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    Prehistoric Dartmoor

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    Cashback & Rewards

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    This is the trip report, written by Nick Catford. Some of the fantastic murals found on the site, this one was removed piece by piece and relocated into the station headquarters, the original artist flew in from the states to make some small repairs to it.

    It remained in care and maintenance for several years and although still technically owned by the MOD, the airfield side has been converted into a large industrial estate, Heyford Park, while much of the domestic side is in mothballs awaiting future development.

    Latest News

    Other units rotated to Upper Heyford until when the Reflex Action system was introduced, with wings deploying small quantities of aircraft for three-week periods instead of whole wings for months at a time. For the first time since it left Virginia inall three of its flying squadrons were united on one base. Less than three months later, the wing began converting to a new aircraft - the General Dynamics FE Aardvark. The wing gained a fourth flying squadron on 1 Julywith the activation of the 42nd Electronic Combat Squadron.

    Following the end of the cold war, the base was quickly wound down with the last of the fighter squadrons, the 55th, inactivated on 15 October and the last of the wing's three aircraft departed from Upper Heyford on 7 December RAF Upper Heyford is a mixture of buildings, some dating from the 's but the most prominent feature are the 56 hardened aircraft shelters scattered all over the base.

    These originally housed two F's each but for safety reasons this was later reduced to 1. With so many buildings on the site, there has, as yet, been little or no demolition we were only able to see in detail a small selection of the buildings although much is visible by driving round the perimeter road. Within the base compound there is an inner compound where thousands of new cars are stored on the main runway and wherever there is room for them.

    The vast quantity of unsold cars has become an embarrassment and we were unable to enter this area which contains the control tower. Most of the interesting buildings however were located in the outer compound and we were able to visit a number of these. The first building on our tour was the hardened command centre which is in surprisingly good condition, with much of its equipment remaining.

    This is a rectangular windowless concrete blockhouse. Outside the entrance their is a shower for initial decontamination before entering the bunker. Once inside the door there is a small lobby area and then a substantial blast door leading into the bunker proper. From here there is a clean route into the bunker or a dirty route which goes through a decontamination area containing showers and disposal chutes for clothes. A spine corridor runs through the length of the building, much of the left hand side is taken up with the ventilation and filtration plant which is all in good order while on the right hand side are two telephone exchanges.

    The first is the BT exchange which still contains most of its equipment including several large floor standing cabinets. Beyond this is the American Autovon exchange which has been partially stripped although some cabinets and switching frames are still in place. Beyond the telephone exchanges is a metal barred gate giving access to the control area.

    This consists of a sunken well with a higher level overlooking it. Overlooking that are two rooms, one on either side of the corridor with windows looking down into the control room. All these rooms still contain much of their equipment, telephones, consoles, display screens etc. Because of its complete state English Heritage are keen to list or schedule this building as opposed to that at RAF Alconbury which is not so complete and it is possible that it will eventually be opened as a museum.

    The command Centre, in excellent condition. The site owners intend to turn it into a museum. This is another windowless rectangular blockhouse with a blast protected entrance. As this building is still used by BT we were unable to get access but our guide told us it only contains a small switching frame. Our next port of call was perhaps the most impressive building on the base, the massive building the Avionics facility where electronic data from spy planes was down loaded.

    We entered through a very heavy blast door in a blast protected sunken open walkway. There are two such blast doors, one gives access directly to the main spine corridor but this is now wet so we used the other door which goes through the plant room. Again all the filtration and ventilation plant is intact and in good order.

    The bunker houses a number of vast rooms mostly rectangular but one 'L' shaped. All these rooms have been completely stripped apart from one small room which contains several electrical cabinets and what are presumably the control consoles for the bunker. Some of the walls have typical USAF wall art including an impressive painting of a raven. Building The Avionics Facility We drove on to look at one of the two bomb stores which are housed within their own secure compounds.

    We visited the 55th and 77th Squadron HQ but only went inside the 77th as they are both identical. The building is currently derelict and in a poor state of repair with ceiling tiles littering the floor. The building has been totally stripped. At one end the main corridor leads into the hardened area through a dog leg and a blast door. Again there are two routes into the bunker, one clean and one dirty where the decontamination is similar to the command centre. This gives access to a main reception area where there is a large counter.

