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    Ex-Girlfriend Asks Why Ex-Boyfriend Never Visited Her In Hospital

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    Madtv Trina's Speed Date

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    Leslie writes that during his father's twenty-two-year army career, 'he served in England three times, twice in Germany, once in Italy, once in Korea, twice in Hong Kong and once in Singapore, including a short tour of Borneo during the Malay—Indonesia conflict'.

    And, as Leslie notes, it was due to his father's military career that five of the eight Rutledge children who were born between and were born abroad, and that Leslie himself went to some ten different schools within a six-year period. The first part of Leslie's long and detailed story, which covers the years tofollows.

    See below for parts II to XI, and click here for his personal observations on an army childhood. In FebruaryDad accordingly enlisted at the Swansea army careers office and decided to join the corps of the Royal Engineers. His three basic trades, which he learned during training, were "Combat Engineer, Storeman-Tech and Carpenter".

    Hoping to be posted to some faraway, exotic country, he was rather disappointed when his first posting was confirmed as being back home in Wales, and he joined the 37 Army Engineer Regiment in Crickhowell, near Abergavenny, in March When he was home on leave over the Christmas period inDad and Mum were married at the registry office in Pembroke.

    Dad then went to Malvern Wells [in Worcestershire] to continue his training, and Mum stayed with her mother at Number 8 Kings Street, Pembroke Dock, as it was not usual for lower ranks to receive a quarter in those times.

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    Inthe United Nations had decided that the territory should be declared an independent state, which was then split into Zone A Italy and Zone B Yugoslavia.

    Armed forces having been sent there as peacekeepers, Zone A was policed by the Americans and the British, and Zone B, by the Yugoslavs. As Dad could not be given a quarter, he travelled out on his own, and shortly before he left, Mum presented him with a daughter, Vicky. It was over a year before Dad managed to arrange some private accommodation so that Mum could join him in Trieste, this being a small bedsit in a street called Via San Francesco d'Assisi, which was close to the city centre.

    Mum and Vicky were due to travel out together in May to join Dad in Trieste, but at the last moment Vicky caught the measles, so Mum travelled alone, which did not please Dad. He therefore arranged for a spot of home leave as quickly as possible, and in September they both travelled to Wales to bring Vicky back with them to Trieste.

    A wintry scene snapped from the train travelling home on leave from Trieste in Because my Mum and Dad were living in private accommodation amongst Italians, they quickly picked up the language, and later on in life would always speak Italian to each other if they didn't want us kids to know what they were talking about.

    Contributor Archives

    An Italian postcard showing an aerial view of the flooded town of Rovigo. On 14 Novemberthe river Po broke its banks at a small town called Occhiobello due to heavy rainfall, which had swollen the river to overflowing. Two-thirds of Polesine ended up under water,inhabitants had to be evacuated and people died in Italy's worst flood disaster for over years. The military was called in to assist in the humanitarian effort needed to rescue, feed and evacuate the civilian population, and the Royal Engineers' squadron at Trieste, including Dad, was sent to assist the Italians in their hour of need.

    The squadron was based at the town of Rovigo, the largest town in the area, where a makeshift camp of tents was set up as there was no other accommodation available.

    The men worked an eighteen-hour day, only stopping working to sleep. Shortly before Christmas, Mum heard a knock on the door and there stood Dad, totally exhausted, but glad to be home again. And in Augustafter having been married for almost four years, Dad and Mum were finally given a quarter in a block of flats in an area called Gretta, which was about 2 miles outside the town to the north-west. It was not quite ready, however, so they were moved into a hotel in the city centre for five weeks, and Vicky went to kindergarten.

    The quarter at Gretta was in quite a reasonable apartment block and was also on the ground floor, which any mother with two young kids would appreciate. Because you couldn't get a pram into a bus or taxi in those days, rations in assorted packs were brought out to the married quarters on a daily basis in a cwt vehicle.

    The distance to the city centre also meant that Vicky could not go to kindergarten for the remainder of their time in Trieste. After rejoining the army inhis father was posted to Korea, while his family remained behind in Perham Down, in Wiltshire.

    The two years that followed would encompass some traumatic events for the Rutledge family, as Leslie relates. It was usual in the army to be posted after a three-year tour, so he applied for a posting, a request that the army turned down. He decided that the only way to get out of Trieste was to leave the army, and when his five-year contract ended shortly afterwards, he refused to sign on again.

