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    Trf boy meets girl bring (ToryTigress92 FanFiction)

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    Покупки по категориям

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    Trf boy meets girl bring (ToryTigress92 FanFiction)

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    Trf boy meets girl bring (ToryTigress92 FanFiction)

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    Share shares He claims eating all the time 'messes up' the circadian rhythm - which dictate the best time for humans to eat, drink and even have sex.


    He and colleagues discovered in that TRF was beneficial to mice. It saw two sets of mice eat the same amount of calories.

    However, one group did so within an eight-hour window. Dr Courtney Peterson and researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham followed 11 men and women with excess weight for eight days, in results published last January. The study marked the first human test of early time-restricted feeding.

    For four days, volunteers would eat only between 8am and 2pm, with their last meal by the mid-afternoon and nothing again until breakfast the next morning. They also tried four days of eating between 8am and 8pm - what many consider to be 'normal'. Researchers then tested the impact of eTRF on calories burned, fat burned and appetite.

    Participants completed both eating schedules, ate the same number of calories both times and completed all testing under supervision.

    Trf boy meets girl bring (ToryTigress92 FanFiction)

    Researchers found that, although eTRF did not affect how many total calories participants burned, it reduced daily hunger swings and increased fat burning during several hours at night. Whether eTRF helps with long-term weight loss or improves other aspects of health is still unknown. Dr Peterson says that, because the human study involved only a small number of participants, a more comprehensive study will need to take place. Dr Panda and his team found that the TRF mice weighed 28 per cent less within just four months.

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    He branded the results as 'so unexpected'. The experiment was repeated three times, where it was shown to stop mice from developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

    TRF boy meet girl

    She has adopted a fasting regime that allows her to eat between 8am and 2pm for five days a week. The results are yet to be published in a journal.

    Those who followed the schedule of most adults - eating between 8am and 8pm - suffered cravings all the way up to when they went to bed. Dr Peterson told Daily Mail Online at the time that eating earlier in the day, in line with the body's circadian clock, may influence health. Many aspects of the metabolism are at their optimal functioning in the morning, including maintaining blood sugar levels and fat burning.

    The study revealed that the participants on a TRF diet had reduced levels of ghrelin - a hormone that triggers hunger - and burned more fat. But Dr Peterson believes the effects of fasting regime will be different between humans and mice, which are nocturnal and live for three years.

    She told WP's David Kohn: Share or comment on this article: Want to lose weight?
    Autobots[ edit ] In five films, 40 Autobots have appeared in the series. By the end of Dark of the Moon, ten Autobots remained on Earth. Primes - The title of Prime was bestowed upon the civilian and spiritual leader of Cybertron.

    Among the known Primes are: Sentinel Prime voiced by Leonard Nimoy is Optimus' mentor, a member of the Dynasty of Primes, the first leader of the Autobots and the captain of the Ark who transforms into a red and black Rosenbauer Panther airport crash tender fire truck. He was the leader of the Autobots before Optimus took place, during the war for Cybertron. Optimus Prime voiced by Peter Cullen is the second, leader of the Autobots after Sentinel, the last Prime of Dynasty of Primes, one of the Guardian Knights, keeper of the Matrix of Leadership and the narrator of the series.

    He transforms into a red and blue Peterbilt semi-trailer truck in the first three films, later a rusty Marmon semi cab-over truck and later a blue and red Western Star XE Custom Phantom semi-truck. As a result, Bumblebee spoke for the first time and Cybertron can no longer be restored. Near the end of the film, he is later revived by Sam with the Matrix of Leadership and is fused with Jetfire, making him more powerful.

    Optimus Prime then faces The Fallen and Megatron. After a vicious fight, Optimus severely wounds Megatron and kills the Fallen. But, Sentinel later betrays the Autobots and joins the Decepticons to restore Cybertron with the Pillars. During the battle in Chicago, Optimus kills Sentinel Prime avenging Ironhide's death along with all Decepticons, including the Driller, Shockwave, and finally Megatron. Optimus has finally added a trailer similar to his Generation 1 counterpart, [1] and has been redesigned to look more heroic.

    Optimus loses his right arm to Sentinel Prime at the film's climax. In Age of Extinctionhe is being hunted by both the Transformer-hating Harold Attinger and a cybertronian bounty hunter, Lockdown, who is working for the Creators to bring him to Cybertron. Soon after his capture and in the battle of Hong Kong, Optimus tames the four Legendary warriors the Dinobots and rides Grimlock to fight Galvatron Megatron reincarnated and his new army of man-made Transformers.

    He then sets the Dinobots free and ask his fellow Autobots to protect Cade and his family before taking the Seed into space and going after the Creators.

