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    Speed dating oakland baseball (The Greatest Baseball Cards in Opening Day History .., for Each Team!)

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    Speed dating oakland baseball (The Greatest Baseball Cards in Opening Day History .., for Each Team!)

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    Speed dating oakland baseball (The Greatest Baseball Cards in Opening Day History .., for Each Team!)

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    Speed dating oakland baseball (The Greatest Baseball Cards in Opening Day History .., for Each Team!)

    February 28, Bartolo Colon roster status changed by Oakland Athletics. July 9, Bartolo Colon assigned to Charlotte Knights. Did not pitch in the game in San Diego He was the eighth player 43 years or older to be named to an All-Star team Was his fifth career Player of the Week honor Went with a 1.

    Went with a 3. Became the oldest player 42 years, days to hit his first major league home run Became the fifth oldest pitcher to homer since Only five other players since went at least 14 years in between multi-hit games Previously had not been walked in career plate appearances No major league player had ever had more plate appearances before drawing his first career walk Did not allow a walk in 13 starts, the second most such starts in the majors Since joining NYM inwent with a 3.

    Wax Pack Gods In Your Inbox!

    Since turning 40, has made 40 starts in which he has allowed one run or fewer Those 40 such starts are the sixth-most for a pitcher after the age of 40 since Had a career-high scoreless streak of The streak was tied for the third-longest in franchise history and it was the longest by a Mets pitcher since R. Dickey tossed a franchise-record Since turning 40, this was his third season with at least 14 wins, tied for the second-most seasons for any pitcher age 40 or older in modern major league history Phil Niekro had five such seasons Was tied for seventh in the National League with 14 wins Recorded a major leagueleading 15 starts without a walk, passing Brett Saberhagen's 13 such starts in to set a single-season franchise record The last NL pitcher with at least 15 no-walk starts was Greg Maddux in also 15 starts In 17 starts against the National League East, he went with a 2.

    Struck out 74 and walked Had four wins against each of the Braves, Marlins and Phillies Went in two starts and didn't allow a run in Struck out 11 and walked none Was his fourth career Player of the Week honor and first since Is tied for 10th in the majors in wins 21 since the All-Star Break…He has struck out and walked 37 batters over this span Received a no-decision in his July 1 start against Chicago-NL for the first time in 28 outings, dating to July 23, posting a record over those 27 straight starts with a decision Fell short of Jerry Koosman's stretch of 29 straight starts with a decision from May 2-October 1, for that Mets record It was the only complete-game shutout for a Mets pitcher in Warren Spahn had five complete games at age 43 and 44 in Boston and October 4 vs.

    They were his first relief appearances since April 14,vs. Baltimore while pitching with the Yankees Made his seventh career Opening Day start on April 6 at Washington Allowed an unearned run over 2. It was his World Series debut Became the oldest pitcher to lose a World Series game Stranded one runner and had a hold in Game 4 of the World Series At 42 years, days old, he became the fourth oldest pitcher to win a postseason game His 14 years, 12 days between playoff wins is the longest for any pitcher in major league history Suffered a blown save
    Early years[ edit ] Jackson was born in the Wyncote neighborhood of Cheltenham Townshipjust north of PhiladelphiaPennsylvania.

    His father Martinez Jacksonwho was half Puerto Rican[4] worked as a tailor and who was a former second baseman with the Newark Eagles of Negro league baseball. He also had two half-siblings from his father's first marriage.

    A national pastime

    Jackson graduated from Cheltenham High School inwhere he excelled in footballbasketballbaseball, and track and field. He was told by the doctors he was never to play football again, but Jackson returned for the final game of the season. Doctors told Jackson that he might never walk again, let alone play football, but Jackson defied the odds again.

    Oklahoma had black football players beforeincluding Prentice Gautta star running back recruited inwho played in the NFL. After a recruiting trip, Kush decided that Jackson had the ability and willingness to work to join the squad. Winkles said he would give Jackson a look, and the next day while still in his football gear, he hit a home run on the second pitch he saw; in five at bats he hit three home runs.

