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    Speed dating doncaster table (David Heys steam diesel photo collection 39 BR EXPRESS TRAINS)

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    Group Speed Dating Events in Nikolaev Ukraine - March 2015

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    Latest Updates:

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    It is one of two picture houses in Horsforth: Suddenly roused by feral exhilaration he sat bolt upright and yelled - 'Streeeeak! Then the grumpy old commissionaire arrived, shone his torch at the offending boy and clouted him across the back of the head - 'Shut your cake 'ole you stupid little squirt!

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    Humiliated beyond belief, the small boy's woeful sobbing was quite audible and he missed the rest of film through a stream of tears. At the same time he feared someone in the audience would recognise him, tell his mum and dad, which meant another beating when he got home!

    It's amazing what you remember from childhood, but then it's not something you easily forget either… However, fast-forward fifty-odd years and I'm watching the same BTF minute film 'Elizabethan Express' on TV at home and the memories of old spotting days come flooding back… I'm talking about childhood reminiscences of Thirsk station during the mid-Fifties.

    The station is situated on the superbly-aligned stretch of East Coast Main Line between York and Northallerton, which has seen more high-speed running than any other in Britain. During steam days the Class A4 'Streaks' were topping 90mph in regular service, especially on the fast expresses through Thirsk. From the platform edge, it was easy to spot these streamlined machines in the distance because the sun caught their sloping wedge-shaped fronts which produced the effect of a beam of light; though at first it was barely discerible, merely a pin prick shimmering through heat haze rising from the track.

    But there was no mistaking what was hurtling towards you; the glimmer of light would slowly transform into the distinctive streamlined shape of a 'Streak - so sleek and dashing; a thoroughbred racing machine in full flight, rocking and swaying over the points like a wild stallion. Then, as the driver blew the melodious chimed whistle heralding his warning, the sleepy station was awakened to a wild and determined crescendo of sound; the ferocity of it was spellbinding.

    The platform shook beneath your feet as the train thundered by, whipping up a tumult of swirling smoke and steam, engulfing everything in its wake. Then it was gone, the moment all too brief; yet the magic of it still rooted you to the spot.

    I recall seeing the Class A4s romping through Thirsk station on countless occasions, and I'll never forget the titled trains they hauled: Why not upload a page of 'Titled Trains of Great Britain'. After all, a named train represented all that was great about old train spotting days Left The British Transport Film's 'Elizabethan Express' was directed by Tony Thompson and written by Paul le Saux, whose whimsical verse commentary romanticised the human story behind the longest scheduled non-stop railway journey in the world…but wait!

    The A4 slows to a crawl; the tension mounts, the guard glances anxiously at his watch, but the signalman gives the 'all clear'. The film sequences by cinematographer Billy Williams of Silver Fox at speed captures the whole drama perfectly, a great film to lift the nation's spirits during the immediate post-war era.

    Originally numbered and named Sea Eagle, this Class A4 was built at Doncaster Works in ; the loco changed its name following an overhaul at the Plant on the 1st October when it emerged bearing the name of the Deputy Chairman of the LNER. The locomotive achieved fame on 24 August when it became the first of its Class to haul the up 'Flying Scotsman' non-stop from Edinburgh to Kings Cross taking the longer route via the Waverley line. Inset-Below 'The Elizabethan' began life in when it was decided to create a new non-stop train between the capitals - aptly named 'Capitals Limited' - to run ahead of the 'Flying Scotsman' in both directions.

    Below In the summer ofa young seven year-old train-mad Roy Lambeth was accompanying his dad on a visit to Wharton Park in Durham. Indeed no other steam locomotive class made such an remarkable impact than the Class A4, particularly the first member of the class, No Silver Link lBR No when it averaged a speed of mph for 43 miles during its famous press run on the 'Silver Jubilee' on 27th September The train was named to mark the Silver Jubilee of King George V, and the first four A4s Nos carried names with a silver theme and emerged from Doncaster 'Plant' in a startling silver-grey livery to match the train set.

    Below Fast-forward twenty-odd years and another remarkable loco made its debut in October The widespread use of alloy in its construction led to a comparatively lightweight high rpm diesel engine which could be mounted on a Co-Co wheelbase. The Eastern Region immediately recognised its full potential, for having been denied ECML electrification the operating department was in urgent need of a more powerful diesel to substitute its earlier and less powerful EE Co Type 4 fleet.

