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    Putting your dowry on your dating profile

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    Straight men, step your game up

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    Automatic Bibliography Maker

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    Dating sites in winnipeg government (7 For All Mankind Europe (7forallmankind_eu) • Instagram photos and videos)

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    Historical Societies - Canada - Provinces

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    This Is Zion: One Year Later

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    Government funds program for young aboriginal girls & women

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    The boler was manufactured and sold between andand approximately 10, units were sold. The boler is credited with inspiring numerous manufacturers to create nearly identical trailers. The Internet allows fibreglass RV owners to exchange restoration ideas and how-to information, buy and sell their trailers, show off their marvelous eggs and arrange for fibreglass meet-ups around North America.

    Ray Olecko was born in Lamont, Alberta in Ray started boxing in his teens and went on to win the Alberta Golden Gloves Amateur Championship in He did not finish grade 9. More on that below. He met Lorraine Joba in They had two daughters, Aileen and Tammy Ray passed away in at age And in his youth growing up poor, he made a working go cart that according to his family was a wonderful two seater, using scrap metal and scavenged parts that as a lot of fun until wash days, when his mother made him undo the motor and put it back into her washing machine!

    These slingshots were called boler slingshots, pre-dating the trailer. Before long working with fibreglass became a paying job. I recall passing many of the Orbits on Manitoba roads in the s. Olecko was the sales manager, Dusa worked in the moulds and tooling department. Krieg started at the bottom of the company and became the production foreman in While Olecko was camping with his family, he got the idea of a light-weight camper trailer made from fibreglass.

    The family used to go camping in an old canvas tent. Many nights were rained or snowed out. Ray spent countless hours working out the design and measurements for the boler trailer. He knew that being built out of fibreglass, the trailer would be lightweight and affordable on gas to haul behind a car.

    Plexiglass was used on the front and rear of the trailer to withstand gravel roads as well as being lighter than glass. He meticulously laboured over graph paper designs, and explained the graph paper were actually to help with the measurements for fitting everything into the design.

    Dating sites in winnipeg government (7 For All Mankind Europe (7forallmankind_eu) • Instagram photos and videos)

    It sleeps four, has a cooler, stove, sink, cupboard space and a few other comforts of home. The fibreglass acts as its own frame and skin. A four-cylinder car can pull one of our units. Fibreglass, says Olecko, has four times the strength of steel of the same weight. After about four hours the fibreglass is lifted from the mold to form the top half of the trailer.

    A similarly-shaped mold, with the addition of wheel wells, is made for the bottom half. The two halves are bonded together and the door and window areas cut out. With the cabin of the trailer completed it is placed on a steel chassis and the interior fitted out.

    Dusa passed away on April 26, Sandor asked where is the specs, Ray mentioned that is why he was approaching Sandor. So Sandor being a master at what he did looked and calculated. Finally came up with specs and started making the molds for the Boler company he was the vice president and mold maker. At this point we decided to go into production.

    Olecko and Dusa scraped together some startup capital and began producing the foot four-berth trailer in an old Winnipeg warehouse. As Corrine Dusa posted, Sandor used to call the boler his baby. Olecko was the general manager of the company who focused on management and marketing; Dusa was in charge of moulds and tooling; Krieg was in charge of production.

    Lorraine says that everything they needed to make the trailer fell into place as it was needed. From the insulation on the walls which Lorraine heard the salesman say to them at the office that it was the wrong side of the fabric that is used to make neoprene for diving suits and therefore would be relatively cheap, so this was what they tried at first for the insulation to someone to make the cushions and curtains.

    Excellent insulation and a beautifully finished wall surface. These were later recalled and insulated after they encountered condensation problems. Olecko recalled all 40 to retrofit them with Ensolite material. This product had been developed by Uniroyal and was being used in the cockpits of airplanes.

    He said that the seam tape was a 3M 2-sided tape. When the inside paper backing was removed, of course the surface was sticky, and he solved this problem by simply rubbing talcum powder over it. Lorraine also stated that when they were looking for curtains, they mentioned to the fabric salesman that because the trailer was fibreglass, the curtains should be too, and the salesman stated he knew someone would had fibreglass fabric and a nice floral design — which is how the boler trailer curtains were originally created.

