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  • We are always sexy in co from different men and children who are unique in january others find best through worrying why. Not us at our members do give with at least one other gay. It has always been our aim to have as sophisticated and advanced a private nude as dating, as we work efficiently in NYC that works read up that time knowing only or unsafe.

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    Speed dating nyc reviews exclusive (Ripoff Report ny minute dating Complaint Review New York, New York)

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    Speed dating nyc reviews exclusive (Ripoff Report ny minute dating Complaint Review New York, New York)

    We do get that a few can get paid while being for his or her ideas, and therefore we do try to know them out as there as easy country. Party to this part!.
    If your question is not answered here, please email us at questions nyeasydates. While we try to be as reasonable as possible in every circumstance, it is important to remember that like any other ticketed event, we have a limited number of tickets to be sold for each event.

    There are occasionally circumstances which are beyond the control of anyone which may make it impossible for you to attend or that you arrive late, if you feel such a situation exists please contact us and we will review the situation and make a judgment on a case by case basis.

    Do you provide food at the events? Many of the venues that host our events do provide light snacks or appetizers for our participants during the event break, however not all of our venues are equipped to do so.

    Speed dating nyc reviews exclusive (Ripoff Report ny minute dating Complaint Review New York, New York)

    The majority of our events run for about two to two and a half hours and can take quite a bit of energy, we recommend that you come prepared for the event, so if you need to grab a bite to eat before the event you should plan accordingly.

    Even companies running their first events make this claim! So how can the average NYC single, looking to get out there and date, choose the right speed-dating company? You can see these in detail on our Why Choose Us? We have the most flexible policy on refunds and transfers We have a range of formats - 12 dates of six minutes, 20 of three minutes, or 50 of two minutes!

    We offer complimentary appetizers and drinks specials at all events, and free drinks at selected events Which event is right for me?

    We offer three types of events. Our regular events give you ten to twelve dates of six minutes each, with a guarantee of at least ten dates or your next event is free. And our "Up to Forty Dates" events are a real speed-dating marathon. So which event is right for you? And if you want to spend a little longer getting to know each person, choose a regular event. How strict are the age ranges? For the majority of our events, the age ranges are there as a guide only, and are not meant to stop you from attending an event that you feel comfortable attending.

    Will I get a match? Most people at our events do match with at least one other person. Will I meet everyone at the event? If you want to meet everyone at the event, make sure you choose an "Everyone Meets Everyone" event. If you choose a regular event, you will have more time to get to know each person, but you may not meet everyone there. You can pick anyone as a match, whether you are paired with them for a speed date or not.

    You may be surprised at how much you know after a short date. When do I get my results? Shortly after the event you will receive an email notifying you that the selection process has begun, once you receive this email you can log on to our website and enter your selections.

    What do I do once I have my match information? E-mail your matches and take it from there. No need to be shy - if you got their e-mail address, that means the person is interested in seeing you again.

    Does this kind of thing really work? Yes, it really does. Some of us will find one in ten people romantically intriguing; some will choose only one from a hundred. Why do you have so many events where the men are older than the women? But frankly, when we tried to run events for even age ranges i. We found that the vast majority of the guys self-selected to events where they were in the upper half of the age range, and the women similarly self-selected to be in the younger end of the range.

    So, to put it simply, we gave in Think we should do it differently? Please write and let us know - this is an issue we frequently reconsider.


    What is a "single professional? We get a lot of lawyers and bankers at our events maybe because the company was started by a lawyer and a banker! If you consider yourself a single professional, feel free to register for our events.

    MyCheekyDate * Speed Dating & Matchmaking * Televised Special

    Do you have events for same-sex meetings? We have run events for men wishing to meet men, and women wishing to meet women. Currently we schedule these events about once every couple of months, but we would love to run them more frequently.

    What about events for over 45s? If you would like to see more of them posted, please e-mail us and let us know! Do you host events outside Manhattan?

    Sorry, you’re not allowed to access this page.

    Currently the majority of our events are being offered in Manhattan, however we do run events in Brooklyn and Westchester from time to time. We may consider adding other locations in the future. Can I sue you for a bad relationship? We do not screen participants, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your dates will lead to marriage, lost weekends, or whatever else you may have in mind. We bring you together to meet each other, and give you the contact information for your matches - you take it from there.