    Trf boy meets girl bring (ToryTigress92 FanFiction)

    In The Last Knightwhen frozen and floating past Jupiterhe arrives at Cybertrona dead planet where he finds Quintessa, who gives him a red marking and wants to destroy Earth, which she reveals is an ancient enemy planet called " Unicron ". She tells Prime that he must retrieve the staff to rebuild the planet, and brainwashes him to do her bidding. Prime's eyes turn purple and he becomes Nemesis Prime. Later, just as he is about to kill Bumblebee, Bee speaks for the second time.

    The sound of his friend's long lost voice causes Prime to return to normal, shown by his eyes turning blue again and his red marking disappeared. He rides with Dragonstorm into battle.

    After "killing" Quintessa and saving both worlds, Optimus and all Transformers finally leave Earth to return to Cybertron as it remains in orbit over Earth. He also uses radio soundbites after losing his voice on Cybertron, when his throat begins healing after Ratchet fires a regenerative laser.

    Bumblebee transformed into a style Chevrolet Camaroand upgrades into the model. Later at the end, his voice has spoken again. For Revenge of the Fallen, despite being repaired at the end of the film, Bumblebee's voice still uses radio soundbites to communicate. Sam tells Mikaela that Bumblebee's "playing it up". He also transforms into a newly Chevrolet Camaro.

    For Dark of the Moon, his vehicle mode became Chevrolet Camaroand featured a new body kit and paint job. He appears after Optimus calls all the Autobots and has a rivalry with Drift because Drift believes Bumblebee is too childish. He later aids Hound in a battle and rides Strafe.

    In The Last Knight, Bumblebee gets his voice back and fixed, but is accidentally given a female voice. However, near the end, his real voice spokes again to Optimus, turning him back to normal and snapping him out of Quintessa's brainwashing. He also knows Edmund from when they first met before he met Sam and has the ability to reassemble himself after being blown to pieces. The Movie, Bumblebee will transform into a Volkswagen Beetle. He is later killed by Megatron during the battle in Mission City.

    He is heavily damaged and forced to drop his heavy cannons during an air strike. But Sentinel Prime betrays the Autobots, shooting the helpless Ironhide twice in the back with his Cosmic Rust Cannon, then once more in the chest, with the old Autobot warrior crumbling into dust.

    His death was later avenged by Optimus when killing Attinger and Lockdown. His arms sport detachable Cybertanium blades, and having wheels for feet, he moves around skating. In Dark of the Moon, Sideswipe's vehicle mode is upgraded into a convertible Corvette. While Sideswipe goes completely unmentioned in Age of Extinction, proper it appears that Sideswipe was intended to be killed off by the time of Age of Extinction, going by Topps Europe cards which describe a scene in which the surviving Autobots learn of and mourn his demise.

    Jolt is a technician Autobot armed with a pair of electric whips who transforms into a blue Chevrolet Volt. He solely appears in Revenge of the Fallen, where he used his whips to fuse Jetfire's parts onto Optimus. Jolt did not appear on Dark of the Moon as he was killed by Shockwave before the film made an appearance.

    He has an oversized right arm. Despite fact that Skids's was not shown in Dark of the Moon because he was cut from film, the novelization and comic book adaptions showed that he was killed by Sentinel Prime. Like Skids, he has an oversized left arm. Despite fact that death Mudflap's was not shown in Dark of the Moon because he was cut from film, the novelization and comic book adaptions showed that he was killed by Sentinel Prime.

    Arcee is a female Autobot who transforms into a pink Ducati She is killed by a Decepticon. Chromia is one of Arcee's sisters who transforms into a blue Suzuki B-King. She only component Arcee seen functional at last appearance in film, but Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman would claim that all sisters were killed at the behest of director Michael Bay. His wounds and age have made him choose to fight on the side of the Autobots.

    He walks with a cane, which doubles as a battle axewhich is also the landing gear for his transformation into the Lockheed. He later sacrificed his spark to allow Optimus Prime to utilize his components and weaponry to destroy the Fallen. Wheelie voiced by Tom Kenny is a Decepticon spy turned Autobot, like Jetfire, and a partner of Brains who transforms into a blue radio-controlled toy monster truck and speaks with a Brooklyn accent.

    Brains voiced by Reno Wilson is a small and intelligent Decepticon drone turned Autobot and a partner of Wheelie who transforms into a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop computerand he is friends with Wheelie. In Age of Extinction, Brains reappeared, but lost his right leg after crashing into a river inside a Decepticon Ship.

    Mirage voiced by Francesco Quinn is an Autobot spy who has blades on his arms and transforms into a red Ferrari Italia and speaks with an Italian accent. He was credited as Dino. The Game, Jamie Alcroft in the Dark of the Moon video game is an eccentric Autobot scientist who speaks with an Irish accentwhose head design resembles Albert Einstein in reference to his genius and transforms into a blue Mercedes-Benz E He is an inventor and is seen giving the Autobots weapons and equipment he has created such as a gun for Ironhide, grappling gloves and boomsticks.