    He broke the team record for most home runs in a single season, led the team in numerous other categories and was first team All-American. Complaining of a headache, he left the game in the ninth inning, was admitted to St. Joseph's Hospital in Lewiston, and remained overnight for observation.

    He began with the Birmingham A's in the Double-A Southern League in Birmingham, Alabamawhere Jackson got his first taste of racismbeing one of only a few blacks on the team. The Athletics moved west to Oakland prior to the season. Jackson hit 47 home runs inand was briefly ahead of the pace that Roger Maris set when he broke the single-season record for home runs with 61 inand that of Babe Ruth when he set the previous record of 60 in Finley threatened to send Jackson to the minors.

    Commissioner Bowie Kuhn successfully intervened in their dispute, but Jackson's numbers in dropped sharply, as he hit just 23 home runs while batting. The Athletics sent him to play in Puerto Ricowhere he played for the Santurce team and hit 20 homers and knocked in 47 runs to lead the league in both departments. Batting for the American League against Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dock Ellisthe ball he hit soared above the right-field stands, striking the transformer of a light standard on the right field roof.

    While with the Angels inhe hit a home run over that roof. Inthe Athletics won the American League's West division, their first title of any kind sincewhen they played in Philadelphia. The A's won the division again in ; their series with the Tigers went the full five games, and Jackson scored the tying run in the clincher on a steal of home. In the process, however, he tore a hamstring and was unable to play in the World Series.

    The A's still managed to defeat the Cincinnati Reds in seven games.

    Relive the final three outs of Sean Manaea's no-hitter

    It was the first championship won by a San Francisco Bay Area team in any major league sport. During spring training inJackson showed up with a mustache.

    A's walk off in back-to-back games vs. Giants

    Though his teammates wanted him to shave it off, Jackson refused. Jackson helped the Athletics win the pennant again inand was named Most Valuable Player of the American League for the season. This time, Jackson was not only able to play, but his performance led to his being awarded the Series' Most Valuable Player award. In the third inning of that seventh game, which ended in a 5—2 score, the A's jumped out to a 4—0 lead as both Bert Campaneris and Jackson hit two-run home runs off Jon Matlack —the only two home runs Oakland hit the entire Series.

    Besides hitting home runs in nine years with the Athletics, Jackson was also no stranger to controversy or conflict in Oakland. Sports author Dick Crouser wrote, "When the late Al Helfer was broadcasting the Oakland A's games, he was not too enthusiastic about Reggie Jackson's speed or his hustle. Once, with Jackson on third, teammate Rick Monday hit a long home run. Crouser also noted that, "Nobody seems to be neutral on Reggie Jackson.

    You're either a fan or a detractor. Jackson injured his shoulder, and catcher Ray Fosseattempting to separate the combatants, suffered a crushed disk in his neck, costing him three months on the disabled list.

    In October, the A's went on to win a third consecutive World Series. Baltimore Orioles [ edit ] With the coming of free agency after the season, and with Oakland owner Finley unwilling to pay the higher salary that Jackson would ask for, he was traded on April 2 in a six-player deal just prior to the start of the season.

    The Yankees won the pennant in but were swept in the World Series. Noting that Hank Aaronat the time the holder of the career record for the most home runs, had just retired, Jackson asked for and received number 44 as a tribute to Aaron. Jackson wore number 20 for one game during spring training as a tribute to the also recently retired Frank Robinsonthen he switched to number Jackson's first season with the Yankees in was a difficult one.

    Although team owner George Steinbrenner and several players, most notably catcher and team captain Thurman Munson and outfielder Lou Piniellawere excited about his arrival, the team's field manager Billy Martin was not.

    Martin had managed the Tigers inwhen Jackson's A's beat them in the playoffs. Jackson was once quoted as saying of Martin, "I hate him, but if I played for him, I'd probably love him.