    Here the prototype awaits departure from Kings Cross with the Above The 'White Rose' ran every weekday, leaving London Kings cross in the early morning and returning from Leeds Central in the afternoon. Note the gradient post on the left indicating the 1in 55 descent on the short spur to Geldard Junction; this was used by the Anglo-Scottish 'Queen of Scots' Pullman - a train I am very familiar with since it ran past my bedroom window on the line via Harrogate and Ripon regaining the ECML at Northallerton.

    Some magnificent smoke affects were to be seen as engines tackled this bank out of Leeds. Above-Insets-Below Steam engine crews on the non-stop Anglo-Scottish turns changed by means of the corridor tenders fitted to most Gresley Class A4 Pacifics, but the non-stop record was discontinued at the commencement of the EE Deltics Class 55s reign when a Newcastle stop was introduced for changing crews.

    Train spotters dutifully note down the number of D Ballymos passing York on the 'down' train on 13th August A top lamp iron has been fitted above the headcode panel on the nose to allow the locomotive to carry a named-train headboard.

    It was the beginning of the end of the A4's reign, for the Deltic fleet took charge of numerous Anglo-Scottish expresses. The rosters were mainly undertaken by the Haymarket allocation, which included the up morning 'Talisman' and down 'Aberdonian' - the up 'Flying Scotsman' and Ian S Carr is widely regarded as one of the elite among railway photographers. This shot was taken in the days before top lamp irons were fitted to the nose end, hence the named-train headboards were mounted on a bracket that slipped into two front-end slots below the headcode display panel.

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    Above Enthusiasts expected the new diesel and electric traction to be cleaner than steam, but in reality this was not the case. Since the new diesel had to work in uncomfortably-close proximity with steam they ended up just as filthy as their predecessors.

    Many factors can contribute to the general discoloration of paintwork, including the inorganic dust originating from brake shoes which can quickly spread itself as an even layer from rail level upwards.

    Within a few weeks the dirt eradicated any semblance of a locomotive livery. It was a windy day and as we passed Marshall Meadows a sudden gust of wind lifted the wings off the bracket and they blew out to sea.

    Speed Dating Singles Night with

    When we got to Newcastle the ASM came storming along the platform, demanding to know why we hadn't got the wings on - 'Where the 'ell are they? The driver shrugged nonchalantly - 'You'd better get the Berwick lifeboat out and have a look in the North Sea!

    It later transpired that the bracket was fitted with a grub screw which required tightening up to secure it, but as this involved a spanner it became a fitter's job! Below The changing scene at Selby Above-Inset The southbound 'Northumbrian' express is headed byClass A4 No Andrew K McCosh at York in early British Railways blue livery; a portion of the train is made up of BR's new carmine and cream livery for its mainline coaching stock, or 'blood and custard' as it became popularly known.

    The A4 is sporting the plain cast aluminium headboard without crests and only two other headboards of the same dimensions were used: The back of the board is marked Return To Grantham MPD, and the front of the plate has been repainted over the original light blue ScR paintwork which is still visible in places underneath.

    The last titled run of this Anglo-Scottish express was on 4th May Inset Right The cast aluminium 'Fair Maid' headboard was carried by the short-lived Kings Cross-Perth express which was inaugurated in to extend the 'Talisman' north of Edinburgh, but by the autumn of the through train to Perth was withdrawn from the timetable. The face of the board is restored in light blue, and on the back is displayed the names of other express headboards of the same dimensions such as 'The Comet' and 'The Manxman'.

    Below The 'Talisman' was introduced in the summer of as the post-war successor to the pre-war 'Coronation'; the 'down' train departed Kings Cross at 4: Such was the success of the afternoon train that two additional morning services were introduced in leaving Kings Cross northbound at 7: The northbound morning 'Talisman' heads past Shaftholme Junction box. This working prompted a letter to the authority's from Ken, who took the picture when he presided over the then Scarborough Railway Society SRS.

    When Ken took the photo I was sat opposite on the shed adjacent to Washbeck Signal Cabin; this was my usual Saturday morning spot when I was an avid train spotter in the mid 50s.

    The nominated diagram for the 'Flyer' was the engine used on the early newspaper train from York arriving approx This engine then worked the 'Flyer' back to York where a Pacific took over for the remainder of the run to Kings Cross.

