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    Speed dating tunbridge wells accommodation (Petroleum Geology of Southern England Bibliography)

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    Demelza House - Click Singles World Record Speed Date 2010- (Speed Dating Kent)

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    Speed dating tunbridge wells accommodation (Petroleum Geology of Southern England Bibliography)

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    Speed dating tunbridge wells accommodation (Petroleum Geology of Southern England Bibliography)

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    April and April Notes: In Mayauthorisation was obtained to construct a new railway from St Johns near Lewisham to Tonbridge. The station comprised two facing platforms with the main building on the up west side at the end of a long approach road.

    A large waiting shelter was provided opposite on the down side. The main single-storey building was of timber construction on a low brick base with the walls of tongue-and-groove known locally as Kentish Clapboard timber beneath a pitched slate roof with two chimneystacks. A flat canopy stretched the full length of the building and the full width of the platform. The waiting shelter comprised a canopy supported on a clapboard back with closed-in ends for additional weather protection; the shelter was the same length as the main station building.

    Both canopies had a deep fretted valance. At this time the station was not provided with a footbridge or signal box. Goods facilities at the station were very basic with a single siding trailing off the up line and running behind the up platform and terminating level with the building. By the first decade of the twentieth century the sidings has been cut back but the internal standard gauge line remained in use till After that the siding was further cut back to a single short line into the works.

    There was no interchange with new internal narrow gauge lines. By the s, the siding served a cold storage depot; the siding closed in but there is still a cold storage depot on the site trading as West Kent Cold Storage. On 1 Julythe station name was shortened to Dunton Green.

    The earlier goods siding became the through line to Westerham where a curved branch platform was built on the west side of the station forecourt. The new platform was provided with a long waiting shelter similar in design to that on the down platform; there was a small staff room at the north end of the shelter.


    There was a run-round opposite the platform. In later years at least, although through running up to Orpington was possible, a down train from the main line to Westerham would have to run into the down main platform and set back over the crossover. Substantial earthworks were required to widen the embankment to the west of the approach road to create a new goods yard with two sidings parallel to the main line; in the first decade of the twentieth century a third parallel siding was added.

    Goods facilities at the station were confined to the handling of general goods and parcels. The yard handled no livestock and was not provided with a dock. A small timber goods shed or 'lock-up' was provided at the back of the branch platform with access from the platform. The station was, at this time, lit by gas with Sugg's Windsor pattern casements on barley-sugar twist standards. A two-storey house for the stationmaster was built to the south of the goods sidings around the turn of the twentieth century; it was reached from the station approach road.

    During the improvements to the station, the down platform remained largely unaltered but on the up platform the canopy was doubled in length bringing its north end in line with the canopy on the branch platform. A covered footbridge was at last provided following safety concerns from the Board of Trade; it was sited at the north end of the lengthened canopy.

    At this time, Dunton Green got its first signal box.

    4th August 2018

    A box of that height was required to give signalmen a good view of the line without being obstructed by the footbridge. At the south end of the branch platform there was a coal store and, beyond that, covered steps down to a subway under the branch line linking the station forecourt with a footpath to London Road.

    This involved quadrupling and re-signalling of the line between St Johns and Orpington. Because of its position on the far side of the main line, the signalman had to cross the main lines repeatedly with the single line tablet. To overcome this, an unusual system of cables and pulleys was devised for transporting the tablet from the signal box to an elevated stage reached by wooden steps at the north end of the branch line platform.

    A new lattice covered footbridge was also provided at this time; it came from Grove Park station which had been completely rebuilt as part of the modernisation programme. Prior to electrification, the down platform was extended southwards using prefabricated concrete panels; the map reproduced below shows both platforms extended.


    The old 'aerial ropeway' was dismantled in autumn as it was feared that if the metal cable broke it could drop onto the live third rail causing a short circuit.

    It was replaced with auxiliary tablet instruments on the branch platform. During the electrification works the gas lamps were replaced with the relatively little-known Suggs 'Littleton' type. The electric service commenced through Dunton Green to Sevenoaks on 6 January A number of changes were made by British Railways.