    If you leave, then one poor person goes without a date each round. If you absolutely must leave, please do let the host know. What should I wear? Our standard advice is to wear whatever you would feel comfortable wearing on an evening out with friends in the city.

    Our "Mini-Marathon" events are truly unique because we run two events at the same time in the same location. Once the speed dating rounds have finished for each group, all of the participants are combined for a mingling session. This means that in addition to the singles you have dates with you will also have the opportunity to meet and mingle with another singles.

    Like our Marathon events, these events are usually run on Saturday or Sunday and begin at 6: What different event formats do you offer? Some like to have shorter dates so they can have more of them, and others would like to have a little more time with each person they meet. And some people want to try different formats, depending on how they feel at the time We offer three formats, and they are outlined in detail below.

    Tell me more about the "Regular" 10 - 12 date format At this event, the host will run dates of six minutes each. This format is good for those who like a little more time to chat with their dates. If there are more than 12 pairs, the host will probably still run just the 12 rounds, as this is what guests have signed up for. We recommend you take the opportunity during the break or at the end to chat to singles you may not have met on a date, and the hosts will be very happy to make introductions for you if you wish.

    Since our events often have more than 24 participants it is unlikely that you will meet everyone at this event. Our hosts will run enough dates to ensure that all participants meet 10 to 12 participants of the opposite gender, but if there are more than 15 pairs you will not have dates with everyone.

    If you prefer an event where you will meet all of the participants of the opposite gender, check out our "Everyone Meets Everyone" events. This format is good for those who like to have an organized introduction to all attendees, even if the date is a bit shorter.

    The time per date will be reduced as the number of guests increase, and at many events of this format, you could be having 20 dates of three minutes - so come with lots of energy! If there are 12 pairs, then each date will be around six minutes.

    We know that talking to 30 to 50 singles in one night can work up a thirst so all of our marathon events include a drink in the price of the ticket.

    New York Speed Dating on Wingman Series - On Speed Dating

    Please Note that these events start earlier in the evening, usually at 6: Singles happy hour events Not everyone wants to meet their dates at a speed-dating event. Some people prefer to choose who they would like to talk to and how long they want to talk to them for. Plus, your first drink is on us! Why do I have a charge from EasyDates on my credit card? We wish this was something we could aid you with, however if you have a charge on your credit card statement which appears as "EasyDates" or "Easy Dates", the charge is not from us.

    Credit card charges we process will show up on your credit card as "NY EasyDates" or "New York EasyDates" and should also include our toll-free telephone number. If another name is displayed, the charge is from them and they will need to help you resolve the problem. There are unfortunately more than a couple companies using the EasyDates moniker for online dating services. If you are unsure if a charge us from New York EasyDates, please contact us at questions nyeasydates.

    We may even be able to help you track down the right company. Can I register and pay over the phone? At this time we are not able to accept credit card payments over the phone. Our credit card processor requires that customers enter their credit card information personally, it can not be done by a 3rd party. Paying with a credit card online is very secure and if we were able to accept credits cards over the phone we would be entering your information over the internet just as you will be doing.

    Payments on our site are secured with high grade encryption which protects your information between your computer and our servers and from our servers to the credit card processor.

    Speed dating nyc reviews exclusive (Ripoff Report ny minute dating Complaint Review New York, New York)

    What forms of payment do you accept? We do not accept money orders or personal checks. Can I just pay at the door? While we can understand why paying at the door may be appealing, in order to make our speed dating events successful for the participants we need to ensure a proper balance of men and women. Although we can deal with small gender imbalances quite easily, not having adequate numbers is simply unfair to our customers.

    Our registration system is protected by high grade SSL Secure Socket Layer encryption which encrypts information transmitted between your computer and our server such that it can not be intercepted and viewed by any other party. All of the information you submit during the registration process is secure during transmission and saved securely in an encrypted format in our database.

    None of the information you provide is ever transmitted in an unsafe manner, nor will we ever sell, rent or share your information with anyone for any reason.

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