    By this time Mum was pregnant with yours truly, and if Dad had stayed in the army, I'd have been born in Italy instead of Wales.

    In MayDad left the army, and Mum and Dad, along with Vicky and Chris, travelled along the overland bus and train route from Trieste to the UK for the last time I recall my mother telling me that travelling through the Rhine valley was the most pleasant train journey of her life.

    On arriving in the UK, my father had to travel to the Royal Engineers' headquarters in Barton Stacey [in Hampshire] to sign off, but as he still had three weeks' leave, he was then sent to a hotel in Blackpool to finish his time in the army. My mother and the kids had gone straight to Blackpool from London. In Blackpool, the family was housed in a room not big enough for two, let alone four; they were finding it difficult to understand why the army had sent them there in the first place.

    After three days, they decided to pack up and catch a train to Wales. Once there, Dad didn't have a job to go to and couldn't find any regular employment, so he took temporary jobs here and there to make ends meet. I was born in July at the Riverside Hospital in Pembroke, where granddad was a gardener.

    My birthplace, the Riverside Hospital, Pembroke. As he'd already served in the army and did not need do any basic training, he was sent straight to 32 Assault Engineer Regiment at Perham Down, near Tidworth, in the county of Wiltshire. He took us with him and we lived in an old World War II-era Nissen hut with a corrugated roof and walls, which was far worse than the family's first quarter in Gretta, in Trieste.

    In Marchmy parents' third son in a row was born at Tidworth Military Hospital. Although it wasn't known at the time, Stephen was born with a heart problem, a condition that was difficult to cure in the s. Vicky and friend outside our quarter at Perham Down, Wiltshire. In MayDad received the news that he was being sent to Korea as part of a United Nations' peacekeeping force.

    The war, which had been fought between andwas now over, and although Korea had been split down the middle, along the 38th parallel, there was still a lot of tension between the communist-backed North and the pro-Western South.

    Dad was sent to Barton Stacey for his pre-Korea training and left in June to join the Royal Engineers' 55 Independent Field Squadron, thereafter spending nine months serving with the United Nations' peacekeeping force just outside Seoul.

    Whilst in Korea, he was allowed to go to Tokyo, in Japan, for two-week rest-and-recuperation periods. Vicky started infants' school at the local school in Perham Down in September The problems with Stephen's heart were getting worse, and he had to be hospitalised. The doctors at Tidworth Military Hospital did not seem to be able to cure the problem, though, so at the beginning of September the decision was taken to send him to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London.

    On the morning of the planned transfer, my mother visited the hospital and was informed that Stephen had died shortly beforehand. Because his death came so unexpectedly, my father did not have time to get back from Korea for the funeral. Stephen was buried at the military cemetery at Tidworth four days later. The funeral was attended by my mother, her sister, the commanding officer, a sergeant major and a nurse from the hospital.

    I was too young to understand what was going on. Having just lost a child and being separated from her husband by half the world, my mother's grieving eventually landed her in hospital, and we three kids had to be fostered out. On coming out of hospital, she decided that she needed a complete break from Tidworth and went home to Wales for three weeks over Christmas.

    On returning to Tidworth, as if she hadn't had enough problems already, my mother discovered that the water tank and all the water pipes had frozen solid because the quarter had not been lived in for three weeks. The two allocated wood-fire stoves were lit up to try to defrost the water system, but early the next morning there was a loud bang and the water tank exploded, destroying part of the ceiling and leaving a big hole in the roof.

    Within minutes, the quarter was under 2 inches of water. My mother and we children then spent the next week living in the sergeants' mess as there was no other accommodation available. Just when we were getting used to being treated like lords by the mess stewards, another quarter was found for us.

    Mum, Vicky, me and Chris inwhile living in Perham Down. As sad as Stephen's death was, it helped to reunite the family as Dad was granted a compassionate posting to the Royal Engineers' 54 Field Squadron in Hong Kong, and arrangements were made for the family to be shipped out to the Far East to join him.