    Speed dating doncaster table (David Heys steam diesel photo collection 39 BR EXPRESS TRAINS)

    York shed must have been scratching for one on this day, so the 4F arrived and was prepared, however the driver said - 'NO I'm not taking that! Perhaps the B16 had a dirty fire or something else was not up to standard because the driver said 'no' to that one as well. I must also mention that he refused to put the headboardon the B16 and threw it on the ground!

    Speed dating doncaster table (David Heys steam diesel photo collection 39 BR EXPRESS TRAINS)

    The 4F duly went down to the station and took out the 'Flyer' with the headboard, and as far as I can recall reached York more or less on time. Ken Hoole and others relayed this story at the following SRS meeting, when Ken read out his letter to the authorities, the gist of which said that the stock for the 'Flyer' was cosmopolitan ie teak and modern stock mixed and needed upgrading for such a prestigious train. Ken also suggested that even a V2 would have been more suitable being able to run beyond York.

    The cast aluminium headboard with original black paintwork over earlier blue, went under the hammer at a Great Central Railwayana Auction in July ; the back of the plate shows the names of other named train headboards of the same dimensions: Below B1 Class sporting a white headboard with black letters simmers gently at Kings Cross station after working the The Driver sits on a mail barrow waiting for the locomotive to be released for disposal duties at Top Shed; similarly an unidentified Deltic with the WTT number 1A21 waits to be released from platform 5 after working the The headboard features two enamel vignettes showing a Nordic seaborne sailing boat carrying a raiding party from Scandinavia.

    The back has a fixing bracket and has been repainted, but a section showing the names of other headboards of the same dimensions has been left untouched. The service began in the summer of to the mids and was one of the fastest expresses on the East Coast Main Line.

    Above This is an example of the cast aluminium 'Aberdonian' headboard as carried on the King's Cross to Aberdeen sleeping car service. The train was introduced in July and continued to run by that name until May This style of BR headboard, featuring two shields depicting the arms of London and Aberdeen, was introduced in May and continued to be used until the service was taken over by the Deltic fleet at the start of the Summer timetable in Most frequently the 'Aberdonian' service was entrusted to the A1 or A2 Class Pacific during steam days.

    Inset Right A raw-looking cast aluminium headboard 'Tees-Tyne Pullman' measuring 40" x 10" shows the front stripped of paint, whereas the back remains in totally ex-loco condition. Traces of the words 'Tees- Tyne Pullman' can be found stamped in the back. Plenty of wear and tear is evident, particularly at the base near the back bracket, where successive drivers have bashed it from below to remove it from the lamp bracket. Above The 'Master Cutler' has a varied history.

    The lightweight 'Master Cutler', usually made up of six Pullman cars of tons gross tons, ran twice each day with stops at Peterborough, Grantham and Retford. Here, No D poses for publicity pictures, whilst below sister Type 4 D heads the down train out of Retford to gain the Sheffield lines in April Inset The lightweight Pullman's schedule was well within the capabilities of the less-powerful Brush Type 2s.

    Here the driver of No D awaits the right away with the Following abolition of the headcode disc system for train identification, four-character headcode boxes began to appear on the cab roofs on Brush's production machines, however supply problems saw this modification fitted at random sequences during construction and old-style roofs continued to appear on some locomotives, dubbed 'Skinheads' by enthusiasts. The ER fitted brackets onto the lamp irons of their allocation to allow a named train headboard to be carried.

    The 'Master Cutler' name is still used today on the morning 'up' and evening 'down' service in each direction between Sheffield Midland and St Pancras operated by East Midlands Trains. Four loco depots provided Pacific engines for this mile run: The Pullman train was usually made up of eight cars north of Leeds, whereas the Leeds-Kings Cross run had ten cars weighing some tons, the two additional cars being attached at Leeds Central where the train reversed.

    The additional cars can be seen in this inset right of Class A1 Pacific No - later to be named Archibald Sturrock - getting to grips with the climb out of Leeds Central through Holbeck High Level with the southbound train for Kings Cross.

    The loco is sporting the earlier headboard with black letters on a white background. The train is made up of an almost uniform rake of the new Metro-Cammel Pullman cars, first introduced on the London-Sheffield 'Master Cutler' Pullman in September The 44 vehicles were used entirely on the East Coast main line services, but as no Pullman brake cars were built in the same order, the elderly flat-sided Pullman brakes were utilised, in this case situated the third vehicle from the front.