    By the fretted valances on the main line platforms had been replaced with plain valances but the canopy on the branch platform remained unaltered, presumably as it was clear that the branch had no future.

    The footbridge lost its roof and glazing at the same time. Southern Railway 'target' signs were replaced with BR Southern Region totems in the latter half of the s. Two styles of fully flanged totems are known to have existed at Dunton Green: Both types are illustrated here.

    Speed dating tunbridge wells accommodation (Petroleum Geology of Southern England Bibliography)

    The branch line closed on 28 October Goods traffic continued to use the branch to reach the goods yard until 2 April when the yard closed. The track remained in situ until while British Railways negotiated with the Westerham Valley Railway Association which was hoping to buy the track and operate a commuter and weekend tourist service. However it soon became clear that the WRA could not raise sufficient funds and BR withdrew permission to use Dunton Green and threatened to scrap the stock were it not collected.

    The track was lifted in although the sidings were reinstated on 27 July to handle aggregate traffic in connection with the local programme of road building. The sidings were eventually closed on 22 June and their removal was the last traffic to traverse any part of the Westerham branch.

    These are pre-fabricated steel-framed modular 'bus' shelters which had been developed for schools in Hertfordshire in the s. At this time, the up platform building, complete with canopy, was retained alongside the new shelter. The branch line platform and buildings were demolished although the subway under the embankment, complete with its brick surround and roof, was retained unaltered and is still in use today.

    As an economy measure the station was partially unstaffed in with the ticket office opening only during the morning and evening peaks covered by one man on a split shift. With the withdrawal of staff, vandalism quickly became a problem and the station building had to be boarded up; but it was soon covered in graffiti. Dunton Green signal box closed on 2 August with its functions being transferred to the power box at Sevenoaks.

    The station became totally unstaffed in the early s.

    Total Crime

    The station building, which was by now devoid of its canopy, survived until the mid s. A new housing development known as The Sidings was built by Barratt Homes on the site of the goods yard in It is reached from Station Approach.

    Speed dating tunbridge wells accommodation (Petroleum Geology of Southern England Bibliography)

    The stationmaster's house still stands in private occupation adjacent to the main line to the south of the station and also reached from Station Approach. Today train services are provided by Southeastern. There is no ticket office or ticket machine. An electronic display of departures is installed but there is no audio messaging. A small car park at the end of the approach road can accommodate about 20 cars. The typical off-peak service from the station is two trains per hour southbound to Sevenoaks and two trains per hour northbound to Charing Cross, calling at all stations to Hither Green and then running fast to London Bridge.

    The typical peak service from the station is one train every 20 minutes southbound to Sevenoaks, but some services go through to Hastings via Tunbridge Wells.

    One train every 20 minutes travels northbound to Cannon Street, calling at all stations to Grove Park and then running fast to London Bridge. There are similar services in the evening peak going towards Tunbridge Wells.

    Passengers can alight from this service at Chelsfield and catch a connecting service to Dunton Green. These were renewed in and again in but, when no work was undertaken, a group of local businessmen and landowners took matters into their own hands in by promoting a parliamentary Bill for the construction of a branch line to their town. At that time, the closest railheads were at Edenbridge, four miles to the south, and Sevenoaks, five miles to the east.

    Why Should You Try Out Speed Dating Kent Lisa Explains Why

    The route was similar to that first proposed by the South Eastern Railway in and would be built in two stages with the line running from a junction with the SER at Dunton Green opened to Westerham via Brasted. The SER opposed the extension to Oxted and, if it was built, they refused to have anything to do with the line. With this agreement in place, the Westerham Valley Railway Bill was put before Parliament in the session beginning 22 March The directors had appointed Westminster-based John William Grover as engineer.

    Grover was responsible for several notable buildings in London, and railway lines in England, Wales, Mexico and Venezuela. The Bill was passed with only one objection being received and the Westerham Valley Railway Company was incorporated by an Act of 24 July Having received parliamentary consent for the construction of the branch nothing happened until 25 June when the SER agreed to take on the construction and maintenance of the line as well as the operation.

    Charles Chambers was appointed as contractor and construction was finally underway in October Having left the SER's Sevenoaks line at Dunton Green, the single-track branch followed a fairly straight course to Westerham with one intermediate station at Brasted.

