Personal workbook missing

images personal workbook missing

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  • How do I create and use a PERSONAL file for my VBA code
  • Create and save all your macros in a single workbook Office Support
  • How can I get my personal macro workbook back excel

  • Video: Personal workbook missing Excel VBA 2010 Tip: How to remove file (personal macro workbook)

    The folder where the personal macros are saved can be found by using Excel/ Data/Application Support/User/Personal Macro All of a sudden Alan's workbook stopped loading whenever he started Excel. He has confirmed. My disappeared. I'm using Excel and have a number of time saving macros saved in the quick access toolbar.

    When I go to recreate the macros there is no option to use the personal workbook. So it seems my personal workbook has gone missing and my saved macros have gone with it.
    Get new features first. When you close the workbook, you'll be prompted to save both the workbook, and the Personal Macro workbook. I decided that I thought one was the original it had the earliest modified date, and some other things I don't remember. For more information about copying a macro from one workbook to another, see Copy a macro module to another workbook.

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    How do I create and use a PERSONAL file for my VBA code

    images personal workbook missing
    Personal workbook missing
    Or distribute your VBA macros as a Add-in.

    To see the macro you created: When you first hit record a box pops up that lets you name the macro and give a description; it also lets you pick from a dropdown menu where to save the macro.

    images personal workbook missing

    Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Ask an Excel Question! In the dialog box that pops up first, select Personal Macro Workbook from the dropdown list. For Excel you can try this add-in:

    If you want that certain code is available in all your workbooks, then use your or in Excel your file.

    What is it.

    Create and save all your macros in a single workbook Office Support

    Sometimes a Personal workbook gets disabled. Try this in Closing and re- opening Excel would not reload my file. I realized. Create a personal macro workbook () to store all your handy and often used macros, for use in any Excel workbook.
    If you have one or just a few macros that you want to share with others, you can send them the workbook that contains them.

    Alt-L-R to start to record a macro. To be sure that we see the Project Window, Code window and the Properties window we use one time.

    Use only code here that you use yourself and not code that you use in files that you distribute to other users. Include a screenshot or use the tableit website to generate the reddit table markup from your spreadsheet.

    images personal workbook missing
    Because we only want Excel to create the file for us we can stop the recording directly.

    You can re-enable it here but if it is really corrupted replace it with a backup. This way you can organize your code in this file. This is a good way if you want to distribute code to other users. Log in or sign up in seconds.

    I had my Personal Workbook open when I last closed Excel.

    When I reopened Excel the personal workbook opened too. So I closed the. To make your macros available every time you open Excel, you can create them in a workbook called That's a hidden workbook stored on your.

    Help - missing - I just got a new computer. I created a and loaded all my macros.

    images personal workbook missing

    Something happened and I lost.
    Popular In Excel It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Excel Core Concepts - Back to Basics.

    Oh yeah I guess I should have mentioned that I was happily saving all sorts of things to my personal workbook before this happened! If it does not exist then record a dummy macro and change the " Store macro in:

    images personal workbook missing
    In the Record Macro dialog box, don't bother entering a name for the macro in the Macro name box.

    images personal workbook missing

    You can rename Modules in the Properties window beneath the Project Explorerso they better reflect what the macros inside them do. XLS b in the project window and change the name in the properties window.

    How can I get my personal macro workbook back excel

    For more information, see Show the Developer tab. I'm going to try naming the files in all caps like you have, and if that solves the problem I'm going to die of frustration. Want to add to the discussion?

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    1. I can't find it using search, so, assuming I deleted it somehow, I have tried creating workbooks named:

    2. This is the most important step, because if you don't already have a Personal Macro Workbook, Excel will create one for you. Log in or sign up in seconds.

    3. When you record a macro in a new instance of Excel, VBA will automatically create a new Module folder and increment its number.

    4. If you want to share your macros with someone else, you can copy it to the XLSTART folder on other computers, or copy some or all of its macros to the Personal. The workbook is not hidden.