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  • 2017 Summary - National Parks Road Trip to all 417 sites!

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    Ledges State Park

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    Strange INVISIBLE Creatures Responsible For Missing 411 In National Parks?

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    Dating sites in iowa national parks (City Dating Guides for Singles)

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    Map of All National Parks

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    Dating sites in iowa national parks (City Dating Guides for Singles)

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    Dating sites in iowa national parks (City Dating Guides for Singles)

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    Dating sites in iowa national parks (City Dating Guides for Singles)

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    Discover the best dating spots in your city, whether it be through speed dating events, singles bars or clubs, or community activities. Init became the 22nd state, and some of its most influential historical landmarks include Martin Luther King, Jr. Aptly nicknamed the Heart of Dixie, Alabama is home to more than 4.

    From river valleys to mountains to forests and tundra, Alaska's terrain is as diverse as its people. With a population of nearly 3 million, Arkansas has a match or two out there waiting for you. It's sunny and dry pretty much all year long and has easy access to the ocean, mountains, and popular destinations like Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco.

    California's culture has a lot of Hispanic, Asian, Eastern European, and Bohemian influences, and it's also one of the world's biggest tech hubs. Colorado CO Over 5. Colorado has some of the best skiing, snowboarding, and hiking -- not to mention award-winning wines and beers -- of any place on earth, thanks to innovative cities like Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins. Connecticut CT Connecticut, with its bustling coastal cities and charming small towns, appeals to a variety of personalities and lifestyles.

    The home of Yankee Doodle and the setting for "Gilmore Girls," this New England state is full of historical magic and modern charisma. Delaware DE Slightly more thanpeople reside in Delaware, making it the second smallest state.

    But remember good things come in small packages -- on the flip side, it's the sixth most densely populated. Some other things worth noting about Delaware is its impressive nickname, the First State, identifying it as having been the first to ratify the Constitution.

    Here, you'll findresidents and neoclassical monuments and landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall, the Washington Monument, and the Library of Congress.

    7 Unexplained Mysteries Of The National Parks

    Florida FL Florida is made up of beautiful beaches, lush everglades, and majestic farmland, and let's not forget attractions like Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, the Daytonaand Ernest Hemingway's house.

    Thanks to the University of Florida, Florida State University, and other popular educational institutions, the Sunshine State has a large college and single!

    Georgia GA In Georgia, one day you could be soaking up some sun on Tybee Island, and the next day you could be hiking up the Blue Ridge Mountains -- that's how diverse it is. The same goes for the people -- mingle with the city folks in Atlanta pop.

    Hawaii is made up of eight main islands approximately miles of combined coastline and has about 66 waterfalls, three active volcanoes, 13 major mountain peaks, and 1. Idaho ID In addition to being celebrated as the Potato State, Idaho is also celebrated as the Gem State because of its reputation for dazzling gemstones.

    That's pretty romantic, right? Another fun fact a friend and his wife told me is that Boise, the capital, surprisingly has some of the best Mexican food they've ever had. This Midwest state offers its Not only does Iowa have some of the most awe-inspiring scenery around rolling plains, quaint farmhouses, decades-old bridges, miles-long cornfields, etc. Just over 3 million, to be exact! Kansas, another Midwestern gem, is among the most productive agricultural states, growing gorgeous sunflowers as well as delicious corn, soybeans, and sorghum.

    Numerous famous books, movies, and bands come from Kansas, including "The Wizard of Oz," Superman, and, of course, the rock band Kansas. Thanks to the Blue Grass Boys, Willett Distillery, and Louisville-style chili, this Southeastern state has made a name for itself in the music, liquor, and culinary worlds.

    Kentucky has a population of 4. Louisiana LA Louisiana has one of the most ethnically diverse populations -- its Creole and Cajun culture is a melting pot mostly influenced by France and Africa but also Spain, Asia, and Native Americans.

    The Sugar State has some of the most amazing food, jazz and blues music, art and literature, and outdoor recreation of any place on Earth. Maine ME Maine may be nicknamed Vacationland, but more than 1.

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    This Northeast state is typically recognized for its exquisite seafood; captivating museums, plays, and film festivals; and unbeatable weather. Stunning white winters, colorful springs and falls, and sunny warm summers make Maine perfect for any type of date. Massachusetts MA With over 6. In terms of entertainment in Massachusetts, you'll find sports the Red Sox, of courseorchestras, fairs and festivals, live dance and musical performances, historical and contemporary museums, and water activities such as sailing, yachting, fishing both freshwater and deep seaand whale watching.

    In terms of education, some of the top schools in the world are in Massachusetts, including Harvard University, Wellesley College, and Amherst College. Michigan MI One of my friends is from Michigan, and, like most of its 9.

    This Midwestern state is often called a Water-Winter Wonderland because it has 64, inland lakes and ponds and gets an average of 30 to 40 inches of snow a year. This Midwestern state is famous for its sports like Vikings football, Twins baseball, Timberwolves basketball, and Wild hockey and being the setting for classic dramas like "Fargo" and comedies like "Grumpy Old Men.

    Mississippi MS To date, Mississippi has 2. With a nickname like the Hospitality State, don't expect anything less from Mississippi than open arms and wide smiles Missouri MO Missouri's population is at 6. Louis and Kansas City, two of the state's most exuberant cities. Racial demographics break down as Missouri has dozens of cool attractions, and a few of the most celebrated are the Gateway Arch, Silver Dollar City amusement park, and the St.

    Montana MT Let's look at Montana by the numbers: With so many people and so many ways to meet them, you're basically guaranteed to find a treasure in the Treasure State, and that treasure will be in the form of a date. Nebraska NE The Great Plains, a grand stretch of land covered in prairie, steppe, and grassland, make up most of Nebraska. The Cornhusker State is home to slightly more than 1.

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    For a special getaway, there are tons of bed and breakfasts as well as places like Slattery Vintage Estates for glamping. And, of course, we have to talk about the food in Nebraska. New Hampshire NH New Hampshire is extremely rich in history, being the first of the colonies to establish its own government separate from that of Great Britain and its own state constitution.

    New Jersey NJ More than 8. Several movies and TV shows have been set in New Mexico: In terms of dating venues, your options include museums and historical landmarks, parks, trails, and gardens, water recreation, art galleries, musicals and operas, and all kinds of restaurants.

    The Sooner State has over 3. But they have similar personalities and lifestyles, dedicated to their jobs, families, and communities.

    Oregon OR Oregon has a little more than 4 million citizens, with a pretty even split between men and women Its most well-known cities include Portland the 26th most populous city in the United StatesEugene home to the University of Oregonand Salem the capital. Pennsylvania PA With a population of The state and its 1.

    The state is home to the oldest Baptist church in the Americas, the First Baptist Church of Providence, and the first fully automated post office. Tennessee TN About 6. Our favorite Tennessee date venues include: Texas TX We've all heard that everything is bigger in Texas, and that's definitely the case. It's the second largest state by area and population, with approximately

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