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    The body language project dating site (Attractive Women and Low Self Esteem – Body Language )

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    The body language project dating site (Attractive Women and Low Self Esteem – Body Language )

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    Body Language Project: Natural Neck Display

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    Body Language - Indicators of Interest (IOIs)

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    From your head to your toes, how to code and decode unconscious cues

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    Attractive Women and Low Self Esteem Christopher Philip Believe it or not, attractive women have no more self-esteem than less attractive people. They may in fact have less self-esteem because a lot of what others say is quite inconsistent with their actual accomplishments.

    The world as an attractive woman sees it, is as follows: People always say that I do a good job no matter what I do, or how much effort I put into things. Therefore, either I am really good at things or else they are all lying. I think everyone is lying. Thus, you should think twice before complimenting a good looking woman. Any compliment you give to a good looking women will be scrutinized.

    She will assume that you have alternative plans for her. Which you probably do. Because a woman looks good, this means that others have lied to her a lot, therefore she will be good at detecting lies Some more facts are as follows. The more attractive a woman perceives herself to be, the fewer sex partners she has had. However, the better-looking the woman the more popular she is as a dating partner. Thus, women who are good looking date more, but have sex fewer times. They are also difficult to approach because they will only date men who are on the same level as them.

    As an aside, you can measure the degree to which any girl finds herself attractive and how much self-esteem she has by the people she hangs around with daily.

    The more unattractive her friends are, the less self-esteem she has, and the more unattractive she finds herself. This can be a bonus for you. Walsh adds that attractive women are freer to employ the female reproductive strategy, and Buss,in Walsh, adds that they have far more choice in terms of partners than less attractive women.

    Women in this category get to act more like a homosexual or lesbian relationship because they have the upper hand. They are the more desirable person in the relationship and hence are able to force men into conforming. Contrary to attractive women, less attractive women feel they have fewer of the attributes that men desire and conform to the male strategy so as not to be left out of the dating game.

    For more information on dating and attraction, especially body language, check out my E-book — The Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction and Sexual Body Language found at www. Physical attractiveness and dating choice: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 7: The evolution of human intrasexual competition: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Sex differences in human mate selection: Behavioral and Brain Sciences Physical attractiveness and self-esteem: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin Ethology and Sociobiology

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