    The rest of the squadron left Korea soon afterwards for Christmas Island to build the camp for the nuclear-testing programme, so Dad was spared all that. My parents had now been married for nearly eight years, and had been separated for more than half of that time. The ship that we would be travelling on was called HMT [hired military transport] Empire Clyde, which had previously served as an ocean liner, the Cameronia, and would later carry emigrants to Australia.

    Although it was nearing the end of its life by the time we sailed on it, it was still quite posh, with a big, open staircase, large mirrors on the walls, mahogany panelling, plush bars and restaurants with waiter service — in fact, it seemed more of a cruise ship than a troopship.

    As I was still quite young at the time, I can't remember much about the journey out to Hong Kong, but Mum said that it was an unbelievable experience for somebody like her, who came from a working-class background, to be given an "around-the-world-cruise" for free. We set sail for Hong Kong on 17 Julylittle realising that we were sailing into a diplomatic storm that would bring down the British government.

    Political tension had been building between Britain and Egypt for several years. Britain had completely withdrawn its forces from its former colony of Egypt, but had, along with America, promised Egypt funding for the building of the Aswan Dam, an offer that was later rescinded at short notice after Egypt recognised China in the United Nations.

    How would Egypt react? We would find out en route to Hong Kong. We sailed down the Irish Sea and across the Bay of Biscay, stopping at Gibraltar for fuel and water and, after a few more days at sea crossing the Mediterranean, also at Malta.

    We then left Malta and headed for our next stop, Port Said [an Egyptian port at the northern end of the Suez Canal], after which we were scheduled to sail through the Suez Canal.

    On our arrival at Port Said on the evening of 25 July, we accordingly waited for north-bound ships to clear the canal, which allowed only one-way traffic.

    President Nasser of Egypt's reaction to the withdrawal of funds from Britain and America came the next day, on 26 July, when he decided to nationalise the Suez Canal, promising free passage to all ships of all nationalities during a two-hour speech in Alexandria. The Empire Clyde was held at Port Said for three days before being allowed passage through the canal, with no reason for the delay being given to the passengers. During that time, no passengers were allowed to leave the ship, also being ordered to have no contact with any of the Egyptian bumboats small wooden boats selling goods to crews and passengers waiting to enter the canal.

    Later, all of the women and children were confined below decks after it was discovered that Egyptian men on the dockside were lifting up their smocks and revealing their bare buttocks in a show of defiance aimed at Britain. Mum claimed that ours was the first British ship to sail through the Suez Canal after it had been nationalised, but I haven't been able to confirm that.

    She also claims to have seen the Pyramids from the canal. We eventually sailed on and made our next stop at Aden, where passengers were allowed to go ashore for the first time.

    Mum said that we were the first to return aboard as Aden seemed to be nothing but a fly-infested hole. From Aden, we crossed the Indian Ocean to Ceylon [now Sri Lanka], and the passengers were once again allowed onshore at Colombo to see how the locals lived. From Ceylon, we sailed down the Straits of Malacca and docked at Singapore, where the first troops left the ship, although the rest of the passengers were not allowed ashore.

    As soon as we had refuelled and taken on supplies and water, we left for Hong Kong, which we reached about five days later, after sailing across the South China Sea, arriving at the end of August after a six-week voyage.

    The Empire Clyde unloading at Kowloon. Once again, no quarter was available to us, and Dad had to find civilian accommodation, which took him about a week. You'd have thought that the army would have treated its married soldiers a little better — by that time, Dad had been in the army for eight years, for most of that time married.

    On our first night in the hotel, Mum decided to bathe us kids and was surprised to find the bath half-full of cold water. As it was so hot, she bathed us in that, drained the bath and put us to bed. Afterwards, she went to have a bath herself, but no water came out of the tap and she had to get one of the staff to come to the room and explain the situation.

    Looking rather bemused, the member of staff told my mother, "This Hong Kong, missy, water rationed".
    Sally Webster tells her daughters Rosie and Sophie that she has breast cancer. Sian Powers moves to Southport. Gail is horrified but is unable to stop Joe going ahead with his plan. After setting sail however, Joe is knocked off his boat and dies in the freezing water. Gail has no way of knowing what has happened to him.

    The police search for the young boy, assisted by Peter. Gail McIntyre is arrested for the murder of her husband Joe on the day of Joe's funeral. Mark reports David to the police of harassment.

