of the offices around the sides.

    As Beijing Nan is a few miles outside central Beijing, you may find it easier to buy tickets at Beijing station. To buy tickets from Beijing to Hanoi, see the Vietnam page. At Shanghai station, the English speaking ticket window at the main station was window 43 though this has now been reported as changed to window 10 on the ground floor of the main ticket office to the southeast of the main station. At Shanghai Hongqiao, from where most fast trains to Beijing now leave, there are several ticket offices inside the main departure hall.

    Alternatively, buy from a local train ticket agency: In major cities, it can be more convenient to buy tickets at one of the numerous 'hole in the wall' ticketing agencies located all over the city.


    Don't expect these local agencies to speak English, so ask your hotel to write down your destination, date, time and class in Chinese to show the staff. Train availability displays in ticket offices You'll find these train availability boards at all main station ticket offices and they're not hard to read, even though they're in Chinese.

    The photo below was taken at Beijing West on 1 August, and as you can see, there's zero availability in any class for today's train G leaving at But there's plenty of availability in all classes tomorrow 2nd August including 13 seats in business class and 36 seats in 1st class and in 2nd class.

    At Beijing South the sequence from left to right is Business class, 1st class, 2nd class. Collecting tickets bought online If you book your train tickets online with an agency such as www.

    This booking confirmation is not valid for travel, you need to collect the actual ticket before you board the train. You can do this at any station at any time before departure. If you plan to collect them immediately before departure then you should get to the station at least two hours beforehand as there might be long queues.

    Language isn't a problem, you simply show the booking confirmation plus your passport and the passports of everyone travelling with you and the staff will hand you your tickets.

    You might want to collect tickets ahead of time to get this out of the way. In Beijing, it's easier to collect them at Beijing's centrally-located main station even if your train leaves from Beijing South or Beijing West, which are a mile or two's metro ride out of the centre.

    There's no fee for collecting a ticket at Beijing main station even if the journey starts from Beijing South or Beijing West. The ticket hall is to the right of the main building, clearly marked 'ticket office'. Be prepared for an X-ray baggage check just inside the entrance. The number of the English-speaking window is indicated by a large red LED display above the ticket windows. It looks chaotic, but last week it only took me 15 minutes or so to collect my tickets.

    Although I started queuing at English-speaking ticket window 16, the queue for non-English-speaking window 15 moved faster, so I used that one. Tip for collecting in Beijing Collecting tickets here might be quicker and easier than doing so at a busy mainline station. This is not confirmed, so feedback would be appreciated! Collecting your tickets at Beijing railway station ticket office The office is to the right of the main building, accessed directly from the forecourt.

    You enter via an X-ray baggage check. You can collect from any ticket window, although there's an English speaking window if you like

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