Osnabrueck chess set

images osnabrueck chess set

A diamond and pearl-set jade cup, Northern India, 19th Century. A high band with a decorated upper surface separates two faces that curve outwards. A fatimid rock crystal chess piece, egypt, 11th century. Dated at least from the first years of the 10th century, and very likely from the 9th century. Same piece with a better view to this strange face on the side. If there is any problem with their presence here, please do mail me.

  • First European chessmen
  • A Fatimid rock crystal chess piece, Egypt, 11th century

  • Many mediaeval chess sets or isolated chess pieces have been found in several Osnabrück set, wrongly said "Charlemagne" (another one!), rock-crystal, 12th. The Osnabrück chess set is a according to legend from Charlemagne.

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    The pieces are old, but there is no evidence to substantiate this, putting this legend to. Items 1 - 36 of Chess Pieces from the House of Staunton. The House of Staunton manufactures the world's finest Chess Pieces.

    images osnabrueck chess set

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    Furthermore, the first of two larger crystal chess sets are located in the Al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait inv. Oriental Art III However, the shape soon became highly stylised, and its main distinguishing feature is its lack of symmetry front and back.

    First European chessmen

    Those pieces had been first described and photographied in but had then diseappeared until their new discovery in They make a pattern that looks a little like an elephant's face. There are two kinds of design: It is carved with the representation of two birds confronting one another, a band diapered with crosses and opposed scrolls.

    images osnabrueck chess set
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    Abstract design has been inspired by Muslim design. South Italian Vizier, elephant ivory, Beginning 12th c.

    A Fatimid rock crystal chess piece, Egypt, 11th century

    Bishop, walrus tusk, Germany, 14th c. King I doubt, it should be a Queenivory, 14th c. It comprises two kings or viziers, two bishops, two knights, a rook and three pawns from the renowned Ager chess set.

    Perhaps you have a chess board and storage box already, and need only the chess pieces - then here is the right place! Whether tournament chess pieces or.

    Schachpiel Karls des Groβen im Osnabrücker Domschatz und verwandte carved rock crystal chess pieces; this king or queen exemplifies the. The pawn in Islamic chess sets appears to have been made in the simplest form, Osnabrück pieces;” projecting horns, as in the ninth-century chessmen from.
    Web site from the BNF, Paris.

    Historic collection of early chess pieces to be offered at sotheby's london. Chariot, deer bone or antler, 10th c.

    This is for example the case with many sets made of rock crystal which have been manufactured in the Fatimid Egypt. South Italian Elephant, elephant ivory, Late 11th c.

    images osnabrueck chess set
    King I doubt, it should be a Queenivory, 14th c.

    King or Bishop chess piece, Egypt, 10th century.

    Swedish Queen, 11th century. A Fatimid rock crystal chess piece, Egypt, 11th century. King or Queen, Cluny, France.

    images osnabrueck chess set

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    1. Wooden Queen known as the "Bryggens Madonna" which has shrinked since it has been exposed to air, Bergen Museum, Norway.