    He is later killed by Barricade when Soundwave orders his execution. They also work on the Autobots' ship Xantium. In Age of Extinction, he appears in drone video footage, being attacked and killed by Cemetery Wind agents. Cade, who hacks a Cemetery Wind's spy drone, shows the footage to the Autobots, compelling Hound to salute his fallen friend.

    Hound is the heavy weapons expert of the small group carrying various types of guns, as well as grenades and a knife, with him. Hound returns in The Last Knight as an olive green Mercedes-Benz Unimog military tactical ambulance as a new medic following the death of Ratchet. He speaks with a Japanese accent.

    His robot is modeled after a samurai warrior with a braided beard. Drift is partnered with Dinobot Slug, who he rides into battle at the film's climax. His robot mode is modeled after a human paratrooper with goggles, sidearm machine pistols, and even a trench coat which can act as a parachute.

    He also rides with Dinobot Scorn into battle at the film's climax, and later nicknamed him "Spike". The Dinobots are the very large Cybertronian Knights who transform into giant mechanical spiked dinosaurs. In Age of Extinction, they were captured inside of their ship, which Lockdown took over as his prison ship until they were freed by Optimus in the end.

    Grimlock voiced by Gregg Berger in Rise of the Dark Spark is the leader of the Dinobots who transforms into a horned mechanical fire-breathing Tyrannosaurusand formerly partnered with Optimus to ride on him.

    Mini Dinobots are a group of small counterparts of Grimlock, Strafe and Slug. They appeared with Grimlock and Slug, living in Cade's junkyard. Mini-Grimlock is a smaller counterpart of Grimlock.

    He is nicknamed "Baby T" by Cade. Mini-Stafe is a smaller counterpart of Strafe. He is nicknamed "Pterry" by Cade. Mini-Slug is a smaller counterpart of Slug. Rodimus speaks with a French accent to which he doesn't like and doesn't know how to get rid of. Sqweeks voiced by Reno Wilson is a small Autobot and Izabella's only friend struggles to communicate and has trouble transforming due to prior damage and has the ability to change his new arm into a gun.

    Despite his status, his Headmaster ability is not demonstrated. Canopy is an Autobot refugee who can pose himself as a shielding pile of rubble and is friends of Izabella and Sqweeks.

    TRF / BOY MEETS GIRL (TRF 20th Anniversary Tour)

    He is mistakenly shot down and killed by TRF, believing him to be a Decepticon trying to harm kids who had trespassed into a restricted zone. As Izabella vowed to repair him, Canopy implored Izabella to run and thanks her for the companionship. He is seen arriving at Cade's junkyard after salvaging old Transformers parts from old battles for profit and finding a ship for the Autobots to leave.

    Trench is an Autobot who resembles the same body of Scrapper and transforms into a yellow front end loader excavator. He made a cameo in The Last Knight, transforming when the Decepticons are approaching Cade's junkyard, forcing Cade, Autobots and the others to escape. His fate is unknown. Lieutenant voiced by Mark Ryan resembles a tweaked version of Jetfire.
    So I intent to finish what I started half a Lifetime ago. Would you like to take a look at life in Gondor's army prior to the War of the Ring?

    This story explores Henneth Annun and Osgiliath, concentrating on boys, messengers, Rangers and soldiers as well as Captains Boromir and Faramir.

    Trf boy meets girl bring (ToryTigress92 FanFiction)

    Lord of the Rings - Rated: Why does the CABAL want him and what is his connection to one of the most feared races of abnormals to ever walk the earth? I felt the time was right to write. I have moved this to an M-rating Sherlock - Rated: What role will they play in the future of both Lycans and vampires?

    Everything is going to change. I wrote a new story for the book and offer the original here. The novelty of being dead fades quickly, and watching over his companions soon fills him with grief and guilt. Oddly, a faint flicker of hope arises in the form of his youngest kinsman, a Dwarf of Durin's line with bright red hair.

    Follows the story of the War of the Ring. The Third Time by sherlockian4evr reviews Sherlock has been clean for less than a year when DI Gregson spitefully calls him to a crime scene involving drugs. For the thitd time, he seeks out Lestrade for help. T - English - Chapters: A weary and shattered crew. A cry for help across the night.

    The shadow of an unseen hand. When Sherlock tries to protect John and in the process abandons everything John loves about him, it nearly destroys their relationship-but it also gives John the chance to show Sherlock just how this friendship thing is done.

    T - English - Adventure - Chapters: John Watson before he can allow him to help Sherlock solve crimes. In the process, he has a discussion with one of John's ex-army friends, and what he learns about the retired army doctor's history is most enlightening! K - English - Chapters: Hudson - Complete The Bravery of the Soldier by thebakerstreetgirl reviews When a news story about a hostage situation in Afghanistan breaks, details about John Watson's military service come to light that the doctor had kept secret for a long time.