    During spring training at the Yankees' camp in Fort LauderdaleJackson and Ward were having drinks at a nearby bar. Jackson's version of the story is that he noted that the Yankees had won the pennant the year before, but lost the World Series to the Redsand suggested that they needed one thing more to win it all, and pointed out the various ingredients in his drink. Ward suggested that Jackson might be "the straw that stirs the drink.

    I'm the straw that stirs the drink. Maybe I should say me and Munson, but he can only stir it bad.

    Baseball Card Blogroll

    Jackson has consistently denied saying anything negative about Munson in the interview and he has said that his quotes were taken out of context.

    Not Munson, not nobody else on this club. On June 18, in a 10—4 loss to the Boston Red Sox in a nationally televised game at Fenway Park in Boston, Jim Ricea powerful hitter but notoriously slow runner, hit a ball into shallow right field that Jackson appeared to weakly attempt to field. Jackson failed to reach the ball which fell far in front of him, thereby allowing Rice to reach second base.

    Furious, Martin removed Jackson from the game without even waiting for the end of the inning, sending Paul Blair out to replace him. When Jackson arrived at the dugout, Martin yelled that Jackson had shown him up. They argued, and Jackson said that Martin's heavy drinking had impaired his judgment.

    Despite Jackson being 18 years younger, about two inches taller and maybe 40 pounds heavier, Martin lunged at him, and had to be restrained by coaches Yogi Berra and Elston Howard. Red Sox fans could see this in the dugout and began cheering wildly, and the NBC TV cameras showed the confrontation to the entire country.

    Yankees management defused the situation by the next day, but the relationship between Jackson and Martin was permanently poisoned. However, George Steinbrenner made a crucial intervention when he gave Martin the option of either having Jackson bat in the fourth or "cleanup" spot for the rest of the season, or losing his job.

    Martin made the change and Jackson's hitting improved he had 13 home runs and 49 RBIs over his next 50 gamesand the team went on a winning streak. The Yankees won the division by two and a half games over the Red Sox and Orioles, and came from behind in the top of the ninth inning in the fifth and final game of the American League Championship Series to beat the Kansas City Royals for the pennant. October[ edit ] During the World Series against the DodgersMunson was interviewed, and suggested that Jackson, because of his past post-season performances, might be the better interview subject.

    In Oakland, he had been known as "Jax" and "Buck. Jackson's crowning achievement came with his three-home-run performance in World Series-clinching Game Six, each on the first pitch, off three Dodgers pitchers. His first plate-appearance, during the second inning, resulted in a four-pitch walk. The first came off starter Burt Hootonand was a line drive shot into the lower right field seats at Yankee Stadium. With the fans chanting his name, "Reg-GIE! It was a towering drive into the black-painted batter's eye seats in center, feet away.

    Jackson stated afterwards that the scouting reports provided by Gene Michael and Birdie Tebbetts played a large role in his success.

    In 27 World Series games, he amassed 10 home runsincluding a record five during the Series the last three on first pitches24 RBI and a.

    Babe Ruth accomplishing the feat twice — in and both in Game Four. With 25 total bases, Jackson also broke Ruth's record of 22 in the latter Series; this remains a World Series record, Willie Stargell tying it in the World Series.

    An often forgotten aspect of the ending of this decisive Game 6 was the way Jackson left the field at the game's end. Fans had been getting somewhat rowdy in anticipation of the game's end, and some had actually thrown firecrackers out near Jackson's area in right field.

    Jackson was alarmed enough about this to walk off the field, in order to get a helmet from the Yankee bench to protect himself. Shortly after this point, as the end of the game neared, fans were actually bold enough to climb over the wall, draping their legs over the side in preparation for the moment when they planned to rush onto the field.

    When that moment came, after pitcher Mike Torrez caught a pop-up for the game's final out, Jackson started running at top speed off the field, actually body-checking past some of these fans filling the playing field in the manner of a football linebacker.

    The Yankees' home opener of the season, on April 13 against the Chicago White Soxfeatured a new product, the "Reggie!

    Jackson hit a home run, and when he returned to right field the next inning, fans began throwing the Reggie bars on the field in celebration. Jackson told the press that this confused him, thinking that maybe the fans did not like the candy. But the Yankees could not maintain their success, as manager Billy Martin lost control.

