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    Portsmouth events, clubs, gigs and what's on

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    Speed dating in sacramento portsmouth (City of San Francisco)

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    Speed dating in sacramento portsmouth (City of San Francisco)

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    Speed Dating Köln - Erfahrungsbericht

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    Speed dating in sacramento portsmouth (City of San Francisco)

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    Speed dating in sacramento portsmouth (City of San Francisco)

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    Abington Police Department (Abington, PA, US)

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    Dugout canoes[ edit ] Dugout canoe In the northwest coast of California near the redwood forests several Indian tribes developed large dugout canoes they used for fishing, trade and warfare. These canoes were constructed by taking a large tree and shaping it with hand tools and fire to a boat's configuration. This large weight meant that the logs were selected that required a minimum of movement—usually driftwood or dead fall trees that had been blown over by the wind.

    Sometimes logs were cut to length and rolled into water where they could be floated to a selected work area. The logs were usually cut to length by fire and stone age hand tools and the interior of the canoe was typically burned out with small fires. The basic procedure was to start a small fire on the tree where it needed shaping, then extinguish it after a short burn.

    This would leave one or more centimeters of charred wood where the fire was built that would be easier to remove. By successively using small fires to char the areas that needed to be worked the logs could be shaped by the crude scrapers and rock, shellfish and horn based tools available.

    Most larger dugouts weighed too much to move easily and were usually just pulled up on a beach far enough to get them above high tide.

    Constructing these types of dugout canoes took considerable time and skill with stone age tools and fire. Dugout canoes typically lasted several years.

    They grow well in marshes, wetlands or at the edges of bodies of water. The tule stem has a pithy interior filled with spongy tissue packed with air cells—this makes it float well on water as well as a good insulator.

    Speed Dating Washington DC

    Native Americans used tule for making and thatching huts, [1] baskets, mats, [2] boats, decoys, hats, clothing and shoes. Tule was typically cut using deer scapula 'saws' that had rough saw like edges cut into them. To make a tule boat, green tule was cut and then spread out in the sun to dry for several days.

    Tule canoes were constructed of cut stalks of tule plants bundled together around a willow 'core' for extra strength. The bundle of tules could be pre-bent as they were being bundled to form a raised prow and stern. The length of each bundle depends on the size of the boat that were then typically about 10 feet 3. The bundle that formed the bottom of the canoe on which the boatman or boatmen sat, knelt or stood was much larger than the others.

    To make the sides of the tule canoe two to six tapered bundles were tied to the bottom bundle with grape vines or other native material with extensive lacing at the stern and prow to bend all the tule bundles into a tapered and raised bow and stern. Tule canoes typically accommodated one to four people. Tule boats can be quickly built from dried tule, by experienced canoe builders, in less than one day.

    Several tribes in and around the San Francisco Bay area and in northern California made and used tule canoes also called balsas.

    Speed dating in sacramento portsmouth (City of San Francisco)

    Tule—reed boats were used in lakes, bays and slow-moving rivers in much of Northern California. These tule canoes were used for transportation to and from their favorite spots for hunting or harvesting salmonacornsseeds, berries, shellfish or oysters and other fish or foods. Extensive beds and shoals of oysters Ostrea lurida and other shellfish then lay in shallow water near the shores of San Francisco Bay and Tomales Bay and were a food source used for centuries.

    Tule canoes were also used for gathering more tule reeds and for hunting duck or geese which were then often present in the wetlands, etc. Tule canoes were used in collecting aquatic food plants and duck and goose eggs. Ducks and geese were often hunted from tule canoes with arrows or nets. Tule canoes were used in fishing with nets, spears or bone fish hooks for several native fish species present in or migrating through the rivers, ocean and bays.

    The boatman typically sits, kneels or stands in the boat and either paddles it with a double bladed paddle or with his arms in a single person canoe when lying prone.

    If the boat was not woven tightly enough, then the boatman would find himself sitting, standing or kneeling in several inches of water.

    The tule canoes were often used for transportation to oyster mollusk and other shellfish beds that could be harvested at low tide. The Emeryville Shellmound or midden composed almost entirely of the inedible shells of different types of shellfish, presumably harvested utilizing tule boats, is an example of the over shell mounds known in the San Francisco Bay area.

    To see pictures of tule canoes use the image option of Google, Bing, etc. Local conservation groups often have courses in building tule canoes. Native California peoples lived in large settled villages along the Pacific coastline and on the Channel Islands of California for thousands of years before European contact. The California Channel Islands In some areas, such as along the Santa Barbara Channel separating the Channel Islands of California from the California coast the Chumash and Tongva people in these villages developed highly sophisticated canoes.

    These canoes were used in fishing and in widespread trade between different villages on and off the Channel Islands of California. Boat construction reached its highest development in California among the Chumash and Tongva people. Their sewn plank canoes, called a " tomol ", impressed early explorers of the California coast for its versatility, seaworthiness and size. This driftwood was usually chosen because it was available and usually knot free and easy to work with.

    Some of these driftwood logs were selected, cut to length, split, shaped and then their split out planks "sewn" together to form a canoe. The side planks and canoe bottom were split out of straight knot free logs utilizing whalebone and antler Wedges driven by rock mallets.

