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At one point, Aki came upon Harada waiting to meet with some of the officials, and Aki began shouting insults. Views Read Edit View history. Despite the Date contribution of reinforcements for the Tokugawa during the battle of Sekigaharathe Date were viewed as a threat. Iwate is a nice place. As warlords gained and lost power in the Sengoku periodtrying to unite the country, the Date, along with a handful of other powerful families, did all they could to retain independence and dominance over their section of the land in the case of the Date, the far north. And what a province it is! These samurai must be given the best weapons possible, the blacksmith here works hard to make weapons and armour worthy for our Katana samurai. Secret Memoirs of the Shoguns:

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  • This is a guide dedicated to the Date Clan in Shogun 2. It contains general information about the clan, its traits, its basic army structure and advanced battle tactics, its mastery of the art tree, religion and a mini initial walkthrough link guide to help you begin your game.

    Date Clan. Date warriors are loyal to the ideals of bushido, and possess an attacking spirit: they are fierce and unforgiving enemies.

    All Date troops have a. Date Units: 2. 40 Date Masamune.

    images date shogun 2

    Cavalry / General / (Gen_Date_Masamune) Date Masamune The duty of this loyal samurai bodyguard is to protect their.
    You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. And what a province it is! He must prove his loyalties and rid of the rebels from our lands. The Date established themselves at Sendaikoku.

    Our people specialise in wielding the No-Dachi.

    images date shogun 2
    Date shogun 2
    Once we take their province of Ugo we will have access to the superior stone found in the mountains.

    Historical and geographical dictionary of Japanp. Ieyasu granted the Date much of the north, and yet the Date were not fully trusted.

    The emblem mon of the Date clan. Tsunamune was condemned to excavate the moats which encircled the shogun's Edo Castle. There is a trading post to the north, in the Tsugaru Straights.

    Civil war has broken out in our lands, and he who once ruled now stalks the land in shame; Our old Diamyo, Tanemune, was dethroned by his eldest son Harumune.

    For the successors of this faction in Fall of the Samurai, see Sendai.

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    The Date are a major playable faction in Shogun II: Total War. Date is one of the clans from Total War: Shogun 2. It's faction logo is is shown on the right and it's starting position is shown below on the. 2. Deal with the rebels on turn one. The Date are one of the clans so the Hatakeyama are the next stepping stone to the Shogun's palace.
    Masamune ultimately gained some degree of independence by supporting Tokugawa Ieyasu.

    Historical and geographical dictionary of Japanp. In this Japanese namethe family name is Date.

    images date shogun 2

    They were born to the Date clan but were nominally adopted by other families. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Date Shogun 2 Heaven

    images date shogun 2
    Date shogun 2
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 20 Augustat The emblem mon of the Date clan. Historical and geographical dictionary of Japanp. Harumune protected his brother and, backed by many warriors and retainers, took the crown for himself.

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