    Some wag tells me the lady in the photo is asking the driver if the train stops at Poppleton! This style of headboard was introduced in and carried by Class A1 and A3 Pacifics until the end of steam haulage.

    The cast aluminium headboard measures 41" X 10", with the front repainted in the Scottish Region blue. Bottom Echoes of childhood spotting days on the Leeds-Harrogate line during the s. The 'Queen of Scots' was the most luxurious train on the Leeds-Harrogate line - and what luxury!
    Industries[ edit ] West Yorkshire grew up around several industries.

    BradfordHalifax and Huddersfield were grown through the development of woollen mills, Leeds' traditional industry was the manufacturing of cloth, while heavier engineering industries facilitated growth in South Leeds. The woollen and cloth industries declined throughout the twentieth century.

    Many of the coal mines in West Yorkshire closed during the Robens era in the s, but mining was still a significant employer in the Wakefield district at the time of the —85 strike. Wakefield has also attracted many service based industries, inparticularly call centres.

    Two of the big four supermarkets are from West Yorkshire. Morrisons is based in Bradford, while Asda is based in Leeds. Netto have their British headquarters in South Elmsall. Rhubarb The Rhubarb Triangle is wholly in West Yorkshire and still produces the vegetable in considerable quantities. Twelve farmers who farm within the Rhubarb Triangle applied to have the name "Yorkshire forced rhubarb" added to the list of foods and drinks that have their names legally protected by the European Commission's Protected Food Name scheme.

    Food protected status accesses European funding to promote the product and legal backing against other products made outside the area using the name. Other protected names include Stilton cheeseChampagne and Parma Ham.

    Film and television productions[ edit ] Several films and television series have been filmed in West Yorkshire's historic areas, particularly around the city of Huddersfield. National interest features include sporting stadia, museums, theatre and galleries. The First Direct Arena in Leeds seats around 15, people. Leeds is also a popular nightlife destination domestically, which is not surprising given its accessibility and central location.

    All cities are well connected via rail and road, Leeds Railway Station is an important hub seeing It is the busiest in Northern England.

    Signposted walks follow rivers and the escarpment of the Pennines, which is scaled in meandering stages and tunnels by the recreational Leeds-Liverpool Canal and Rochdale Canalnavigatable by barge, canoe or kayak.

    Other tourism features include abbeys, castles, countryside walks, landscapes, picturesque villages, architecture, stately homes, tea roomsreal ale breweries, farmer's markets, restaurants and hiking in villages including Hebden BridgeIlkley with its scenic riversides, cherry blossoms and suspension bridge and equally in Wharfedale, Otley.
    Customers in Ashford can browse a wide range of furniture, furnishing accessories, electrical and home technology supplemented by in store computer terminals for browsing the wider johnlewis.

    By embracing new architectural, shopfit and catering concepts and maximising the opportunity for multichannel shopping, John Lewis Exeter offers the full John Lewis assortment in a smaller than usual footprint. Monaghans work right across the retail spectrum in the UK and Internationally. Our team consistently achieves best value results and delivers successful programmes for our clients so if you would like to discuss your retail assets please get in touch to discover the benefits our cost-conscious, output driven, personal approach could deliver for you.

    Monaghans - A Constructionline certified consultant 02 December Monaghans recently received our latest certificate of membership from Constructionline, the U.

    Speed dating doncaster table (David Heys steam diesel photo collection 39 BR EXPRESS TRAINS)

    Constructionline standards are high with suppliers being pre-qualified to the official government pre-qualified standard using a PQQ questionnaire developed by central government and leaders from the construction industry including HSE, Equalities and Human Rights Commission and Constructing Excellence.

    The Monaghans ethos is always to provide our clients with the best possible results in the most efficient manner and we are glad to be able to utilise a common sense solution to the potential inefficiency of repeated pre-qualification.

    Want More Business Online?

    We are proud to maintain our registration to Constructionline to ensure that our valued clients can be confident that we continue to operate to the highest standards.