    The planks were then shaped, trimmed and leveled using flint and seashell tools and shark hide sandpaper. Where planks needed to be connected holes were bored in the planks using wood drills tipped with chert or bone. These drilled planks were then connected by "sewing" split and shaped knot free planks together on their ends to get the necessary length. They were typically fastened together with red milkweed tok fiber cords. After the planks had been shaped and sewn together for length they were carefully shaped, bent and mounted six to eight planks vertically to form the canoe 's sides around a large split bottom plank that formed the bottom of the canoe.

    Over 20 pieces of shaped wood are used to make a typical tomol. Once the planks were bent, fitted and lashed together the heart of dry tule rush was forced into the cracks between the planks on the outside of the canoe hull to act as caulking.

    All seams between planks, plank ends and holes for cords or thongs were then caulked with 'yop', a mixture of hard tar and pine pitch melted and then boiled. In many respects their boat construction technique mirrored that utilized for making small wooden boats around the world. The lack of metal tools and fasteners forced them to use stone age tools and materials. These canoes were built to carry from 3 to 10 people, one of which was usually assigned to bail, and the rest propelled the canoe by using rough oars.

    The typical tomol was 12 feet 3. They fished the sea with fishing netsharpoonsspears and bone fish hooks. One of their common net catches were sardines and larger sardines called pilchards—then common in large schools off the California coast.

    The Chumash had settlements on the main California coast and on the northern Channel Islands of California. The Tongva Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe had several small settlements on the southern Channel Islands as well as villages on the main California southwest coast. Chumash and Tongva trading expeditions between the mainland and the Channel Islands were common. Most were to obtain steatite for soapstone bowls and effigy figurines.

    Sacramento singles party, speed dating, dating service

    The remains of this prehistoric seafaring is being investigated by underwater archaeologists. At least 25 individual sites have been reported between Ventura, California Beach and Point Conception.

    Early European explorers[ edit ] The "island" of California, from a map circa Ulloa's discoveries of were apparently still secret. Rapidly advancing in rank under Cortez's direction he participated in the conquest of El Salvador and Guatemala and was rewarded by being granted an extensive Encomienda a feudal grant of land including the occupants on it controlling vast land and Native American resources in Guatemala. His success in guiding the Native Americans on his Encomienda in mining gold in Guatemala, made him one of the richest of the conquistadors in Mexico and Guatemala.

    After Alvarado's death in the new Viceroy of New Spain, Antonio de Mendoza took over control of the shipyards and directed Cabrillo to build three ships and lead an expedition further up the Pacific Coast in search of more rich Native American civilizations like the Aztec and Incas.

    To build the ships the anchors, sails, shipbuilding tools and metal fittings were imported from Spain and then ported by mule and Native American porters across Mexico and then south to Guatemala. Cabrillo, a former shipbuilder, with his Spanish assistants and Native American workers had the necessary lumber sawed out and assembled to make the first sailing ships built on the America's Pacific coast—in Guatemala. The ships finished lumber and timbers was sawed out of trees with "new" steel saws manned by Native American laborers under the direction of a few Spanish shipbuilders.

    The ships built for exploring the Pacific were small open caravels and small bergantina small open sailboat built and manned by a mixture of Native Americans and Spanish sailors and conquistadors. The last sailing ships built under Cabrillo's direction were the California exploration fleet: These vessels were the first European sailing ships to visit the future state of California.

    They took enough supplies to last about two years. The combination of the south flowing California Current and often opposing winds made progress north up the coast agonizingly slow.

    The small, rudely made open boats with only partially trained crews caused the crews to suffer miserably in the storms they encountered on their way. After landing several times on the Baja California coast for water, wood and whatever supplies they could scrounge they finally, after traveling one hundred and three days, entered San Diego Bay on 28 September They continued north up the California coast encountering many Indian villages using Native American " tomols " ocean-going stitched canoes.

    The next Portsmouth Speed Dating events are:

    The continued north up the coast possibly as far as Point Reyes California. There, around Christmas EveCabrillo stepped out of his boat and splintered his shin when he stumbled on a jagged rock.

    The injury developed gangrene and he died on 3 January and was buried in an unknown location. They had found no gold or silver wealth, no advanced Indian civilization, no agriculture and no Northwest passage. As a result, California was of little further interest to the Spanish who would basically ignore it for over years. There was a great demand for silver in China. They also traded for gold objects which could be gotten in China in this time period at a silver: The Spanish centered their trade in the Philippines at first around Cebuwhich they had recently conquered, and later in Manila after they conquered it.

    The trade between the Philippines and Mexico involved using an annual round trip passage of one or more Manila galleons.

    These poorly defended galleons left Acapulco Mexico loaded with silver and sailed to the Philippines in about 90 days following what's called now the north equatorial current and trade winds. They were loaded with a years worth of Oriental trade goods accumulated in the Philippines.

    The maps and charts were poor and the California coast was often shrouded in fog, so most journeys were well off shore to avoid the Farallon and California Channel Islands. Acapulco was chosen as a home port because of its excellent harbor facilities and its easy access to the city of VeracruzMexico on the Caribbean.

    These galleons were some the largest the Spanish built in the 16th and 17th centuries. Because of the limited number of ships and the highly profitable cargo they increased ship size up to 1, to 2, tons and from seven hundred to over one thousand people would take passage back to Acapulco on these vessels. The Manila galleon trade See: Spanish treasure fleet was one of the most persistent, perilous, and profitable commercial enterprises in European colonial history.

    Because of the high profit and royal taxes smuggling was rampant on these ships.

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    Speed dating in sacramento portsmouth (City of San Francisco)

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