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    Girl meet world bell pant (Chapter 6 Girl Meets Best Friends Uncle (Joshua Matthews Love Story))

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    Girl Meets World' S02e03

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    The Verdict

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    Girl meet world bell pant (Chapter 6 Girl Meets Best Friends Uncle (Joshua Matthews Love Story))

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    Girl meet world bell pant (Chapter 6 Girl Meets Best Friends Uncle (Joshua Matthews Love Story))

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    Girl meet world bell pant (Chapter 6 Girl Meets Best Friends Uncle (Joshua Matthews Love Story))

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    Girl meet world bell pant (Chapter 6 Girl Meets Best Friends Uncle (Joshua Matthews Love Story))

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    By Max Nicholson Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow. Coming off the good-but-not-great start to Season 3, Girl Meets World returned for "Part Two" of its season premiere, which was a notable step from "Part 1.

    This far into the series, I'd hoped we were done with the Disney Channel gimmicks, especially now that the gang is in high school.

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    The show was already kind of pushing it with Farkle swinging from the chandelier in the last episode, but, alas, "Part Two" dialed up that cheese to 11 between the football team rampage and the science club's absurd achievements.

    I couldn't help but groan when one of the students pulled off her face to reveal she was a literal android. Following that, though, things got better. While the usual rhetoric of "Is there even an us anymore? Yep, even the silly classroom scenes are now preferable to love triangle talk. I also liked how Marly continued to point out how weird Cory's teaching style was.

    Girl meet world bell pant (Chapter 6 Girl Meets Best Friends Uncle (Joshua Matthews Love Story))

    While it got a little "after-school special" up in the bay window, it was cool to find out their trio was also once a group of six and they were teaching Riley and her friends that they were their own safe space, not the hole. The continuation of Ava's B story this week was also sweet and offered a nice distraction with Scruffles. My favorite part was seeing Topanga's pride in Auggie for helping Ava through her tough time.

    Take On The World ("Girl Meets World" Theme) - Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard

    It was a lighter storyline, for sure, but a valuable lesson for the younger set. I think the highlight of this episode was Cory's final lesson to the class.

    After the group made up for their fight which, overall, was pointlessit was heartwarming to see Cory channel his inner Mr.

    Outfit Images:

    Feeny with a callback to his mentor's "do good" speech. In addition to getting Cory through his own personal crisis, it also capped off the group's high school entry in a touching way. And I know I criticized Farkle's chandelier stunt at the top of this review, but the final image of the group all huddling together this time when the bell rang was a neat full-circle moment that showed their strength together.

    I only pray this was the last time they questioned their loyalty to one another -- though I doubt it, since they still haven't resolved the triangle issue. The Verdict "Part Two" of the Girl Meets World season premiere brought the main storyline from last week to a satisfying close.

    While this episode was still plagued with unnecessary melodrama -- of course, what high school group isn't?

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