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    Speed dating in cleveland zero degrees (The ultimate list of Chuck Norris jokes My Blog)

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    Speed Dating

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    Washington Weather Records One of the most paralyzing snowstorms in decades produced record March snowfalls in Iowa.

    Four feet of snow covered the ground at Inwood, Iowa following the storm. The 58 F deg rise ties the biggest day-to-day rise on record.

    Speed dating in cleveland zero degrees (The ultimate list of Chuck Norris jokes My Blog)

    The city also experienced a similar jump in temperature in February A large explosion and resulting fire led to its collapse within minutes.

    Sleet was reported in southern Mississippi. Chadron NE was buried under 33 inches of snow, up to 25 inches of snow was reported in eastern Wyoming, and totals in the Black Hills of South Dakota ranged up to 69 inches at Lead. Winds gusted to 63 mph at Mullen NE. Snowdrifts thirty feet high were reported around Lusk, WY.

    History Twenty-one cities in the central and southwestern U. The afternoon high of 95 degrees at Lubbock TX equaled their record for March. Augusta GA and Columbia SC tied for honors as the hot spot in the nation with record highs of 88 degrees. A vigorous cold front produced up to three feet of snow in the mountains of Utah.

    On the warm side of the storm in Vermont, heavy rains combined with snowmelt and ice breakup caused massive ice jams on the Winooski River in Montpelier, resulting in severe flooding. The downtown section was under five feet of water with millions of dollars of damage resulting.

    The record run for dry days finally ends at at The last measured rain here fell on 18 october The last time the region had significant precipitation was 2 August when 0.

    Not only did the rain break the dry spell, it was a record amount for the date: The previous consecutive dry-day mark, set inwas days.

    WxDoctor A powerful winter storm which began the previous day continued in southern California. A supercell thunderstorm produced a waterspout off south Carlsbad.

    Latest U.S. Headlines

    This storm continuedthrough northern San Diego County leaving one inch hail again in Escondido, and half inch hail accumulated to one inch deep from Carlsbad to Escondido.

    A tornado was later reported in north Ramona which downed trees and caused property damage. All the mountain highways were closed. Roof damage occurred in Guatay. One immigrant was killed and seven were injured near Pine Valley. History A massive 8. The fifth worst of all recorded earthquakes causing GREAT damage with blackouts, fire, a major 33 foot tsunami and major radiation problems from atomic power plants.

    When the storm finally ended on the 13th, Saratoga, NY was buried under 58 inches of new snow and 50 inches was recorded at Middletown, CT. New York City received Snow drifted as high as 30 feet, to the second stories of many buildings. Winds of up to 70 mph accompanied the snow, creating blizzard conditions. The train system was paralyzed. The icy and wind swept Brooklyn Bridge was closed. Over people were killed, of them in New York City.

    Record cold followed the storm. Record cold temperatures followed the blizzard, and the cold and snow claimed lives. WxDoctor The St. Frances dam near Santa Paula, CA burst before midnight, killing people as a flood tide ofacres of water rushed down the San Francisquito Canyon.

    History On this date through the 25th,a series of suffocating dust storms blew across southeastern Colorado depositing up to six feet of dust.

    Calgary Speed Dating

    Six people died, and many livestock starved or suffocated. Schools were closed, and many rural homes were abandoned. The ice storm isolated towns in Iowa. Dust from the Great Plains caused brown snow, and hail and muddy rain over parts of Wisconsin and Michigan.

    Winds of 90 mph closed mountain passes, heavy rains flooded the lowlands, and in sixty hours Squaw Valley CA was buried under 96 inches eight feet of snow. David Ludlum A large tornado outbreak spawned tornadoes in the Great Lakes and Midwest, including 9 in northern Indiana and extreme southern Michigan. History The wind at Paris, TN jumped from calm to 76 mph in just one second. Several planes broke away from their tiedowns.

    History Unseasonably cold weather prevailed in the southeastern U. A storm in the Pacific Northwest produced rain with gale force winds. Crescent City CA received 2. Winds gusting to 70 mph produced snowdrifts six feet high in Minnesota, and sent twelve foot waves on Lake Superior over the break walls of the ship canal at Duluth, MN.

    Nineteen cities reported record high temperatures for the date. Wichita Falls, TX, which six days earlier reported a record low of 8 above, reported a record high of 95 degrees.

    More Television Ratings

    Childress, TX was the first spot in the country in to hit the century mark. The province of Quebec Canada was plunged into darkness as power grids were overwhelmed by currents set up in power transmission lines. Phone systems and air traffic control systems went dark.

    Some places would be without power for a week. History Unseasonably warm weather prevailed from the Southern and Central Plains to the Southern and Middle Atlantic Coast, with afternoon highs in the 70s and 80s.

    Seventy-six cities reported record high temperatures for the date. Downtown Baltimore MD was the hot spot in the nation with a record high of 95 degrees, that smashed their previous record for the date by nineteen degrees. The National Weather Summary During this warm spell in the nation's capital, the famous cherry blossoms bloomed around March 15th, which was the earliest in history. After six days of record warmth, 1 to 6 inches of snow fell 12 days later across parts of the Mid-Atlantic.

    The storm was described as the most costly non-tropical storm ever to strike the U. The storm was as strong as a hurricane in terms of winds and low pressure. The pressure dropped to an incredible Boston, MA recorded a wind gust to 81 mph, the strongest wind they had recorded since Hurricane Edna in In addition, as the storm was intensifying over the Gulf of Mexico, a wind gust to 99 mph was recorded by an offshore oil rig. It dumped incredible amounts of snow from Alabama to New England.

    The snow amounts were significant everywhere, but for places like Birmingham, AL, the 17 inches recorded brought the city to a standstill for three days.

    Speed dating in cleveland zero degrees (The ultimate list of Chuck Norris jokes My Blog)

    Mount Leconte, NC recorded 60 inches of snow. Practically every weather station in West Virginia established a new 24 hour snowfall record during the event. Syracuse, NY was buried under 43 inches of snow. The storm also brought a 12 foot storm surge and 15 tornadoes to Florida, where 51 people were killed. Air travel was brought to a halt as every major airport from Atlanta north was closed during the height of the storm.

    During the late evening into the early morning hours of the 13th, a vicious squall line swept through Florida and spawned 11 tornadoes resulting in five fatalities. Thunderstorm winds gusted to mph at Alligator Point and mph at Dry Tortugas. Extremely high tides occurred along the western Florida coast. A 13 foot storm surge occurred in Taylor County, Florida, resulting in 10 deaths with 57 residences destroyed.

    A 5 to 8 foot storm surge moved ashore in Dixie County. Over homes were destroyed with major damage to another structures. Louis, MO to establish their all-time highest barometric pressure. High pressure records for the month were also established in a number of other Midwest cities. The reading at the center of the high pressure cell was

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