    On July 23, after suspending Jackson for disobeying a sign during a July 17 game, Martin made a statement about his two main antagonists, referring to comments Jackson had made and team owner George Steinbrenner's violation of campaign-finance laws: One's a born liar, the other's convicted.

    Steinbrenner, a Cleveland -area native, had hired former Indians star Al Rosen as his team president replacing another Cleveland figure, Gabe Paul. Steinbrenner jumped at the chance to involve another hero of his youth with the Yankees; Lemon had been one of Steinbrenner's coaches during the Bombers' pennant-winning season. After being 14 games behind the first-place Red Sox on July 18, the Yankees finished the season in a tie for first place. The two teams played a one-game playoff for the division title at Fenway Park, with the Yankees winning 5—4.

    Although the home run by light-hitting shortstop Bucky Dent in the seventh inning got the most notice, it was an eighth-inning home run by Jackson that gave the Yankees the fifth run they ended up needing. Jackson was once again in the center of events in the World Seriesagain against the Dodgers. Los Angeles won the first two games at Dodger Stadium, taking the second when rookie reliever Bob Welch struck Jackson out with two men on base with two outs in the ninth inning.

    The series then moved to New York, and after the Yankees won Game Three on several fine defensive plays by third baseman Graig Nettles, Game Four saw Jackson in the middle of a controversial play on the basepaths. In the sixth inning, after collecting an RBI single, Jackson was struck in the hip—possibly on purpose—by a ball thrown by Dodger shortstop Bill Russell as Jackson was being forced at second base.

    Instead of completing a double play that would have ended the inning, the ball caromed into foul territory and allowed Thurman Munson to score the Yankees' second run of the inning. In spite of the Dodgers' protests of interference on Jackson's part, the umpires allowed the play to stand.

    The Yankees tied the game in the eighth inning and eventually won in the tenth. Following a blowout win in Game Five, both teams headed back to Los Angeles.

    In Game Six, Jackson got his revenge against Welch by blasting a two-run home run in the seventh inning, putting the finishing touch on a series-clinching, win for the Yankees.
    Not only do you get to see what your favorite team looks like after a long winter away, you also get to compare your hometown heroes to how they look on your beloved, maybe dogeared cards.

    Ah, but which is the greatest Opening Day baseball card for each team? In particular, the chosen card must … Depict the team in question, in some way Have been widely available in wax packs, for example on Opening Day of the season it was issued. And, of course, it must be awesome. Entering the season one home run behind Babe Ruth for the all-time home run lead will do that for a guy. Some are simply important from a hobby standpoint.

    By the time the season opened, we had all learned a fancy new term courtesy of the Fleer Billy Ripken error card. Boston Red Sox — Topps Ted Williams 1 After three full sets plus their funky issues, Topps finally scored the rights to feature Ted Williams in their baseball cardsets.

    They celebrated that achievement by inserting Williams at both the front and the back of their issue in what can rightly be viewed as one of T. As a reward, the Twins shipped him to the California An gels, whom Carew helped win their first-ever division title incourtesy of a.

    The next spring, Angels fans got their first cardboard glimpse of the future Hall of Fame in California garb courtesy of his Topps card. It wins here despite the fact that it now seems as common as all the rest. Chicago White Sox — Topps Ozzie Guillen The baseball card sets were loaded with top-notch rookies, but the season itself produced only mild excitement in terms of newcomers. While Fleer and Donruss both caused plenty of stir with their speculative rookies — Jose CansecoFred McGriffCecil Fielder — the next season, Coleman an d Guillen were the most anticipated of the widely distributed Topps cards.

    Cincinnati Reds — Topps PeteRose Pete Rose came back to the Cincinnati Reds as a player-manager inand the city immediately fell in love with her native son once again. Cleveland Indians — Topps Joe Charboneau 13 Mark Fidrych was a phenomenon with the Detroit Tigers inand his Topps rookie card made waves with collectors. Four years later, though, Joe Charboneau used his booming bats to stir imaginations around the lowly Cleveland Indiansand the next spring, the burgeoning hobby fully embraced Charboneau and his Topps card in what might have been the first diagnosed case of Rookie Card Mania.