    All the rooms in the bunker are empty apart from the plant room which is intact and in good order.

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    Alongside the 55th Squadron HQ is a gate into the inner compound with a heavily defended guardroom with a pillbox on the top. A couple of view's of the HAS area Having spent three hours at the base this was a now the end of our tour although we did take a look at the domestic side.

    The multi million pound hospital lies empty and disused despite repeated efforts to find a buyer, it seems likely that this will now be demolished along with the supermarket alongside.

    A smaller supermarket shopette has been renovated and reopened for the local community. The petrol station is currently derelict but this may be reopened as the 'new town' develops. It is a vast site and the development plan includes the demolition of a large number of the buildings including most of the hardened aircraft hangers.
    Home Page Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks Dartmoor has a particularly rich abundance of settlements, monuments and ritual sites dating from prehistoric times.

    The mild hospitable climate of the Bronze Age deteriorated after a few thousand years leaving these areas uninhabited and consequently relatively undisturbed to the present day. There are many great guides to walking on Dartmoor, many include descriptions of these sites, but it is difficult to find guides specifically for those wanting to visit these sites. The Dartmoor Walks website suggests a few walks for those interested in visiting the ancient settlements and antiquities such as stone rows and stone circles on Dartmoor.

    The walks featured are all based on the use of public transport, see Guide to Public Transport. Use the menu above or the walks bar on the right to navigate around the site. The sites featured are archaeological treasures and most are protected by the law, please treat these sites with respect! Around 1 million years ago Britain was connected to the continent and the first humans arrived in Britain. Flint tools found recently in Norfolk show that there were humans there aroundyears ago 1.

    These early humans were not Homo sapiens but of the same genus Homo. These hunter-gathers came and went with the successive ice ages during the Palaeolithic period. During the ice ages the region became unpopulated. During successive inter-glacial periods humans returned. In Devon the earliest known site used by these people is at Kent's Cavern in Torquay.

    A piece of Homo sapien upper jaw disovered in was recently dated to a short interglacial period around 44, and 41, years ago 2. Tools from these early periods have been found on Dartmoor including eleven hand axes found at Tavistock and in Worth found a flint implement of Palaeolithic type on Brent Moor 3.

    This would suggest Dartmoor was first exploited by humans in the Lower Palaeolithic although the evidence is weak.

    It gave way after the last ice age, around 12 thousand years ago, to a gradual move towards farming - the Mesolithic or middle stone age period. Britain would have been uninhabited again during a further cold period known as the Loch Lomond Stadial which ended around 10, years ago 4. This is a hunter-gather period when the uplands were used as seasonal hunting grounds. The evidence of human activity on Dartmoor during the Mesolithic is from flint scatters around the moors, including finds on Runnage and Ringhill near Postbridge 5Langstone Moor, East Week, Batworthy and Gidleigh Common 6.

    Mesolithic tools are very distinctive consisting of much smaller flint tools than found during the Palaeolithic. These small sharp microliths were used in arrow heads and as cutting and boring tools to work bone, antlers and leather. The distribution of flints found from this period excludes areas of deep peat but this probably is a simple reflection of the fact that modern ploughing tends to bring them to the surface 7.

    In some areas such as Gidleigh 8 and Batworthy 9 large numbers of flints have been found which range from the Mesolithic through the Neolithic on to the Bronze Age which shows that these locations were in use for millennia.

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    The pollen records show that after the last ice age Dartmoor initially became a heath land and was becoming woodland at around 10, years ago i. Hazel, oak and elm appear in the pollen record and by BC most of Dartmoor is wooded up to tree line at around ft metres 10 and remained relatively undisturbed woodland until about BC.

    At this time there was a rapid period of deforestation and grasses and bracken appear in the pollen records indicating a period of deforestation at the tree line. It is thought that the earliest Mesolithic farmers used slash and burn to create temporary clearings for hunting deer and for raising crops.

