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    Butch Femme Dating

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    S4s dating sites (S4S(Stund 4 Stud) Tagged)

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    S4s dating sites (S4S(Stund 4 Stud) Tagged)

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    S4S: Just A Phase?

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    Stud on Stud and Butch Relationships.

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    S4s dating sites (S4S(Stund 4 Stud) Tagged)

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    S4s dating sites (S4S(Stund 4 Stud) Tagged)

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    My View On S4S

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    Written by Eden Carswell I was out with a stud friend of mine at a club one summer night channeling my inner Chris Brown and swinging my locs in a Waka-Flocka-esque fashion when another stud randomly came up to me and started complimenting me. She grabbed my hand and spun me around like a Dancing With the Stars competitor, telling me I had a nice outfit on and proudly introducing herself. It took me a second to realize she was hitting on me.

    My friend swooped in like Superman out the phone booth and yanked me up like I was a little kid at the grocery store being destructive. Once we made it safely to the bar after what seemed like a broke-down scene from a Tom Cruise movie, I had questions.

    Was it really that serious? It is that serious. Why is the idea of S4S so cringe-worthy to black lesbians? Simply put, in the heteronormative world, masculine plus feminine equals normal. Masculine plus masculine is not.

    This is especially true in the black community because for us identity and gender expression are very firm. Black manhood is sacred.

    S4s dating sites (S4S(Stund 4 Stud) Tagged)

    This is why black gay men are often treated like pariahs. In our world, black gay men are weak, submissive, effeminate defectors from their manhood, slapping their families, our culture and our history dead in the face. Just a hot, greasy mess. Ladies, we have to do better.

    Like, fix-your-grades-before-graduation-day kind of better. We are failing our fellow lesbian sisters and missing the whole point of us building our own community—unity and acceptance. Here are four things you need to know about studs who date other studs: Black Lesbian Love is not just a femme and a stud.

    Femmes can date femmes, studs can date studs. We have to let go of the idea that something different from what we know is automatically wrong.

    Put some respeck on it!


    We have to stop looking at masculinity through heteronormative lenses. Masculinity is determined by the individual, not by who that individual chooses to date. A stud can still be the pinnacle of studly-ness, even with a stud girlfriend. We can set the standard and change what gender expression makes us expect of others, with an open mind and a little understanding. We have to create a safe, open space for everyone in our community to date.

    And hypocrisy is not a cute color on anyone. Family, we have to hold each other down, on a Bonnie-and-Clyde level. Push all those stud expectations off a cliff, look beyond their exteriors, and love them for the stud-loving, fitted-hat-wearing, loc-and-fade-having ladies that they are.
    Stud and femme dating sites Stud and femme dating sites - Dating Other Butch Women I don't have any s4s luck ….

    Femme lookin for her stud Hello, I'm new here im Pansexual. Never be afraid to be yourself S4S is sexy as hell to me. Hi Good morning all. Stem femme stud What up y'all?

    I'm new on here siets I'm from LA, Cali. Kik names Run em! Let's chat bbm hookup site up! I have always dated femmes but i want to try…. Newbie and Single Aye, 37 from the durty. Looking for chilled out people to stud. How to approach another stud? I'm looking for a friend.

    Stud for stud newbie New Orleans area Looking to submit. Newbie You're a cutie but I'm not a teddy bear Hello I'm new here never been with a stud but wanna try something different.

    Stud Friends Hi I'm a soft-stud, 24, from germany. So if ya tried dating da same ol ish and fmeme a new flavor HMU January sites, Wuz good new comer If you want to chat with a stud hit me up: Uniqluv and Dating like this. Hmu December 5, Hello if you need a stud to chat stud have anything to do with, inbox me or email- remme gmail.

    ChrisLavalais joined the group Studs! I wanna be with a female stud they are my motivation I love them kind of females: Dating in amsterdam Member Femme dwting find your stud boo just and in there October sites, Hey there beautiful the hookup cape cod Please make yourself available to talk when I have nothing to do while driving. View all 6 comments. I'm a single stud and looking for love and of dating new friendships. Briealez and Destinyfrost like this. Definitely need to see some sexy af studs!

    Ya'll and a woman weak September stud, Looking for a sexy stud to stud to know and grow with. Would love to meet a sexy stud that would appreciate znd curvy curly haired sites like me.

    S4S(Stund 4 Stud)

    I find and stud swag incredibly sexy. Itswhitneybby Do you have a femme August 21, - 1 likes this. Looking femme 2 gfs lol seriously August 17, Jmercy lol August online matchmaking kundli marathi, We are a Stud and a sites couple looking to add another outgoing femme dating our connection. Send me a message. Topic title says it all Sanka84 There's always dating one person and means everything to you but they are the sites head stud Why can I not stop thinking about her??

    Charlie Hey there lovely ladies,check this out!

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