    Jason asks Tina McIntyre to marry him but she dumps him instead, confessing that she kissed Nick Tilsley. John Stape loses a teaching job when the fact that he has a criminal record is discovered. Becky McDonald finds out that she has suffered a second miscarriage and that she will probably never carry a baby to term. Graeme Proctor finds out she hasn't been eating due to her grief over her dad's death and decides to take care of her. Tracy Barlow is allowed out of Redford Prison to attend.

    People are selling mattresses from vans in Somerset - here's why you shouldn't buy one

    Blanche has left virtually all of her estate to her granddaughter Tracy Barlow. Tony Gordon shoots his accomplice Robbie Sloane dead during a siege at Underworld. However, he lets Hayley go and Carla escapes. As Underworld explodes, only Tony is caught in the explosion and dies. Tracy Barlow, who testified in Weatherfield Crown Court that Gail had confessed to the murder, is beaten up in prison by Lyn Fulwood for being a snitch.

    Speed dating blackpool hospital (Lancashire Police News, views, gossip, pictures, video Mirror Online)

    He is forced to tell her about his scam so that she doesn't blow his cover. A speed dating night takes place at the Rovers. Graeme handcuffs David to a radiator before telling him the news as he anticipates a violent reaction. Jason responds to the news by changing the locks at No. Audrey announces to the entire pub that she and Lewis are happy together and don't care what people think.

    Maria Connor returns to Weatherfield permanently after living in Ireland for eight months. His body is stashed underneath the building works at Underworld by John Stape and Charlotte Hoyle, as they would be incriminated should the police find out.

    John had been fraudulently using Colin's identity. First appearance of Katy Armstrong. Ken Barlow finds out that wife Deirdre shared a kiss with Lewis. Nick Tilsley dumps Natasha Blakemanunaware that she is pregnant with his child. John Stape is offered a job at Barlow's Bookies. Aadi Alahan has an operation when he collapses with a brain haemorrhage.

    Dev and Sunita can't explain the bump on his head. Sophie Webster admits to her dad Kevin that she is having a relationship with Sian Powers when Claire Peacock tells everyone. The father is either husband Tyrone or Kevin Webster, the result of an affair between Molly and Kevin which is still a secret from Tyrone and Kevin's family.

    Aadi and Asha had been placed into care for their protection. Gary Windass assaults a thug outside the Rovers, possibly jeopardizing his Army career. Kylie Turner is granted custody of her son Max at a court hearing. Gail McIntyre finds out that Natasha had an abortion a month ago and is pretending to still be pregnant to hold onto Nick.

    When Natasha promises to tell Nick the truth but doesn't, Gail does so herself. Paramedics are called soon enough to stabilize Natasha's condition and she comes round later in the day. Tina McIntyre believes it was intentional as David has a grievance with Graeme. Rosie Webster accidentally sets the kitchen of No.

    He regains consciousness in Weatherfield General six days after being hit by a car driven by David. He is told he might have a form of epilepsy. He is granted bail until the case can go to trial. They agree to Kylie's offer as Becky is desperate to ensure that Max is well cared for. Jack Duckworth overhears their conversation. Carla Connor is arrested for drink driving. Afer a talk with Ken, Leanne realises that the affair was a mistake and ends it. Molly Dobbs leaves husband Tyrone and admits that he's not the father of their baby Jack.

    John Stape attacks Charlotte Hoyle during a struggle with a hammer. Max Turner goes missing sending Becky and Steve McDonaldwho paid Max's mother Kylie to be allowed to keep him, on a frantic search to find him.

    The Joinery is destroyed in a gas explosion which causes a tram to derail from the overhead viaduct and crash onto Coronation Street, destroying the Corner Shop and No. Peter BarlowAshley Peacock and Nick Tilsley are trapped in the remains of the Joinery, Rita Sullivan is trapped in The Kabin with the majority of the residents believing she was out for the evening and Sunita AlahanMolly Dobbs and her son Jack are trapped in the wreckage of the the corner shop.

    All but Simon Barlow are immediately rescued, and Jason Grimshaw heads into the blazing house to find him. Ashley Peacock holds up a falling beam to allow Nick Tilsley to escape the crumbling remains of the Joinery with a gravely injured Peter Barlow, and is crushed when the roof collapses on top of him.