    These areas would rapidly become infertile and would be abandoned to re-grow. These early farmers are thought to have used wooden shelters and no evidence remains of their settlements. Later Neolithic farmers were more proficient in agriculture and started deliberately clearing large areas of forest for agricultural use. The charcoal deposits in the soil of this period provide evidence that Dartmoor was deforested due to fire.

    It cannot be proved that these fires were caused by these early farmers but it would seem most likely.

    The moorland landscape we see today is a direct consequence of this period.

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    Trees only remained in the lowland river valleys and peat bogs started to form probably as a direct consequence of this landscape manipulation by humans in the Mesolithic period The Neolithic famers were more permanently settled than their Mesolithic predecessors. They started to use stone building materials for their settlements and monuments. Two settlements are thought to be early Neolithic, these are found on the hilltops of White Tor and Dewerstone.

    Chambered tombs or their remains such as those at Corringdon Ball, Cuckoo Ball and Spinsters Rock near Drewsteignton are from this period Some of the stone rows and stone circles are also thought to date from the late Neolithic although most are from the early Bronze Age. A recently discovered stone row on Cut Hill has been found to be embedded in peat that has been accurately carbon dated to BC, around a years before Stonehenge There are a large number of settlements consisting of "hut circles" which can be seen all over Dartmoor except on the highest moorland.

    These are thought to mostly date from the Bronze Age although it is thought that some could be late Neolithic or built on earlier Neolithic sites. Unfortunately, there is little accurate dating evidence for the monuments on Dartmoor which is largely due to the fact that the necessary organic remains used for dating have not survived in the acid soils.

    An Age of Ages! Anthropologists and archaeologists use a number of terms to describe periods. The first Homo Sapiens arrived on the scene around 30, to 50, years ago and soon became the sole Homo species. The Neolithic period c. The later Neolithic period sees the transition from the use of stone tools through to the age of widespread metal working, first the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age.

    Until recently there had been no direct evidence of any tin working or mining on Dartmoor during the Bronze Age. In tin beads were discovered when the Whitehorse Hill cist was excavated which perhaps for the first time gives an indication of tin working on Dartmoor during the Bronze Age There are around seventy six known stone rows and fourteen stone circles on Dartmoor and there are numerous menhirs or standing stones.

    The exact purpose of these prehistoric monuments is unknown. There are claims that stone rows such as those at Hingstone Hill Down Tor and Merrivale 17 may have alignments to sunrise in mid-summer and mid-winter although the overwhelming evidence is that there are no such astronomical alignments for most Dartmoor rows and it maybe that the claimed alignments are nothing more than accidental Many of these monuments appear to be associated with nearby settlements and with burial sites.

    It would seem that most major prehistoric settlements on Dartmoor would have had their own monuments just as most villages in the historic period would have a local church, a centre for religious, ceremonial and social gatherings. It is clear that many settlements were built long after nearby stone rows, for example the enclosures known as Erme Pound Rings were built with total disregard for the Hook Lake double stone row which is partially incorporated into one of the enclosure walls Likewise at Hurston ridge the stone row is similarly partially incorporated into an enclosed settlement Clearly many, if not most, of settlement remains that can be seen today post date the stone rows but it is possible that many of these were built on sites or in localities which had been occupied for generations or even millenia before hand.

    Some of the sites on Dartmoor consist of settlements with nearby complexes of multiple monuments; Merrivale and Shovel Down complexes both have menhirs, stone rows and a stone circle and Drizzlecombe has impressive menhirs, stone rows and associated cairn circles. The archaeologists define stone circles as being sites which do not contain burials and as such are thought to be purely ritual monuments.

    Sites such as the Nine Maidens site on Belstone common are considered to be cairn circles rather than stone circles.

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    Some cairn circles are found terminating stone rows, good examples being those found at Down Tor and the 2 mile long double stone row on the Erme plain.

    Some of the cairn circles have multiple circles, the best examples being the four-fold cairn circles at Yellowmead and Shovel Down. Many of the monumental sites on Dartmoor were partially or totally reconstructed by the Dartmoor Preservation Committee in the early twentieth century.