    Can Sherlock Holmes step up to the job? Jack as John's biological father. Rated T for mentions of unmarried relationships. Greg Lestrade is a newly promoted Detective Inspector who, despite his natural dominance, has never wanted to be a Pack Leader with all it's incumbent responsibilities. A junky, a serial killer, and a shadowy government type may just make him reassess his priorities.

    An Omegaverse story Sherlock - Rated: Working Backwards by Wynsom reviews A look backwards: About a year before TRF, Sherlock and John share an adventure to discover the connections between a ghost story and the case of eleven inebriated men. At the same time, the detective and the doctor discover significant connections between their working relationship and meaningful friendship.

    No fluff nor slash, but insights abound. As usual, all disclaimers apply. In the aftermath of the Battle of Canary Wharf, the Doctor inspected the basements of Torchwood Tower and stumbled upon a young Welsh archivist. Herein follows the travels of Ianto Jones with the Doctor. Please clear up some space. When John finally breaks, after Sherlock, after Mary, after everything that's happened to him, he vanishes — a suitcase in his right hand, his baby daughter in his left.

    The three cleverest people in England haven't a clue where he's gone A lot of character study, a bit of adventure. Rated T mainly because the content is just not light. But it's not sexy, violent, or graphic. Just kind of grownup mature. T - English - Drama - Chapters: Yes, that does make sense. It's also what pushes it to a slightly wary T, mainly for mild and gentle consideration of subject material that some people find taboo.

    T - English - Family - Chapters: John has had enough of the pity. An old friend offers just the sort of escape he needs. After all, living in the shadow of a dragon-infested mountain, Sigrid should have suspected something of the sort. The bittersweet tale of young love's first sting; a three-shot novella Hobbit - Rated: As I see the light die from his eyes and hear his breathing fade away into cold, heartless silence, I'm always afraid.

    Because what if he's wrong? What if it isn't going to last forever? What if one day, he just never wakes up? And that is as true this day as it was then, which says something about how well she knew you. Your daughters love you, Bard. They only want what's best for you. And they think you need a little looking after yourself. Then a man named Captain Jack Harkness falls through a tear between universes, and finds three very familiar faces on the other side.

    A meeting between Mycroft and his fellows as they try to determine what to do about Moriarty during the days just prior to Hounds of Baskerville.

    Basically a scene-setter for what might have been under way when Sherlock phoned Mycroft offering to cut a deal for access to Baskerville.


    Rated K for minor cussing. AU Sherlock - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: Like watch his friend lit up by the brightest explosions Guy Fawkes has to offer. Hudson - Complete Character Study: Consolation by Tammany Tiger reviews Character sketch: Mycroft and Lestrade, in a pre-canon dialogue during one of Sherlock's withdrawals. An attempt to imagine elements and forces that could have brought the characters to the point we see in canon.

    Clean, but many of the themes are "mature" in the sense of being for grownups, rather than in the sense of being sexy. Rated T - just to be safe. T - English - Mystery - Chapters: He knows how to put people back together, and he knows how to take them apart. Part AU Part canon starting at Cyberwoman. Language, may change rating depending on how things play out. Not always nice to Gwen or Owen Torchwood - Rated: Friendship is a beautiful thing. Part one of the Sky's the Limit series. He also finds himself learning something else.

    Though their true father was lost, Fili and Kili were never fatherless, for a father is someone you can look up to no matter how tall you get. The young Dwarves in the company have plenty of fathers. After failing to find a suitable burglar for a quest, Gandalf is on the verge of giving up when he meets a young man called Merlin, who needs Gandalf's help to return to Camelot. Merlin agrees to help in the quest, but Thorin is skeptical of Merlin's skill as a warlock and a burglar.

    Will Merlin prove to Thorin there's more to him than what the dwarf knows? But this is the 24th century.


    How will she find them all? And what if they're not quite what she expects? Takes place after "The Neutral Zone" season 1 and overlaps "Family" season 4.

    The Next Generation - Rated: Mix of movie-verse and book-verse. K - English - Angst - Chapters: But why is she familiar? Read and reviews please! What could possibly go wrong? Despite what I put below most of the characters from both programmes will be involved.

    An Unexpected Addition by Karategal reviews All of the dwarves survive the Battle of the Five Armies, but Bilbo must return to the Shire to sort out his old life and make way for a new one in Erebor.

    Once other quality people went bowling indoor facilities for meeting people, we developed to keep dating completely.


    We're imperialistic to have been having our dedicated category name of dating ever since.

    To keep the last year known we have also did some optional paid-for options which we call Essentials.

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