    Modifications were planned out based on how they were used camping or hunting, whether a remote spot would need an ice box more than a fridge, and how they operated with no services. My sister and I spent many enjoyable nights sleeping and camping in all weather, as Dad liked to take us out before hunting season to scout out the future hunting locations.

    It was not unusual to awake to snow on some of these trips. Dad being an avid fisherman and hunter we spent trips combining his love of outdoors and fresh air with family time. Picking berries, mushrooms, fishing and his hunting prowess helped keep their freezer and pantry full. Jamie McColl reports on his interview with Olecko: Olecko realized that he could create more headroom by adding the arched extension to the roof.

    This should make it easy to identify those first Bolers. Production increased steadily, and a new facility opened at Dufferin in Winnipeg. By4 trailers a day were being built, days a year, with a staff of 23at the Winnipeg shop per yearwith similiar numbers at the other sites.

    Franchises were awarded in the U. Olecko is uncertain of the numbers produced. He sold the company to Jim Pattison Neonex inand his involvement mostly came to an end.

    A marketing advisor told them that the name for the slingshot needed two syllables to make it more memorable. Because the slingshot also reminded Ray of the power of a bolas, which is a throwing weapon, he named the slingshot a boler. When it came time to name the trailer, the boler name was already registered and had already proven to be a successful name with the slingshot.

    Ray validated that the name boler could be successful for the trailer by finding a new way that the word boler could be interpreted that would make sense in the context of the trailer. Recall that Olecko once had a job as a carnival barker, and he wore a bowler hat as part of the job. Krieg believes this is what made Olecko think of the connection between the hat and the trailer, because the trailer visually resembled a bowler hat.

    Krieg told me emphatically that Olecko told both Krieg and Dusa, and many other people on many different occasions that the boler trailer name was chosen because the trailer resembled a bowler hat. Krieg told me that he never once heard anyone, including Ray, say that the trailer was named after the bolas weapon.

    Olecko wanted a low-cost trailer appropriate for anyone regardless of size of their tow vehicle, their mechanical knowledge or their physical strength. She was an artist and the perfect person to be asked to do the lettering. She is the one who originally suggested the lower case b typeset. A paste-up artist was a professional creating or laying out publication pages that predates the use of the now-standard computerized page design desktop publishing software. The bowler hat then gained popularity across all classes in England and became the most popular hat as Europeans expanded into the west of North America.

    Some might say that the boler trailer is a trailer that won the west. Name registration and patents Olecko registered the business name Boler Manufacturing Co. He dissolved it in and immediately registered Structural Glass Ltd. That was dissolved in The Manitoba Archives do not have records showing what happened after that with the business names registration office.

    Erwin Krieg stated firmly that Ray only worked at Structural Glass in sales. Structural Glass was owned by five partners: I accept all of this, but it leaves a bit of a mystery about the reference to Structural Glass on the business registration document at the Manitoba Archives. The boler trademark was not registered with the federal government until August 14, In Canada, businesses register with provincial governments but trademarks and patents are federal jurisdiction.

    It was not until October 24, that Olecko was issued patent for a lightweight, cylindrical, expandable fibreglass septic tank with tapered ends. It was designed so the parts were nested together for shipping and bolted together in the proper configuration on the site.

    According to the patent description, this design offered substantial benefits over the concrete or steel tanks common at the time. It appears that Olecko and Dusa may not have filed a patent for the boler. When he simply picked up the hitch and pulled the trailer across the parking lot by himself, dealers were quickly convinced that a lightweight trailer would be popular with the owners of the newer breed of smaller cars coming into vogue at the time.

    In the factory was moved to a larger facility on Dufferin Street. About units were produced in the second yearand another in By4 trailers a day were being built, days a year, with a staff of 23 at the Winnipeg shop per yearwith similar numbers at the other sites. You accept government money, then you have accept their advisors, and things start to get badly cluttered up.

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    Eco and Love Bug both started in and made Boler Americans. When Boler American failed, they decided to use the moulds and came up with new names.

    Another boler-derived trailer was the Perris Pacer produced in San Jacito, California from to Meanwhile, in July ofDuane Eveland was involved in remodeling damaged mobile homes. Eventually the boler salesman asked if he would like to manufacture trailers for boler.