    The bridges carried over the line were constructed with an additional arch for a second track if required, but none of the earthworks or other bridges had this provision. Westerham station was typical of other SER stations built at this time of and was provided with wooden buildings to keep costs and construction time to a minimum.

    Despite unusually bad weather slowing work in the autumn ofby the following February construction was in an advanced state but was then hampered by heavy falls of snow. At that time, it was assumed that the line would eventually be extended to Oxted which was only four miles distant. An extension would, however, involve steep gradients and heavy engineering, and the it was never built.

    There was a carnival atmosphere for the opening of the branch on 6 July with free travel over the branch throughout the day. The first train left Westerham at noon and was reserved for local school children and their teachers; later trains could be used by anyone. On arrival at Westerham, they were greeted by the Tunbridge Wells Parade Band and they proceeded to the town hall for the customary banquet and speeches.

    Once the formalities and celebrations were over, the line settled down to a relatively eventless existence. An engine shed was provided at Westerham for the use of locomotives staying at the station overnight.

    Initially, the normal public service, which commenced the following day, ran only from Westerham to Dunton Green where passengers wishing to travel to Charing Cross via Cannon Street would have to change, although not all branch trains made a connection with a London service. This was not breathtakingly fast but an improvement on the three hours previously taken by stagecoach.

    There were 11 trains in each direction on weekdays and eight on Sundays. By the end of the year, the weekday service had improved with the addition of an extra mid-evening down train and on Wednesdays a late evening train that arrived at Westerham at This allowed people to spend an evening out in London departing from Charing Cross at At the same time, the Sunday service was reduced to only five trains: At this time the Westerham Valley Railway Company was dissolved.
    Geography[ edit ] Tonbridge and Malling Borough covers an area from the North Downs at Burham and Snodland in the north to the town of Tonbridge in the south.

    The River Medway meanders north-east through the borough towards the Medway Gaphaving in the west of the area received the River Eden. The castle-passing Eden Valley Walk is also mostly in this borough. The district was created on 1 April by the merger of the urban district of Tonbridge, together with Malling Rural District and the civil parishes of Hadlow and Hildenborough from Tonbridge Rural District.

    History and architecture[ edit ] Ancient times[ edit ] The area has been occupied for thousands of years. The Neolithic people left behind much evidence: Bronze and Iron Age finds are also plentiful. So too is Romano-British: The immediate district of Tonbridge is omitted from the Domesday Book ; however most other settlements in the Borough are included.

    New crime data for our area has been published on

    Castles were built at Tonbridge, Allington and West Malling in the 13th century. Malling, Aylesford and Tonbridge were built: Aylesford Priory on the banks of the Medway, was built in the 13th century.


    Northwards lies the well peopled Vale of Holmesdale with the market town of West Malling as the principal centre of population, an area crossed lengthways by the railway and motorway M20 ; southwards of the ridge is the heavy clay of the Weald and valley of the Medway [1] Kentish ragstone geologically speaking is the Upper Greensand Ridgeused in church building in Kent. The new settlement of Kings Hill can be regarded as equally tied in with the economy of Maidstone to that of parts of Kent further to the western extremity.

    A remnant of the once flourishing hop-growing industry is provided by a tourist attraction at Beltring: Tonbridge and Malling has 27 listed buildings in the highest category of the national system, Grade I. This includes eight churches, five reduced structures left over from St Mary's Abbey or Malling AbbeyWest Malling and four manor housesmostly built by lower social ranks than the titled nobility.

    Ightham Mote is in Tonbridge and Malling A diverse materials and appearance construction is Ightham Mote which is recognised in the highest category of the UK's architecture listing system, Grade I, though no longer in private hands.

    East Malling Research Station disseminates results of research into matters affecting horticultural crops, with particular emphasis on the fruit, hop and nursery stock industries. Many of the villages are beside long-distance walks with tourist accommodation enabling tours of the orchards and bluebell woods. Housing[ edit ] Housing ranges from mid-rise in relatively small areas of towns to low-rise housing, generally with gardens in the villages and most parts of the towns.

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