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    Secret Places Where Single Women Outnumber The Men

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    Meet Local Shemales

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    How to meet single girls under 14 (BE Smartt, Inc. Professional Swim Meet Management)

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    How to meet single girls under 14 (BE Smartt, Inc. Professional Swim Meet Management)

    With their unique perspectives, these historians have rescued studying the past from the clutches of fusty academia and changed our view of yesteryear for ever From left: I love the stories and lives contained in such documents.

    Kate lives with her partner and child in London. Why the 18th and 19th centuries? What do women bring to the way we see history?

    How to meet single girls under 14 (BE Smartt, Inc. Professional Swim Meet Management)

    Exploring the history of women is a way of redressing that imbalance. If you could travel back in time… I already have! I made my own time machine from a washing-machine box when I was a little girl and took my brother to Ancient Egypt. Which historical item would you like to get your hands on?

    Passion, Power, Napoleon will be published by Hutchinson on Thursday This s silhouette of an unidentified woman was a prompt for one of Hallie's books. Her novel Mistress of My Fate was published in Hallie grew up in Los Angeles and lives with her husband in London.

    Why the 18th century?


    The gender barrier — where women do social history while men do war — is largely artificial. The great pioneer of social history, Lawrence Stone, was a man. There are some eminent female military historians, such as Juliet Barker.

    Without fully functional sewage systems, diseases such as typhus, dysentery, tuberculosis and smallpox were rife. There was no concept of bacteria and infection. What historical item would you most like to get your hands on?

    A living inhabitant of the 18th century. Who would you resurrect for a dinner date? Mary Wollstonecraft, the radical writer, philosopher, traveller and the mother of Mary Shelley. She went against the grain by living openly with a lover and having a child out of wedlock. What would you put in a time capsule? A copy of Heat magazine. It symbolises the things that across the centuries unite us all, king or pauper, such as going to the loo!

    She is senior lecturer in early modern history at Royal Holloway, University of London, and is the author of Mary Tudor: She lives in Cambridge. I fell in love with the Tudor period at school because of a teacher who encouraged my fascination with what made these monarchs such historical celebrities. Why are we now so interested in the past?

    Archive for the ‘Coed Girls’ Category

    There are so many different ways to consume history: Such things are hard to recover from historical records. I would want to make sure I had a return ticket! What item would you like to get your hands on? It could answer so many questions, such as whether she was a virgin. Unfortunately for us, it never existed. Will Somer, a Tudor court fool. He got to see all kinds of things that were beyond the public gaze. With the licence of speaking truth through folly, he revealed all the gossip at court.

    She works as a journalist and broadcaster and lives in London with her daughter. Most of us think of Renaissance in terms of paintings, but it was a revolution in all aspects of life.

    This is simply offensive. Women might have been marginalised in the past, but they were never unimportant.

    Past Issues

    Why has history now become part of popular culture? As recent controversy about reforms to the school history curriculum shows, people are concerned about the past, because what children are taught affects their attitudes in the present.

    How to meet single girls under 14 (BE Smartt, Inc. Professional Swim Meet Management)

    The aristocracy had governed Europe for a millennium, and I would love to witness the dying days of a system that had endured for so long.

    The Elizabethan martyr Edmund Campion. What historical item would you like to get your hands on? The Art of the Vikings. She specialises in medieval British art from AD. Janina is married with two children and lives in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

    I thought it would be easy — Ye Olde Pub speak — so I was horrified when I realised it was a completely different language! It gave me an insight into the fascinating jigsaw that is Anglo-Saxon culture. Why are we suddenly so interested in the past? The digital revolution is as significant as the invention of the printing press.

    People now have access to history like never before. It is easier than ever to trace family trees thanks to online records, and this personal connection with the past is becoming an important part of our lives.

    The history of the landscape is a constant fascination, too.


    But as a young female academic of mixed cultural heritage, I feel very grateful to live now — I would never have had such opportunities in any other period. The Hundred Years War. What would you store in a time capsule? An iPhone, because I still find it incredible that I can hold a library, camera, personal records and communication device in the palm of my hand. People think archaeologists spend all day tickling with brushes.

    While this is true when you're excavating something delicate, there's usually several feet of muck to shift first. When you find a good mattock you hang on to it' Dr Cassie Newland, 37, specialises in historical archaeology, exploring the development of the modern world.

    She also writes and lectures on the archaeology of telecommunications. Cassie is married with two children and lives in Bristol. Archaeology is about people. We are a weird species — everywhere we have ever been you can see signs of our having manipulated our environment.

    Archaeology is an amazing window into the process of being human. It is just an irresistible discipline. Being a woman, and white, and living in the UK in the 21st century, brings me a particular perspective, but not one that is particularly relevant to understanding people in the past. In fact, archaeologists try really hard to not project their own assumptions into the past.

    Why has history become part of popular culture? When times get tough, history is a way of making problems seem smaller. Material evidence can make the medieval world seem quite close, but the gulf between the way they thought and felt and the way we think is vast.

    Michael Faraday, the 19th-century English scientist. His discoveries in chemistry and physics opened up universes of possibility. Not because of what it does but because its components are a material snapshot of globalisation. Each tiny piece — a rare metal mined in the Congo, say, or a battery produced in China — connects people.

    She is a historian, broadcaster and convenor for history at New College of the Humanities, London, and author of She lives in London. Why the 16th century? It is an age of great and tumultuous change, of extraordinary characters and profoundly moving stories. A culture that feels vulnerable looks to its roots for security. The contemporary Western age exists in a world where, more and more, what we possess seems fragile and fleeting, where our loyalties to long-held ideologies are dissipating, and where our society feels insecure.

    Some of the finest examples of craftsmanship of our age — a Patek Philippe watch, a Mont Blanc pen, a pair of handmade shoes. The 19th-century composer Franz Liszt, the greatest pianist who ever lived and incredibly handsome — women fainted when he played.

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