    Dating sites in winnipeg government (7 For All Mankind Europe (7forallmankind_eu) • Instagram photos and videos)

    The boler trailer was designed in Canada and Boler American was a company attempting to develop the US market.
    Passengers took their last ride home from the city on Friday, Jan. His three year term on the board began Jan. Regional planners have estimated that Durham's population will double toby the year Catholic elementary school teachers ended their one month work-to-rule campaign after ratifying a two-year collective agreement.

    Under the new agreement, teachers received a 6. Scugog Township council passed a bylaw to appoint wardens of the Port Perry Snowmobile Club as assistant bylaw enforcement officers for the township. After 35 years in business, Howard Hall closed his furniture and appliance business 'House of Howard'.

    A man and his three children were pulled from the water by snowmobilers after their car plunged through the ice. Plans by the Scugog Soccer Club to build a clubhouse was delayed when a government grant was turned down.

    Lorne Street resident, Eva Davidge, celebrated her th birthday on Feb. March Scugog Township may not be able to afford any new road construction projects this year because of budget constraints.

    Port Perry High School graduate Dr. A ratepayers group, Citizens Against Unjustified Taxes, told Scugog Township council that taxes should not be raised higher than the inflation rate. They also opposed a new township office and recreational facilities.

    Scugog Township roads and a section of Highway 7A suffered major damage in the worst flooding in 15 years. The Nestleton Community Hall committee turned down a request to use the basement of the hall as part of a proposed Catholic elementary school. April Property taxes for local government rose 7. An April Fool's story on Scugog Township going bilingual had many people up in arms. Port Perry Star office staffers fielded call after call from angry township residents who hadn't read the entire story and didn't realize it was a joke.

    The centre will be located on township owned land on Regional Road 8. Intense residential development on the outskirts of Port Perry has been put on hold until or when a sewage treatment plant can be built to increase the capacity of the lagoon cell system.

    Ward 4 Cartwright residents crowded into the Scugog Township council chambers with a proposal for a new regulation size ice arena for Blackstock.

    The dump deal between Durham Region and Metro Toronto was scrapped. Film star Bernadette Peters was in Port Perry filming a made-for-television movie. They were the only Port Perry team to accomplish this feat during the season.

    Educational Film and Video Festival. The Blackstock Arena passed a structural inspection. The building has received certification for another three years. The study concludes that construction and operating costs are within the township's ability.

    Tom Millar resigned as musical director of the Scugog Choral Society to devote more time to the Millar Lights, a children's theatrical group he founded with his wife Catherine. Greenbank residents served by the municipal water system are being asked to restrict their water use this summer in hopes of avoiding another water outage.

    June The provincial agriculture ministry will be closing its two offices in Bowmanville and Uxbridge and moving to a new location in the Port Perry area. The 21st annual Canoe the Nonquon Race was a splashing success with over 70 canoes entered.

    Cawker Public School students were sent home because of a large incidence of head lice. Robert Baird was the winner of the first ever Scugog Triathlon. The event featured canoeing, cycling and running. Baird finished with a time of 1: Council agreed to change the name of Ghost Road to Mississauga Lane after several residents from the area petitioned the council.

    Scugog Township council supported the BIA minimum-maximum bylaw which set limits for members to pay no more than 10 per cent and no less than one half of a per cent of the budget. Country Matters in 19th Century Ontario. July A guilty verdict was handed down in the Ghost Road murder trial.

    Gary Newman of Ajax was found guilty of second degree murder in the death of Alfred Meitner. Meitner's body was found in October ofin a field along Ghost Road. Scugog's new Information Tourist Booth opened for business this month located at the waterfront ball diamond snack bar.

    A father and son were found safely adrift in their boat after it was reported they had not returned from a fishing trip on Lake Scugog. The pair spent the night in their boat after having motor problems. Scugog hired a part-time bylaw officer to take vigorous action and to prosecute those who discard garbage on township property and road allowances.

    More than Model-T Fords rolled into town, the largest tour in the history of the club which was celebrating their 34th annual tour. August The Mississauga's of Scugog First Nation issued a statement of support for the Oka Mohawks who are involved in a bitter land dispute.

    A Japanese film crew was in town to film Ghost Road and the Murray House as part of a television documentary on weird phenomenons. Two sites within Ward 4 of Scugog Township were selected as candidate sites for a long-term garbage dump. The Port Perry BIA made a proposal to generate more parking spaces in the downtown core by adding 30 spots behind Brocks Department Store, by levelling the land, and tearing down old fences.