    With no money left herself, Becky robs from the Corner Shop. Peter Barlow, who is believed to be likely to die of his injuries at any moment, is married to Leanne Battersby by a hospital chaplain seconds before he crashes and an emergency team try to revive him. Molly Dobbs dies in the wreckage of the Corner Shop just after revealing to Sally Webster that her husband Kevin is the biological father of son Jack. He explains that he had finished with Molly before learning she was pregnant, however Sally realises that Kevin only stayed with her because she got cancer and tells him their marriage is over.

    The residents learn from Nick Tilsley that Rita Sullivan's night out had been cancelled and she had headed home before the crash. Norris Cole alerts the authorities that Rita is likely trapped in The Kabin, and she is finally rescued.

    Charlotte Hoyle is declared to be brain dead and her parents turn off her life support machine, much to John Stape's relief. Sally Webster throws Kevin out because of his infidelity. Tracy returns to Coronation Street and immediately causes a stir by getting into a catfight with Gail McIntyre. She uses this knowledge to blackmail them into allowing her to keep Amy permanently. She later heads to the Rovers and insults a majority of the people there as well as the recently deceased Ashley Peacock in front of his widow Claire.

    Sophie Webster and Sian Powers sleep together for the first time. Real life events Edit This year is the 50th anniversary of when Coronation Street first aired. The series returns on 7th June with additional slots created to accommodate the backlog of episodes.
    Ghost Hunt at Tidworth Garrison Barracks. It is now named Tedworth House. Burnt Vengeance - How will a dying patient in a hospice take his revenge?

    What are his final wishes and what will his solicitor reveal when she reads out his Last Will and Testament? Buswell brings another story from his dark, tempestuous mind. Burnt Vengeance will have you screaming for the light and grappling with your imagination as you try to quell your fear.

    If you like this page and would like to easily share it with your friends and family please use the social networking buttons below: Tweet Below are memories of Tidworth Military Hospital. If you would like to send your recollections for other Qaranc.

    My stay was in the family ward, and the adult ladies who were patients got a bottle of stout every night provided their health permitted. Of course I didn't since I was not old enough. I do remember the Matron, although not her name, and the round of the ward she did every morning.

    I had been given auromycin during my last few days because I was not progressing as fast as I should. It had the unfortunate affect of making me sick about 10 minutes after I had taken it. The Matron came round, and I shall never forget her words: It all seems so long ago now. It occupied the Delhi barrack block, and had some wonderful nurses - I know this personally because being an army "brat" I was a patient there in March for 2 weeks suffering from pneumonia.

    I was treated very well, and can still remember how kind the nurses were. I was 15 and was very ill and scared, but they certainly helped to put my fears to rest. I do not remember any names, but one of the nurses had the most glorious red hair, underneath her cap of course!

    In the summer of my late Mother was a patient there for a hysterectomy, and was treated with kindness and compassion. The barracks are all behind barbed and razor wire so I do not know if it still exists in any form at all. I also did casevac duties and we had regular training sessions on setting up a Field hospital for casualties.

    cal 52

    In those days when you finished nights you could draw rations from the cookhouse to make your own breakfast in the Nurses home. I remember the long walk up to Nightingale House Nurses home after a hectic night duty clutching eggs and bacon! Happy Days and sorry it has been closed down. He was supposed to walk the corridors at certain times of the year - the corridors were concrete walkways under cover which ran past every ward and it was quite a spooky experience to be on nights because the wards were on the first floor and you had to come up darkly lit wooden stairs from the ground floor.

    Many times I have heard footsteps outside in the corridor and gone out and no-one was there or have heard footsteps coming up the stairs and thinking it was Night Sister have gone out to find no-one there.

    He was, I think, a drummer boy who was killed whilst walking the ramparts which I imagine were the said concrete walkways and it was reputed you could hear him drumming sometimes - I never heard him drumming but am sure I heard him walking on many occasions. I also had another spooky experience in the Nurses home - Nightingale house.

    I woke up one night to find a women dressed in a long grey dress down to the floor, she had frizzy hair and was sitting on the end of my bed, when I screamed she got up and walked into my wardrobe!!

    When my friend Gerry from Liverpool, ran in to see what the fuss was about she said I looked as though I had seen a ghost and next morning when we went down to breakfast I was telling the Corporal about it - she said 'Oh I see you met our ghost then'.