    So we turn here to Greg Harris, who holds the distinction of appearing on the first Topps Rockies card available on Opening Day, even though he had gone with a 6.

    Hey, every team has to start somewhere Detroit Tigers — Topps Rocky Colavito Just days before the Major League Baseball season opened, the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers orchestrated a trade that would rock the two franchises, and the American League, for years to come.

    Heading to Detroit was Tribe favorite, rightfielder Rocky Colavito, who had paced the Junior Circuit with 42 home runs in The next spring, Topps gave the world their first cardboard look at Colavito in a Detroit uniform. Ryan was good, not great in for Houston, going with a 3. Still, it must have been good for Astros faithful to finally get their big gun on a Houston baseball card in the spring of It showed George Brett looking pretty doofus-y — good for ridicule later on.

    And, hey, at least Bryan Harvey was good for the expansion Marlins inpicking up 45 saves to go with a nifty 1. Milwaukee Brewers — Topps Kurt Bevacqua Bubble Gum Champ ByTopps was issuing all its cards all in one fell swoop, so this Kurt Bevacqua card got an early start on legendary status despite falling so late in the set.

    Minnesota Twins — Topps Lenny Green 4 For the first 60 years of their existence, the Minnesota Twins were known by another name … specifically, the Washington Senators. In a twist that could only happen in baseball, the Senators left for Minneapolis after the season, and then MLB awarded our capital an expansion team foraptly named … well, the Washington Senators.

    Not to worry, though, because those Senators would eventually become the Texas Rangers. While they were waiting for the results of that return engagement, they were happy to get their hands on the first mainstream Jackson baseball cards that showed him in Yankee pinstripes.

    Oakland Athletics — Donruss Jose Canseco 39 Bycollectors had pretty much bought into the hype of rookie cards. They finally made it back to the Fall Classic in and there, against the Kansas City Royalsexorcised their baseball demons. So, yeah, a baseball card commemorating that long-awaited victory was kind of a big deal inespecially if it showed a triumphant Tug McGraw.

    Pittsburgh Pirates — Topps Roberto Clemente 50 When Roberto Clemente collected his th hit for the Pittsburgh Pirates at the end of the season, fans knew for sure we were looking at a future Hall of Famer. Topps gave us one last, eerie shot of Clemente at-bat, shrouded in shadows, on his Topps card. It was both a celebration of the man and a somber reminder of what had been lost, but it was a must-get for Pirates fans.

    Clean, instantly boosting both their star power and playoff hopes. Garvey played in only games for San Diego inbut his 14 home runs and. Nobody has that kind of money to spend, buddy. Besides, Giants fans waited a generation for Barry Bonds to come home to the Bay, and when he did, he lived up to expectations.

    After a 46. Little did we know what we were in for over the next 15 years or so! How else can you explain the confluence of events that led to a revolutionary card company snagging a once-in-two-lifetimes-talent, as a teenager, to grace card 1 in thei r inaugural set?

    In the spring ofwe were all believers.

    Speed dating oakland baseball (The Greatest Baseball Cards in Opening Day History .., for Each Team!)

    He also had served in World War II and seen his cardboard profile severely blunted by wartime rations. The Bowman card changed all that, and it stands as one of the first true post-war classics of the hobby and a card that any kid would have drooled over on Opening Day.

    Black-and-white photo and all. Rangers fans, baseball fans, and card collectors ate it up, and Topps pulled out their old Hank Aaron trick to dedicate the first several cards of their set to Ryan and his ancient but incredible right arm. These errors have been hobby staples for nearly 45 years, and John ny Grubb was a pretty gosh darn good player, too.

    Heck, he was drafted like a bajillion times before he finally chose the … uh … San Diego Padres. His inner circle apparently could have used a bit of fine-tuning.

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