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    Fallen menhirs and ruined stone rows and circles were re-constructed with varying degrees of accuracy. The Scorhill and Grey Wethers stone circles are some of the best preserved examples.

    There are around 14 'hut circles' on Dartmoor and it is estimated that the population on the moor would have been around 10, at its peak. There was a rapid decrease in woodland cover at this time.

    The stone circles and many, if not most, of the stone rows would have been constructed long before this period of settlement. These settlers were responsible for the remarkable construction of the widespread and systematic field boundaries known as reaves. Reaves cover vast expanses and were very carefully planned and constructed. In contrast to medieval boundaries, which tend to be higgledy-piggledy patchworks, reaves follow the contours, sometimes for miles, which must have involved a high degree of sophistication and technical skill in surveying and central planning.
    Grease a cup tube pan and dust with cake flour; tap out any excess.

    Be sure to grease and flour the center column too. You can also use Pam with Flour I do. Scrub the lemons with hot soapy water. Rinse really well and dry completely. Carefully zest four of the lemons, being careful to avoid the pith the white part that live right below the yellow part of the lemon. Take your time on this step.

    The zest is the king of lemon flavor and it's where the majority of the lemon flavor comes. Always err on the side of more zest than you need and do your best to avoid the pith as that will add bitterness. It doesn't take many swipes to get to the pith white stuff so go slow. With a very sharp paring knife, cut the tops and bottoms off of each lemon. Put the cut-side down on the cutting board, trim the pith off the lemon, working vertically, going all the way around, exposing the pulp of the lemon.

    Over a bowl, cut segments from membranes see photo aboveletting fruit and any juice fall into the bowl, being sure to discard the seeds and the remaining membranes. With a fork, break segments into 1-inch pieces. Here's a juicy tip: Try to get as much of the lemon-meat as possible as you're segmenting the lemon. The goal is to collect as much of the lemon segment clusters as you can, it's not about getting lemon juice.

    Sure, you'll get some lemon juice as it's part of the process of segmenting the lemons but it's not goal. Don't think you've done something wrong if your bowl isn't running over with juice. Actually, if you find that you have more juice than lemon-segments, then something didn't go right. At that point, save the juice for the glaze and start over. In a separate bowl, combine the sugar and the lemon zest. Work the sugar and zest together between your fingers until the sugar is moist, grainy and very aromatic.

    Sift the flour, baking soda, and salt into a medium bowl and set aside. Beat the butter for 2 minutes at medium speed in the electric mixer. Add half the sugar and mix for 2 more minutes, then add the rest of the sugar and mix again for 4 minutes, stopping once to scrape down the bowl and the beater blade. Remove the eggs from the warm water and dry them. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating just until combined after each addition about 30 seconds.

    On the lowest setting, mix in the dry ingredients, then the sour cream. Lastly, gently fold in the lemon juice and segments. Transfer batter to prepared pan. Bake cake until tester inserted near center comes out clean, about an hour and a half. Your bake time may vary! Every oven is different! Set your timer for 60 min and check to see how far it has to go.

    Adjust the bake time accordingly. Keep checking every minutes or so until the top is browned and a toothpick put into the center section between the edge of the pan and the tube center has no batter on it.

    Let the cake cool in the pan on a rack for 15 minutes. Cut around the cake in the pan, turn out the cake. Carefully turn cake right side up on rack. While the cake is cooling, juice the remaining 2 lemons. In a small bowl, slowly add the powdered sugar to the and stir until smooth. It should look thick, opaque, and should be thin enough to it should be pourable.

    If it's too thin, add more powdered sugar. If it's too thick, add more lemon juice. Poke small holes all over the top of the cake using a fork or toothpick. Let the glaze harden for about 2 hours or overnight. Cover the remaining glaze and keep at room temperature.

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    About a half hour before you're ready to serve, pour the remaining glaze over the cake. Store in a covered container, either in the fridge or at room temperature. Ingredient Notes - Read Me! This means the butter needs to be at F. It's been my experience that powdered sugar that's been opened and not properly resealed starts to oxidize very quickly. It can give the sugar a metallic taste that will impart an "off" flavor into your dessert, especially when combined with lemon juice.

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