    Isle of Wight NHS Trust provides better service with Microsoft Surface

    Apparently my room was where the Matron had nursed a little boy who died from smallpox - that building was an isolation hospital at some point in its history so I can only agree that I had seen the ghost. I worked on the children's ward under the wing of a marvellous ward sister called Sister Birkett, I also worked on the male ward under a Major Mahoney who was so strict that most of us were afraid of her. I remember doing my stint of nights on the Children's ward and I agree with the person who said it was spooky; it most certainly was but I never saw the ghost thank goodness.

    I remember though that Nightingale house was haunted by the said Grey Lady though again I never saw the ghost, although my friend Jenny claimed to have seen something one night when we were nights off and she came screaming into my room babbling about seeing something in the bathroom. I loved my time there and made a lot of lovely friends and can remember so many details like the covered concrete walkways which connected all the wards, the wooden stair case, the NAAFI, the cookhouse and much more with really fond memories.

    While there I met a man called George Lugavarni. George was a remarkable man, in that he had grown up in an African Village and wanted to join the British Army. Having no money for the fare to the UK, he walked from Africa to England in just under twelve months - arriving here with only the clothes on his back, no shoes to his feet and not being able to speak any English.

    He then asked to join the Royal Army Medical Corps. He informed me that he would stay in for nine years. In this time he hoped to save enough money to build a small hospital and medical centre back in his own village.

    When taking over a shift from George, it was a joy to read his reports, which were written in the old-style, copper plate writing. After screening the bed, I showed Tony how we washed, shaved and prepare a body for burial. After washing the front, I ask Tony to give me a hand to turn the body over. Tony was still reluctant, but assisted in turning the body and as we did so, the body expelled some air from the lungs, thus making a groaning sound.

    The great feat of Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile in was nothing compared to the speed that Tony recorded that day! One evening we received a call for an ambulance to collect a patient from Bulford Camp which was nine miles away. The ambulance was an old Military type known as a K9; it comprised of a three-ton chassis with a box top, and was about twelve feet in height and painted green with the usual Red Cross signs on the side.

    There was a snowstorm blowing across the open country side between Tidworth and Bulford which caused snowdrifts of fifteen feet or more. About three miles outside, the civilian driver skidded off the road and into one of the drifts. The driver and I decided that it was not safe for one of us to walk back alone for help, and so we tied ourselves together with bandages and wrapping ourselves in blankets we set off to walk back.

    The blankets helped to keep some of the cold out but soon became damp and heave with a collection of snow. My feet were cold but dry as I had my boots on and the amount of polish that was brushed into the leather helped to keep them waterproof. The driver however, only had his shoes on and soon his feet were cold and wet.

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    We struggled through the snow for nearly two hours just to walk the three miles back. We have covered about three quarters of the distance and by this time the driver was in a bad state and could hardly walk. I discarded my blankets and carried him piggyback fashion with his blankets encasing us both. Once back, I had a hot bath and changed into dry clothes while the driver was admitted as a patient for overnight observations. We set off in their large Scammel recovery vehicle which was nice and warm within the cab.

    We travelled all the way to Bulford without seeing the ambulance. We turned around and slowly made our way back again. It was no good; the snow had buried this twelve foot green vehicle within a very short period of time. It was found three weeks later, and written off as being beyond repair. I woke up six hours later in recovery ward. There was so much snow and ice on the trees that one of the boughs had broken, falling on my head rendering me unconscious.

    I was very lucky, in that the bough only caught me a glancing blow on the back of my head, which shot me forward and away from further injuries. I was told later by the REME lads who removed the bough that it weighed nearly a ton.

    It was so cold that Whitstable Harbour froze for half a mile out to sea. Members of Blackpool Football Club were photographed ice-skating on their playing pitch, and in parts of the UK the snow was so high that it covered the tops of telegraph poles. It was only a small village and there was very little to do there. Most people went to the cinema, which was run by the Army Kinema Corps.

    Douglas McLeod, one of the medics, worked at the cinema and would always save Jan and me our seats on the back row. With nowhere else to go, Jan knew she could always find me in the games room playing snooker with Sammy Shaw, Ken Brock, Pete Deck and sometimes Taffy Leek, just to name a few.

