Indian dates fruit

images indian dates fruit

The girth does not increase once the canopy of fronds has fully developed. Barhee samples Khalal stage showing fruit and seed characteristics. Varieties differ in the height to which the fibre grows up the central column of unopened fronds, and in the texture of the fibre and also somewhat in colour. From Figure 1, it is clear that the date palm root system is divided into four zones Oihabi, An adult date palm has approximately to green leaves with an annual formation of 10 to 26 new leaves. Date varieties have been developed by thousands of years of selection of seedlings and only those possessing desirable characteristics have been propagated. The skin is irregularly wrinkled, shiny at the peak and dull at the lower part.


  • Phoenix dactylifera, commonly known as date or date palm, is a flowering plant species in the Date fruits (dates) are oval-cylindrical, 3–7 cm (– in) long, and about an inch ( . Sweet sap tapped from date palm in West Bengal, India. Dates are a prehistoric fruit, eaten by the cavemen. Indeed, the plant has earned its title as the “Tree of Life” given its antiquity. An article by. While even science has proved the healing powers of dates, we The umpteen health benefits of dates has made the delicious fruit of the.

    images indian dates fruit

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    Very large 20 to 40 gram and elongated - broadly oblong oval to somewhat ovate 5cm long by 3. A seed's weight could range from less than 0.

    It is brown in colour, lignified and without any ramification Figure 1. At this stage, which in total lasts for 2 to 4 weeks, there is a continuous decrease in fresh fruit weight mainly due to loss of moisture Table 5. Mostly primary roots with a decreasing density from top to bottom are found here. Fruit quality however, is very sensitive to temperature and humidity.

    images indian dates fruit
    Starts soon after fertilisation and continues until the beginning of the kimri stage.

    Most of the 12 Phoenix species are well known as ornamentals, the most highly valued is P.


    It begins to lose its astringency and starts acquiring a darker and less attractive colour from the previous stage. Strands are mid size and have the same colour as the fruitstalk.

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    Its root system is fasciculated and roots are fibrous, similar to a maize plant. Fruit at this stage is immature and is completely covered by the calyx and only the sharp end of the ovary is visible.

    Middle East and other African countries are major producers of date palm. India is the largest importer of date fruits in the world while Iran is the largest exporter. Do you want to know what are dates before they are dried?

    Around April or May, as the fruit begins to "bud" on the strands, we will begin the thinning process.

    Date palms take 4 to 8 years after planting before they bear fruit. The first Indian refiners switch to soyoil as palm prices rally · Next Story.
    Sometimes the trunk has a slight curvature near the apex caused by the weight of a heavy crop. Figures 3, 10 and It is usually found at a depth of 1.

    The fruit is broadly ovate round with relatively no astringency or objectionable tannin flavour at Khalal stage.

    On opening the female flowers show more yellow colour while the male ones show white colour dust, produced on shaking. The study was based on 20 random date fruits of each variety.

    images indian dates fruit
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    At the base of each leaf, there is an axillary bud which could yield an inflorescence at the palm's top level or an offshoot at its base.

    The date fruit is a single, oblong, terette, one-seeded berry, with a terminal stigma, a fleshy pericarp and a membranous endocarp between the seed and the flesh Figure 9. Walnut - Brown shiny colour darker at the end, 1. They usually are presented as vaissels with a positive geotropism.

    images indian dates fruit

    To achieve large and jumbo sizes, the number of fruits per spikelet and bunch and the yield per palm must be monitored by the grower. Found in this zone are mainly roots of primary and secondary nature.

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    1. Skin is medium thick and tender, tied to the flesh, but at tamar stage it shrinks; thickness of the flesh: With softening, the last of the tannin under the skin is precipitated in an insoluble form, so that the fruit loses any astringency that may have remained in the Khalal stage from the Kimri stage.