    For a multi-disciplinary building consultancy you know you can depend on why not get in touch with Monaghanswe would be happy to discuss your requirements and the benefits our cost-conscious, output driven, personal approach could deliver for you. Tenders have been returned for the Phase 1 works which are scheduled to start in February If you would like to explore the results Monaghans' experienced team could deliver for you, please do get in touchwe would be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

    The Queen's Terminal' at Heathrow in the summer. Monaghans and John Lewis will draw on our experiences from the award winning full line flexible format John Lewis at Exeter to maximise the opportunities for multichannel shopping and deliver the widest possible John Lewis assortment within the limited footprint available in the terminal. In addition to working with new store development, Monaghans have also recently been engaged to provide programme and project management for a range of existing branch and non-retail enhancement programmes.

    Projects include various multi-branch departmental refurbishment programmes and the enhancement of 3 existing distribution centres. If you would like to discover the benefits our cost-conscious, output driven, personal approach could deliver for you please do get in touchwe would welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements.

    Primark Dijon 14 February Dijon is now home to a brand new Primark as the retailer has opened its second French store anchoring the recent extension at the Toison D'or shopping centre. Why not get in touch to discuss the benefits we can provide to streamline your projects and ensure delivery on time, on budget and at the desired quality.

    Self-employment crackdown 21 March Chancellor George Osborne has confirmed that plans to clamp down on tax avoidance, first revealed in his autumn statement, will take effect from April The regulations regarding self-employment are particularly relevant to the construction industry where agencies and intermediaries often provide self-employed site workers. Since they are not subject to the usual PAYE Pay As You Earn system of income tax and national insurance collection, self-employed construction workers are often significantly cheaper than those employed directly by contractors and sub-contractors.

    To combat this, the Budget states: With the UK construction workforce estimated at 2.

    Speed dating doncaster table (David Heys steam diesel photo collection 39 BR EXPRESS TRAINS)

    Moving forward, less-flexible employment regulations will raise costs for contractors and this will ultimately lead to increases in tender prices.

    With potential disruption on existing projects and costs set to rise, it is more important than ever to ensure that your projects are well managed in terms of both budget and programme.

    If you have any concerns over how the new legislation could affect your projects, please do get in touchwe would be happy to advise you. Fighting cancer is an immeasurably tough experience for anyone to go through and yet when she was in hospital for over days Charlotte was often left isolated as she was put on wards with young babies or toddlers and very rarely people of her own age. The TCT aims to improve both the quality of life and chances of survival for young people with cancer and provides specialist support services and treatment units to ensure that they are treated as young people first, cancer patients second.

    All donations go directly to TCT and there are two simple ways you can donate: Please text HWAI50 followed by a space, followed by the amount e. Today the house is still the family seat of David Lascelles, Earl of Harewood, but through the Harewood House Trust the House and its grounds are now open for visitors to explore and enjoy.

    With exhibitions of contemporary art, an award-winning educational department and over acres of exquisite gardens there is plenty to see and do at Harewood but one of the highlights has to be the daily Penguin feeding in the Bird Garden. Harewood is currently home to 11 Humboldt Penguins who live in an enclosure designed to replicate the coastline of their native Peru with swimming pools of different depths and area, and a rocky slope leading to a plateau area with a selection of stone huts to imitate nest burrows.

    The first Penguins of the present group arrived at Harewood in and three are still going strong at just over 25 years of age. Monaghans and Roscoe will be compiling a comprehensive report on their enclosure to make sure it is safe for many more years to come.

    Militaria Fairs

    If you would like professional advice regarding your built assets please do get in touchwe would be happy to discuss your individual requirements no matter how unique they may be! The benefits of buying local 23 June Monaghans Regional Director Tan Khan recently joined a selection of key business people from the Sheffield City Region to take part in a round table debate on the benefits of buying local.

    Although Monaghans and the Trebbi Family often work on a National and International basis we always try to do so from local offices and with local partners to ensure that we take into account local requirements, culture and sensitivity for each project and client.

    When I started talking with a Yorkshire accent they looked at me gone out. Leadership needs to come from Sheffield City Council. The big boys have the ability to go for big bids, they are very good at the front end but delivery is from a small office with three or four people in it — we have nearly staff in Sheffield.

    You have to be competent but there should be some kind of weighting towards local companies. There are a lot of very good business networks but if we can get companies in general to think more about it everyone could benefit more. Mirroring the dual brand nature of the store, Monaghans have also taken on a dual role providing both Project and Cost Management Services as well as monitoring the Landlords extensive shell and external works on behalf of TJX Europe.

    The project has been successfully delivered on time and on budget thanks to the hard work and effort of the Monaghans team. Please get in touch if you would like to schedule a meeting.

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