    In the library on a Tuesday night from One night he informed us that he had been told by the Commanding Officer that he had to stop the junior ranks from calling him Tony. His next statement was to say that from this night onwards we had to call him Anthony. One evening, while I was on night duty in the casualty department, we received a call for an ambulance to collect a lady from Bulford and deliver her to the Maternity Wing. The nurse on ambulance duty that night was none other than Jan.

    I told Jan not to take to heart what the woman had said. Jan and I married in August It was there that Jan told me she was pregnant. Later that day, our first daughter, Annathea, was born. Her name being taken from both grandmothers names: I started my training there inand remained there until the end of when I and three of my fellow students were posted to Hong Kong.

    The story of the grey lady was one that I remember so well! My first ward was S1, which was male surgical under the keen eye of Captain Blundell -I was terrified of her, but her report at the end of my stay was staggering!

    The grey lady story was rife on the medical ward upstairs and none of us were too keen to enter the far end that was divided by doors from the rest - it always seemed terribly cold in there!

    I first lived in Cavell House and was later moved up to Highfields. All such a long time ago now, but also such amazing memories. I was allocated to the Children's Ward which was an allocation that I was not looking forward to.

    However under the guidance of a staunch ward sister and fatherly paediatrician I can say that I enjoyed my experience.

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    I remember the story of the little drummer boy, it was said that he had died in the room next to the children's ward. We used to nurse the children who had their tonsils and adenoids out next to the said room. It was often talked about that the night nurses had heard him drumming whilst they were caring for the children on night duty. My husband and I were fortunate to have a final tour of the grounds before it closed. We had to sit in our car with a guard and sadly were not allowed to take pictures.

    When we were posted here after our six years abroad, I had to get a job because of the loss of LOA Local Overseas Allowance as well as having to pay utility bills that had previously been deducted at source.
    How can I improve my speaking?

    The most important thing you can do is to speak English as often as possible. To do this a partner is very helpful, so think about the people you know and consider if any of them could be a practice partner for you.

    Even if you do not have a practice partner, it is still possible to practise alone. Just speaking English to yourself while you are at home, going about your normal daily activities, can help a great deal with your fluency and can help you to feel more confident.

    You can also use the audio and video materials here on LearnEnglish to improve your fluency. After doing the exercises, try listening with the transcript listening and reading. Then try saying the text yourself, and finally try saying it with and at the same speed as the recording. This will help you to develop speed in your speech, which is a key component of fluency. You'll also pick up a lot of language as chunks — words which are often used together in set phrases — which you can use to communicate with less hesitation.

    How can I improve my vocabulary? To improve your vocabulary it's important to do three things: The more you read — magazines and newspapers, journals, short stories, novels, poems We also recommend very strongly that you start if you haven't already a personal vocabulary book.

    Organise it by topic sports, work, appearance, finance, etc. Use it to test yourself so you can see how well you memorise the items.

    How can I improve my writing? How to write depends upon what kind of writing you want to do, for what purpose you are writing and who the recipient is.

    Different kinds of writing require different language and different ways of organising the text, so the first thing to do is to take a look at as many different texts as you can. In general, to improve your writing it's important to read and write as much as possible, so keep an eye out for good examples of letters, articles and so on. Using the internet to read magazines, newspapers and other text-types from online media is a good idea. If you are interested in academic writing, then our Writing for a Purpose section might be what you are looking for; to learn how to write business emails, see our English for Emails section.

    If possible, you should get feedback from a teacher or knowledgeable friend on your writing. Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to give users individualised feedback on their writing, but you can still use LearnEnglish to do some work on your own.

    For one thing, you can respond to other users in the comment sections to carry on a written conversation. Good writers learn from reading other writers' texts, so you could learn a lot about writing from reading the content on the site. Our Magazine might be a good place to start if this interests you. When you have doubts, ask a friend or teacher, or you're also welcome to ask us periodically here by using the comments sections on each page.

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    If the search engine does not provide a result then check you have spelled it correctly or try phrasing it slightly differently, including only the relevant items and not other words from the sentence. Where can I look up grammar information? Apart from using the search facility, you can use the index of our grammar pages.

    Speed dating blackpool hospital (Lancashire Police News, views, gossip, pictures, video Mirror Online)

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