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    Asia Dating Brisbane

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    Asian Dating Brisbane

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    Darwin It's long been thought that Indigenous interactions with Europeans officially began after white settlement.

    But the Yolngu people of the Northern Territory say they were trading with Indonesians for hundreds of years before that. What we do know is that Aboriginal people from the north coast of Australia were travelling to the far reaches of South-East Asia long before white settlers ever arrived Down Under.

    This story is part of Curious Darwin, our new series where you ask us the questions, you vote for your favourite, and we investigate. You can submit your question or vote on our next topic here. This article contains images of deceased Indigenous Australians Question-asker Kathryn, a year-old accountant from Sydney, asked us whether Asian groups met or traded with Aboriginal groups on the northern coast of the NT.

    Makassan praus off Raffles Bay near the Coburg peninsula, drawn by L. Campbell Macknight Her question was sparked by curiosity about whether history at school told the full story about first contact. So who were they in contact with? The answer isn't straightforward.

    The exact dates of contact with outsiders have long been the subject of dispute, with Aboriginal oral history saying trading began hundreds of years before Captain Cook arrived, and historians debating over more recent dates.

    Historical evidence shows the Dutch East India Company discovered the north coast of Australia inbut the Dutch did not believe there was anything of value in Australia, so no trade occurred. Seafarers from Sulawesi in Indonesia, known as Makassans, had reached northern Australia by at least the 18th century, beginning about years of international trade.

    A Makassan trepang processing site at Raffles Bay drawn by L. Campbell Macknight The Makassans, however, discovered the Top End was bountiful in trepang — or sea cucumber — which could be harvested and sold amid a booming trade in China.

    What is certain is that Yolngu people from Arnhem Land travelled to Makassar and beyond — to other countries such as Singapore and the Philippines — aboard Makassan boats.

    In Sulawesi, Yolgnu people lived among the local people, forged relationships, learned the language, and had families. The discovery of trepang started a special relationship between the two cultures that's still present today. We asked you to leave your thoughts on the history of international trade and Indigenous interactions in the comments.

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    First contact Trade and contact with the Makassans was happening for hundreds of years, well before the British arrived, says Gathapura Mununggurr, a senior ranger from Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation in Yirrkala, in north-east Arnhem Land. Campbell Macknight "That history, and the trade to Yolngu people and history of life during that time is still there," Mr Mununggurr said.

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    Tobacco, alcohol, calico, fabrics, rice, and knives were among the items introduced to Arnhem Land through the trading partnership. During that time, language between the cultures evolved to include hundreds of shared words, such as rupiah money and balanda white man. A prau on the beach and three dugout canoes in the Gulf of Carpentaria in NT Library Linguist and academic Michael Cooke says first contact was made prior to European settlement, a view which is in line with Yolngu storytelling.

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    But not everyone agrees. Historians at odds "This is the sort of thing that the experts like to argue about and fight about," laughed Professor Campbell Macknight. He's spent 50 years of his life and work dedicated to such research, examining the period in history that the trepang trade was booming in China to help determine when the Makassans first arrived in Australia.

    Well-known Makassan sea captain 'Pobassoo', drawn by William Westall in Campbell Macknight "There's a great big boom in the amount of trepang coming in and it must've come from Arnhem Land — this explains that boom, given China could take as much as they could get.

    The Makassans did, however, arrive in the Kimberley by That carbon dating refers to the human occupation of a cave on Groote Eylandt, which anthropologists from the Anindilyakwa Land Council say dates back to years. But it's not known how old the painting of a Makassan prau, or boat is, painted on the cave walls.

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    Professor Macknight said there was no evidence to prove the painting could be that old. Campbell Macknight "It's like if you got a radio carbon date on some early tank from World War I and this told you there'd been a tank cruising around to years ago — you'd think something was wrong.

    Possibly the only known photographs of Aboriginal voyagers to Makassar, taken in Museo Nazionale Pigorini Professor Macknight recently discovered photos in a Rome museum of Aboriginal people in Makassar, taken in Just a year later, a expedition searching for gold in Arnhem Land came across an Aboriginal man who spoke some English.

    He told the group he'd learned the language on a trip to Singapore. They discovered family links between those in the group and an elderly Makassan woman because her father, a trepang sea captain named Hussein Dang Rangkar, had also fathered a boy and girl in Arnhem Land. Djalinda Yunupingu - here with the stone pictures - went on the Ujung Padang field trip.

    Rock formations and sacred sites In Yirrkala in north-east Arnhem Land, more than 50 rock formations — known as stone pictures — were documented by Professor Macknight his associate Bill Gray in Campbell Macknight with Dhimuru rangers at a stone picture site in Yirrkala.

    Tamarind trees lining the beach, Milingimbi. Taken January 1, NT Library The Arnhem Land coastline is also full of archaeological finds, like pottery, knives, and coins. Tamarind trees were also introduced by the northern neighbours, and on Milingimbi trees more than years old still stand. Mr Owen believes a tamarind tree at the Gardens golf course in Darwin was put there by the Makassans, which he believes means they arrived in Darwin, but probably did not find trepang, and rather could've been after palm tree wax.

    Evidence of dealings with China, Tanzania, Portugal A Chinese figure that pre-dates European settlement was discovered at the base of a banyan tree at Doctor's Gully, near Darwin Port in Historians believe it's possibly from the second half of the 19th century. A group of workmen made the discovery in the s while cutting down the tree to make way for a road, finding the figurine wedged amongst its roots.

    One theory speculates it most likely came with the Makassans who had contact with China. But others dispute that, because trepangers did not usually come to Darwin, and they argue it was more likely to have been left by local Chinese people already in Darwin. A cannon, known as a swivel-gun, was discovered on Dundee Beach by a schoolboy inand scientific analysis showed it had been submerged for years.

    Mr Owen said an analysis of the lead contained in the bronze showed it came from the south of Spain; it's believed to be from a Portuguese ship about the time the Portuguese were in Timor in the early 16th century.

    Mike Owens believe this Tamarind tree shows the Makassans made it to Darwin. Mike Owen "If a vessel came with the Portuguese in and went scouting around, it would be quite reasonable to expect it to have one of these guns on board and coming ashore looking for fresh water at Dundee," Mr Owen said.

    The Powerhouse Museum recently used an electron microscope to analyse some coins found on the Wessel Islands that were between and 1, years old. The coins, from the Tanzanian port city of Kilwa, were discovered to have surface material that meant they'd been in the presence of high nitrate for centuries. Mr Owen says they could have been kept in the hull of a ship next to gunpowder.

    I wasn't expecting to hear hard evidence, to hear that there's artefacts," she says. The family spent time in Darwin, Alice Springs and at Uluru for the construction of the Yulara resort.

    Because of this, Kathryn says she's always had a fascination with stories from the NT, and is curious about trade and contact with Asia because of the geographical location of northern Australia. This story came from an audience question. Submit yours below and we just might answer it in a future Curious Darwin investigation.

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