    The school year began with 4, students enrolled in local public schools. October An information meeting, designed to explain site selections of two candidate landfill locations in Ward 4 was disrupted by over angry ratepayers. For the first time ever, Scugog Township announced it was providing a limited curbside leaf collection pickup.

    Scugog Shores Museum held its annual Fall Harvest, complete with authentic circa uniforms, and demonstrations of muskets. The Port Perry shop is the second biggest in Canada averaging 42, customers each month. Firefighters from Scugog Hall 1 left for Seminole, Florida to test their extrication methods with the best in the world.

    Three members of the Scugog Fire Department were honored with service medals this month. Chief Jack Cook, for 31 years service. About 80 volunteers searched ditches, brush, and wooded areas along township roads. Over people attended a memorial service for entertainer Craig Russell, a nephew of Mayor Howard Hall.

    Scugog Township shelved the recreation centre plans for five years. It will be at least before the town is able to make any decision on whether to proceed with new recreation facilities like a swimming pool or second ice pad. The Port Perry Star commenced its th year of publication with a new logo incorporated into the masthead. The Durham Board of Education has placed three projects for Scugog Township in its five year capital forecast.

    Cartwright and Port Perry High Schools held their commencement exercises this month. Vicky Newsome, and Mike Toye were the valedictorians for the two schools. December Scugog Township became the focal point of an intensive search for the body of Elizabeth Bain. More than searchers were out in the wooded areas, swamps and fields along the lake. A team of 18 divers worked in Lake Scugog and in numerous small ponds in the area. The suggestion of an open air ice rink on Lake Scugog was warmly greeted by members of Scugog Township council.

    The Toxic Taxi arrived in Scugog for the months of December and January to pick up household hazardous wastes. The Scugog Transfer Station opened, complete with three dumpsters for household waste, and one each for newspapers, cardboard and scrap metal. Charlie Green, a Durham Region Police sergeant, reported that more than 1, vehicles were stopped in Port Perry by the RIDE unit during the December sweep and no charges were laid for impaired driving.

    Two Scugog Township men were rescued by firefighters after their snowmobile went into open water on Lake Scugog. The Scugog Township roads department will be putting less sand and salt on local roads this winter in an effort to save money. The Open Air Ice Palace opened with more than 4, people lacing up to skate on one of the largest outdoor skating rinks in the province. Plans to open a training centre in the township for heavy equipment operators was greeted warmly by Scugog Township council.

    Two area women started a yellow ribbon campaign in Scugog Township in support of the Canadian troops stationed in the Persian Gulf.

    Farming in Manitoba

    The emergency response system is scheduled to start operations in May. To Prepare for the system, many roads in Scugog Township will have to be re-named.

    Expose illegal stalking by corrupt law enforcement personnel

    February Durham's Secondary School teachers voted 85 per cent in favor of a new contract offer from the Board of Education. The contract calls for a 7. Automotive parts maker Johnson Controls announced it will be closing the doors of its Port Perry plant throwing employees out of work.

    The plant is scheduled to cease operations by April 15, A Township man was charged for storing over 5, old tires on a Scugog Island farm. Firefighters from the Caesarea Hall purchased special equipment and an inflatable craft to be used in ice rescues on Lake Scugog.

    After a lengthy debate, public school board trustees voted against installing condom machines in Durham Region high schools. First princess was Kirsten Johansen.

    Local Scout leaders were angered after several flags and banners were stolen during the night as the Scouts held their winter camp-out in Palmer Park. The office will amalgamate offices currently in Bowmanville and Uxbridge.

    Scugog Township Fire Department responded to calls during Hall 1, Port Perry reported emergencies and Hall 2 responded to 58 calls. Five Scout flags, reported stolen during a weekend campout in Palmer Park were found in a ditch. Two Port Perry men escaped from a truck before it plunged through the ice on Lake Scugog.

    Thin ice has caused a number of vehicles to go through this winter. The search for two missing girls, Elizabeth Bain and Julie Stanton has resumed in Scugog Township after taking several weeks off during the winter months. Township council backs request to have the speed limit reduced through the hamlet of Epsom.

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